Your Party is Going to Be a Lot of Fun with Boy Gifts!

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a sleepover, a Halloween party, or other special events, do not forget to send your guests home with party favor bags full of fun treats. You need to fill those bags up with appropriate goodies that will surely please your guests. When choosing your party favors, you might want to fill one larger feature item from our selections of boy gifts. The boys will flip over this gift. The rest of the bags can be filled up with smaller items and edible sweets. Most of their attention will likely go to the showstoppers, which will help make your event even more memorable.

Quick Planning Tips

Boys are easier to buy gifts for than girls. Sometimes, boys are happier with less. They are happy with simple stuff like comic books, gift certificates, glow-in-the-dark slime, jacks, keychains, marbles, mini-flashlights, mini-footballs, small rubber balls, water guns, and more!

Grab Your Supplies Online

Order your party supplies and party favors online. This will help give you time to shop around before you decide on any theme. You can shop around and compare prices. This will help you avoid impulse purchases.

Grab Novelty Items

Whether you’re throwing a full-blown costume party or an ordinary slumber party, there are essential items that you need to fill your goodie bags without. Boys – everyone for that matter – love novelty items, and you will find fantastic ones from our store. Depending on your theme, you can grab bookmarks, glow-in-the-dark items, bubbles, Frisbees, noisemakers, pencil toppers, stress balls, stickers, and tattoos.


When celebrating a special occasion, your party decorations are a must. This holds regardless of how old or young the individual is. The right decorations will make the party feel more vibrant and a lot more harmonious. You can establish the tone for your party and transform an entire room with appropriate decorations. A wacky party can be embellished with whimsical items.


Create an amazing party for your next birthday, game night, get-together, baby shower, or other occasions with this amazing selection of decorations from our store. Regardless of your theme, you can make planning your party much easier with party packs from our store.

The best parties are the ones with themed tableware on top of decorations and themed food. It’s not just the decorations that matter. The table settings also play a huge role in the overall aesthetic of the party. You need to have the right table accessories to make the whole themed party pop. Check out our collection of themed plates, napkins, cups, and more to let your party shine. You can even find a theme table cover to give your party a more exciting feel.


You need to prepare activities that kids will enjoy. Ideally, choose activities that will double as party favors. You could set up a personalized craft activity, which helps eliminate the need for hired entertainment. The crafts make for awesome party bag fillers.

Motocross Memory Game

On a tray, place several motocross items and cover them with a cloth. Make sure to sit everyone in the circle, and play the tray in the middle of the circle. Remove the cloth for about a minute, and tell everyone to remember all the items in the middle of the circle. Once the time is up, place back the cloth. Each person has to turn an item in the tray. The person who fails to name an object, or names an object previously identified, or names an object not in the tray is out of the game.

Party Favors

Make sure to show your guests your sincerest thanks by offering them some party favors. If you choose the right ones, your party favors can become treasured memories. We have in our store various themes that would work well for your little boy’s party. Each theme includes party favors that would make your guests incredibly happy. Here are a few party gifts that you can add to your party favor bags: