Grab All These Girl Gifts for Your Little One’s Party!

Party favors are traditionally given to guests on special occasions like birthdays, bridal showers, baptisms, weddings, and more. They’re also perfect for your little girl’s special day, sleepover, and other occasions. Party favors provide that finishing touch that shows how much attention you’ve paid to your party planning details. Your guests would generally expect some sort of gift bag when attending your celebration. This is what makes these party gifts all the more meaningful as tokens of your appreciation for coming to your party. Luckily, we have a wide selection of party supplies for all kinds of girl party themes. You can buck the conventions or upgrade them a bit. Pick a theme that will work for your child, and grab everything that you need for your party.


If you are interested in taking your party favors to the next level, there are lots of budget-friendly options that you can pick up from our store. These gifts are perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, birthday parties, baptisms, holiday parties, garden parties, tea parties, Sunday brunches, sleepovers, end-of-school parties, and more! Of course, your theme should match the theme of the party.

Party Favor Ideas for Girl Parties

For girls, the party favor options are endless. If you are assembling party favor bags, you don’t have to search far and wide for things. You can just grab them from our store. Some of the basic favors for girls include body glitter, lip gloss, manicure kit, soaps, notebooks, pens, pencils, folding fans, perfumes, pinwheels, bracelets, stuffed animals, and more!

Food Items for Party Favor Bags

Your party favor bag is not complete without some type of sweet treats. You shouldn’t skimp on the best part of your bags. You can include sweets that aren’t packed with so much sugar. You can add wrapped food items and other treats that are perfect for any goody bag.


There are other creative ways to celebrate your party without breaking your bank – or your back! Whatever age your little girl is, you will find decorations in our store that will suit your party theme. Be sure to hang all the fun decorations to get everyone excited the minute they arrive. Your decorations will give your party the pop it needs for a great atmosphere! Be sure to check out a few of these decorations.


Now, that you have your decorations, you shouldn’t forget about your tableware. Your party tables, when decorated well, will help show off your theme. Fortunately, we have in our store all kinds of tableware that you can use for your party. All our dinner and dessert plates feature vivid, colorful, fun, and super cute designs. The napkins and cups feature themed prints as well. Our party packs will be a huge hit at your party.


If your food selections aren’t enough to make your guests happy, make sure to provide them with games and activities to make them extra happy. Your games and activities can make or break your party. If it’s an art-themed party, you need to do art and have lots of themed activities.

Woodland Scavenger Hunt

After your guests enjoy their wood-themed foods and drinks, get them to do a Woodland Scavenger Hunt. You can find printables online to help you with a woodland-themed scavenger hunt. The little kiddos will love this game, especially if you give them an awesome prize at the end of the game.

Frozen Sing-Along

What would be a Frozen party without your little princesses belting out “Let It Go?” Play the songs from the movie, and throw a sing-along for the kids. Give them props to enhance their performances, and give prizes to kids who can do the sing-along. Props could include bubbles, reindeer antlers for the kids singing Olaf’s “In Summer,” troll necklaces, and princess gowns.


Send your party guests home with awesome favors. For girls’ parties, you can’t go wrong with stickers and temporary tattoos, stationery sets, craft kits, stuffed animals, costume jewelry, and a lot of candies. Let the fun loose with these amazing party favors. Listen to the little kids giggle when they open your favor bags and see the fantastic treats you have inside. Hand out favors as a way to thank your guests for coming. These are fantastic keepsakes to remember the occasion. You will find a wide selection of party favors in our store, and they can match the theme of your party.