Don’t Be Afraid to Zig and Zag on Your Zebra-Themed Party!

Are you looking for fabulous ideas for your zebra-themed party? There are so many things that you can do to make your zebra party even more interesting. You can combine it with a safari theme party with tall grasses and rolling plains, or you can go wild with bold black and white prints. You can use black and white decorations and lots of zebra prints for your decoration. Just make sure that there will never be dull moments at your party. You can find everything you need from our store. From decorations to tableware to party favors, we have everything you need!


To take your party to the next level, you should consider inviting your guests to dress up as their favorite jungle animals. The kids will love finding different ways to dress up. Kids love dressing up and costumes, and their moms love dressing up their kids as well. They will love you for giving them a reason to wear costumes. You will also be able to take awesome party photos. You could even throw a costume contest.

Must-Have Items for Your Party

In addition to your basic decorations and tableware, you probably should consider grabbing other must-have items for a zebra party. These items include zebra movies, animal print fabrics for decorations, and a zebra piñata. You should also consider preparing items that fir your theme. For Zebra-themed foods, you might want to prepare black and white food items. Perhaps, you can serve black and white cookies, striped chocolates, zebra-striped cakes, vanilla pudding, and other items drizzled with white and chocolate syrup.


If you can make your invitations, you should do so because that is always better. People enjoy personalized invitations. It should match the theme of course. Make sure to use the color of black and white. It should also include all the party details. Let your child help in preparing it. She could make some drawings and fill up the invitations with your party information. If you do not have time to make your own card, you can always go online and buy zebra-themed invitations.


Decorating for your party can be as fun as the actual party itself. Make sure not to leave out any details. Make the party area fit for all your little explorers. Make sure to place themed balloons everywhere. Fortunately, we have in our store numerous decorations that you can use for your party. You need festive and fun decorations for your party. Set the scene for your party, and your guests won’t stop grinning from the moment they walk through your door.


This fantastic party pack will help create the perfect no-worries day for you and your guests. Whether you’re celebrating your kid’s birthday, graduation, or any other party or event, these party packs will definitely be a huge hit to every little explorer. You can use our Zebra Stripe Deluxe Party Pack for all kinds of events, both indoors or outdoors. The supplies are perfect for all seasons and occasions. As long as the theme fits the event, there is no reason why you can’t use these awesome party supplies packs.


A Zebra-themed party will never be boring if you spice things up with games and activities. Make sure to plan ahead of time. Your games can either make or break your party. Party activities can keep your guests entertained and occupied. You can keep them busy with themed party games, craft tables, activity books, and more. There’s no way your kids will run out of exciting events

Jungle Animal Charades

Like the classic games of charades, this game requires players to act something out without saying anything. Write the names of various jungle animals on pieces of paper, fold them up, and place them inside a hat. Players will need to pull an animal name out and try to get the other to guess what the animal is through gestures and motions.

Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt

Hide plush animals around your party space before the party. Gather the kids and tell them that the animals have gone missing. Call the name of one missing animal, and let the kids find them. Once they have retrieved that animal, call out another name. Continue calling out names until they have found all the missing animals.


Show your guests how generous you can be with awesome party favors and party favor bags filled to the brim. Ensure that everyone has a fantastic time even as the party ends.