Scare Up Some Fun with a Monster Party!

Styled in colorful shades of green, purpose, orange, and aqua, you would absolutely love our Monster-themed party supplies! You can scare up some fun at your son’s next birthday party with these amazing supplies. Grab a pad of paper and jot down your plans for your party. You will need to plan your decorations, dessert table treats, birthday cake, savory food, invitation, party games, and party favors. There are many ways to approach a monster party. You can get loads of party ideas online.


Is your son a big Monsters fan? All kids are! We don’t know if it’s the music or the bright bold colors, but toddlers and kids are especially fond of this movie. So, if you asked him what kind of party he would like for his birthday, he probably would ask for a Monster-themed party. It’s hard to say no to that sweet request. However, you need to plan weeks before the party. Whether it’s a girl’s occasion or a boy’s birthday party, your little one will have a lot of fun with his friends with this themed birthday party.

Find Inspiration

There are a lot of places to gather inspiration from for a Monster-themed party. If you log on Pinterest, you will find numerous suggestions and ideas. Perhaps, you can think of ideas yourself. Don’t you just love it when creative juices flow freely? You will only need to create or grab additional decorations or party favors if you wish. We have in our store everything that you might possibly need for your party. Look for food ideas that can match your theme quite well.

Have Fun with Invitations

Grab the attention of even the busiest of your friends and families with a fun Monster invitation. You can choose to grab ready-made invitations, or you can make your DIY invitations. Just make sure to match the invitation to your theme, and prepare an equally themed take-home bag. Have the birthday celebrant fill out the invitations with his handwriting, and make sure to involve him in the party preparations. It will pump him up and add to his excitement. Make sure to include the time the parents will need to pick up their kids.


Birthdays need decorations – lots and lots of decorations. You can never have enough of it. Your decorations will set the scene for your party. Adorn the walls of your venue with amazing party supplies. Bring the adrenaline pumping and carry the theme throughout the venue to set the atmosphere and create the right mood. It’s time to celebrate!


If you are going to throw a monster-themed party, you will be able to avoid all the stress by getting these Monster Deluxe Party Packs or these Monster Party Supplies Packs. These packs have everything you need for your monsters-themed party. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a baby shower, or any other event, these monster party packs will help complete your party ensemble. Each piece in this tableware package is made of premium quality material that can last the entire party. The packs include everything you might need to feed 16 guests.


Your little monsters need to be active. They have lots of energy to expend. Make sure to provide them with fun and exciting games and activities at your party. Otherwise, you would have bored kids bouncing off the walls.

Photo Booth

Make sure to preserve the fun by taking lots of party pictures. Your guests will love taking pictures as well especially if there are super fun decorations. So, create a photo booth and backdrop where people can take awesome photos. 


No party is complete without a party favor bag to go home with. So, don’t let any of your guests go home empty-handed. We have in our store an array of party favor options that you can get to fill up your party favor bags.