Grab Your Safari Vest…A Grr-riffic Tiger Party Awaits!

Throw a Tiger Stripe party, and make it the biggest bash in your neighborhood! We have a great collection of party items that your little one and his friends will love! Your tiger-themed party can be as tiger-ful as it can be! Make sure to choose vibrant party supplies. Also, you can’t forget about the tableware, themed food, games, and activities. The little tigers love candies too! So, make sure to fill up party favor bags with yummy treats and tiger-themed party favors. Check out our store for everything that you need for your awesome party!


If you have a young child, there’s a pretty good chance that he or she will love a tiger-themed party! Make sure to fill it up with educational fun messages, delightful tunes, and colorful characters. This is going to be a hit with your young guests. When it comes to selecting a birthday theme for your little one, a tiger theme would be absolutely grrr-eat! Just imagine how your guests’ faces will lit up at the sight of colorful tiger-themed balloons, fun decorations, and yummy foods!

Give them a Food Holder

Make eating simple with a twist on paper party hats. Aside from using them as party hats, you can also get your guests to flip them upside-down, and use the hats as snack holders. This is perfect for little guests who love to roam around the party venue. They won’t sit still, so provide them with a snack holder that they can use to hold their food, munch around, and maneuver around the party area.

Prepare Themed Party Food

Do everyone a favor, and avoid sending the little tigers home skipping on a sugar high. There will be sweets, of course – but you need to prepare foods creatively to encourage the little kiddos to grab the carrots and veggies! You don’t have to make the food complicated. You can serve pizza, pasta, onion dip, striped cake, fruit cups, sherbet, and more.


Planning your party doesn’t need to be stressful or exhausting. Now that you’ve chosen your theme, it is easier to pull various ideas to make your party even more fun and exciting. Create an impact with your decorations. Get your guests to feel like they’ve just joined an African safari. Many kids would love this fun tiger-themed party. Not to mention, this is gender neutral, so it works best for both girls and boys.


Give your guests a party to remember with these Tiger Stripe Party Supplies Packs. Whether you’re celebrating your kid’s birthday, a family reunion or any other party or event, these party packs will be a huge hit with everyone. You can’t go wrong with these tiger themed party supplies. You can serve food and drinks without any hassle. These party cups and plates are large enough to satisfy your guests. These Tiger Stripe Party Supplies Packs are great for quick cleanups. No need to worry about washing tons of plates and glasses after your party.


It can’t be a tiger-themed party without grr-iffic activities! Whether you’re doing them indoors or outdoors, fun games, crafts, and activities will have your little tigers giggling with delight. Grab a piñata – it’s a quintessential source of fun! Don’t stop there. Let the kids enjoy the theme by throwing a scavenger hunt. Everyone will have fun discovering the jungle and looking for treasures.

Safari Tour

This activity is perfect for an outdoor party. Place plush toys or stuffed animals around the yard. If you don’t have any, you can just print off pictures of safari animals including leopards. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find all the animals. You can even make a contest, and give the first person to find all animals a prize. You can do the same indoors. Just hide animals all throughout your house.

Jungle Obstacle Course

In this activity, you will need to create an obstacle course for the kids or guests. You can ask them to run through hula hoops, jump on a pile of pillows, go through a limbo rock, shoot balls to a basket or bucket, pop a balloon, pass by a quicksand, climb through a log, swing from ropes hanging from trees, and more. It is up to you to create an awesome jungle obstacle course for your guests. Kids will love this!


The party is over. Gifts have been opened, and the cake has been devoured. The little tired tigers are now going home. It’s you turn to say thank you. Thank people for coming to your party. Thank them for the gifts and for celebrating the day with your child. Grab some “thank you” favors from our store, and send your guests home incredibly happy.