Throw Lots of Pretty Pinks and Bright Greens for Your Watermelon Party!

Are you looking for a party theme that is unique and memorable? Why not celebrate your party with the on-trend watermelon theme? You can use the colors, shapes, flavors, and images to create a party that your guests will remember for a long time. With a watermelon party, you will need lots of pretty pinks and bright greens. This theme party is fun, and it is simple to put together because the food is easy to plan. You only need to cup up watermelon and prepare treats that your guests will gobble up.


If you are all about everyone’s summer favorite, the watermelon, then it would make sense for you to throw a Watermelon Party. The best part about this party is the dessert table, decorations, and yes, food! You can throw a fantastic party with our Watermelon party supplies. This is the perfect theme for your next BBQ, 4th of July party, or your family’s next get-together. Grab ideas for your party games and activities for your guests to make it even more fun. Check out our store for party favors, prizes, and gifts that you can give out to your guests.

Watermelon Cake

If you are throwing a watermelon theme party for your next birthday party or special event, perhaps you should treat your guests with a watermelon-flavored, colored, or shaped cake! If you can make the cake on your own, you can simply cut a sponge cake into a semi-circle shape and ice it to look like a watermelon. You can also ask a baker to replicate a watermelon for you.

Send Our Party Invitations

Let your friends and relatives know about your upcoming watermelon themed party with fun and colorful invitations. You can create your own using a pre-made invitation online or Photoshop. You can print your invitations on cardboard, paper, or glossy paper. You can even handcraft your own invitation to give to your guests ahead of items so they can arrange their schedules.


Watermelons make for a fantastic party theme. If you want something bright, playful, colorful, and fun, you cannot go wrong with this theme. We have in our store decorations that can take your party to the next level especially if you are throwing a summer or spring party when those watermelons are in season.


Our awesome Watermelon Party Supplies Packs are perfect for your upcoming party! You can find everything you need in one all-inclusive package for your watermelon day! Featuring watermelon prints on dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, and table covers, the pack contains everything you need to feed up to 16 party guests. Your guests will flip for this exciting party supply.


When it comes to planning your party, the trickiest part is planning the right activities. Make sure to keep the kids entertained with games and activities. Fortunately, this theme will inspire a lot of games that you can do. If you are still stuck coming up with ideas, here are a couple of games that you can do. Of course, you can also do classic games like sack race, ball toss, and piñata. The possibilities are endless.

Watermelon Bowling

You need 6 empty 2-liter bottles and a large watermelon for this game. Be sure to grab a round-shaped watermelon. Paint the bottles and decorate them. These bottles will be your bowling pins. Line them up with three at the back, two in the middle, and one in front. Using the watermelon, get your guests to knock down all the bottles by rolling the watermelon towards them.

Watermelon Piñata

One of the best things about a party is trying to crack a highly-resistant piñata. If you have time to create your own, you can save money by making your own watermelon piñata. You can decorate your piñata with tissue paper and black buttons. The whole thing will cost you anywhere from $20 to $40. Fill them up with party favors and candies that you will find from our store.


Your party favor bags offer a great way to thank family members and friends for coming to celebrate with you. You can fill them up with lollies and other favors from our store.