Roll Right Up! It’s a Roller Skate Party Extraordinaire!

Roller skates are back in fashion! It is time to let your kids enjoy and experience the fun it brings. Roll out a totally retro roller skating party for a seriously great time! Celebrating an occasion doesn’t need to be over-the-top! You can keep it simple with just a throwback party. Rock out the striped knee-high socks, rainbow stripes, and a serious old school fun! Slip-on a pair of roller skates and let’s get rollin’! Is your child’s birthday coming up? You might want to call out the roller skating rink and ask for their party packages, or you can just rent it out for the occasion. If you grew up around the 80’s or 90’s, you would probably be just as excited with this theme as your child would be. There is just so much that you can do with a roller skating theme party.


To plan your party properly, make sure to write down everything you need so you don’t forget anything. This list will come in handy once you start shopping for the things you need. It is extremely satisfying to cross items off the list.

Rink vs Home

Do you want to throw a spectacular roller skating party that people will talk about for years? You should consider calling your local roller skating rink to see if you could rent it out for the party. Most local roller rinks would require that the party has to be during non-peak hours. If you throw the party at a local roller rink, you will likely have a limited time to set everything up. So, you might want to keep it simple with the food, decorations, and activities. If you want a more elaborate setup, you should consider throwing the party in your home or backyard. Either way, you can grab our roller skate-themed decorations, tableware, and party favors. You can also grab inspiration from the internet for a fabulous roller skate party.


The decorations for your roller skating party should bring you to the ’80s with its fun and vibrant colors. We have in our store all the fun decorations that you will need for your party. You can also grab ideas online for even more fun party decorations. Grab balloons and create bouquets and garlands that you can use for your party. What is a party without colorful and fun balloons?


One of the best things about parties is the food. You want the yummiest foods to keep your guests happy, but you also need to create the perfect setup for your party tables. You need a set of tableware that go well together. Not only should they match your theme, but they should also match each other. Fortunately, with our Roller Skate Party Supplies Packs, you will have everything that you need for your party. The pack includes everything that you need to feed about 16 guests. You can grab more items if you are expecting more guests. The kids will love this design. Adults will love them too! It’s a throwback setting, reminiscent of your childhood.


When it comes to planning your party, the trickiest part is creating activities and games that match your theme. You need to keep your guests, especially if they’re kids, entertained and under control for the entire duration of the party. This is particularly tricky if you are throwing the party in a local roller rink. It is manageable when it’s thrown at home or your backyard. Fortunately, you can grab ideas from the Internet. There are so many things that you can do. Here are a couple of these things:

Freeze Tag

Lace-up your skates and enjoy this classic game. Choose an “it” who will go around tapping friends while everyone tries to get away. The person tagged becomes frozen. It’s a fun way to skate and play a game. Of course, you will need a big space for this game. It will be perfect for roller skating rinks.

Freeze Dance

This game is similar to freeze dance. Kids will need to skate along with the music in whatever way they wish while the music plays. Every time the music stops, the skaters just need to stop skating and freeze in place. The player that freezes last or moves is out of the game. The game will continue until all but one player is left in the game.


Your guests are the most important part of your party. You will want to make sure that they have lots of fun, and that they go home happy. Party favors are the best way to thank them for coming to your party. Fill up the goodies with all kinds of things including sweet treats, toys, and goodies. Give them something to show your appreciation. Give them something to remember your party.


You need candies to fill up your party favor bags. What is a favor bag without yummy candies. Fortunately, you can just grab the best one from our store.