Throw an Uber Fun Pineapple-Themed Party!

How about creating a chill vibe in your backyard or patio for your next party? You can set up a fully-relaxing treat with some of your favorite people in the world. You can serve up good vibes with an uber fun pineapple-themed party, which goes well with all kinds of luau-feel decorations. You can create an island in your backyard. Serve yummy drinks and light, refreshing bites! The next time you gather with family and friends, you might want to throw an amazing pineapple party! Grab our party decorations, and you can pull off an amazing themed party.


Luaus are all the rage. If you aren’t sure where to get started for your party, there are some amazing decorations in our store for you. You will also find tableware and party favors that your guests will love. You can also go online to grab some great ideas on how you can make your party even more fun and fantastic. Our pineapple decorations and party supplies will go well with other luau decorations.

Set Up a Stylish Bar

All you need are a few items from our store to create a comfortable, fun, vibrant, and colorful party space. You can style your bar with real pineapples. Add a few flamingos and drink dispensers. Make sure to get a few colorful cups for the drinks. Add palm fronds and recreate the tropics.

Prepare Luau Music

A pineapple party needs the right music. When it comes to parties, everyone knows your music plays a huge role in setting the mood and atmosphere for your party. Be sure to kick off your pineapple luau with Hawaiian melodies and lots of guitar or ukulele music. You can even put together a mix of your favorite music and a few traditional Hawaiian songs.


If you know anything about luau parties, you would know that colors are an important part of it. This means that you can’t skimp on decorations for your themed party. Your guests will likely be beaming from ear to ear when they see your fun decorations. From balloons to table decorations, you will find it all here in our store.


Our Pineapple Party Supplies Packs contains all the tableware you need for your event! If you don't use all the items right away, you can store them away easily for future use. There's no need to run from store to store looking for deals you won't find anywhere else! Make cleanup a breeze after the party by simply rolling up all your trash inside the table covers and throwing away.


Once you have decorations all planned, it is time to plan all your party games and activities. When you plan awesome activities, your guests won’t even notice that time has flown by. The games and activities will occupy their time and attention, and they will go home happy with lots of fun memories. The game and activities could make or break your party. So, make sure to prepare fun activities and grab prizes from our store.

All the Poi You Can Eat

Place a bowl of poi in front of the participants. Within two minutes, they need to eat as many poi as they can without using their hands. You can use tapioca or rice pudding as a substitute.

Cactus Pinata

Pinatas are classic. They’re often a favorite party game and activity for kids. You can buy your cactus piñata, or you can make one yourself. Fill them up with candies and toys from our store. Hang them up, and let the guests try to break them open to let the treats spill out.


Make your friendships last forever when you give your guests something to bring home with them. Give your guests to take home bags that will make them smile. The kids won’t be able to wait to open these bags until they get home. They will like to be putting on the party favors and eating the treats.