Bring the Aloha State to Your Backyard with a Luau Party!

What could be better than a luau party? It’s one of the most favorite party themes because it is fun and colorful. It is also incredibly easy to throw because there are so many materials that you can find and use online. We have in our store awesome items that you can use for your luau-themed party.

Thanks to these decorations and tableware, you will be sipping libations, strumming a ukulele, and singing “Tiny Bubbles” at your yard in no time at all. Make sure to grab leis, hula skirts, and pineapples for added decorations. Don’t forget your luau-inspired food and beverages too!


If you are throwing a luau-themed party, these party ideas will help determine the right decorations for your upcoming celebration. Along with tableware and party favors, you may want to grab grass skirts, leis for your guests, inflatable palm trees, beach balls, beach towels, sunscreen, and disposable cameras.

Luau Party Food Ideas

Load up your party menu with yummy dishes like flip-flop shaped sandwiches, seaside-inspired cupcakes, grilled pineapples, fresh salads, lemonade infused with pineapple, fruity cocktails, tropical snacks, fruit kabobs, banana-strawberry smoothies, customized cupcakes, and themed cookies.

Send Out Your Party Invitations

Your invitations will set the mood for your party, and these invitations can help build excitement for your big day. You can even make your invitations. Perhaps, you can cut a tropical flower out of a construction paper, and sprinkle it with pink, yellow, or blue glitter. Write the party details in the middle. You can also write the particulars of an event on an inflated beach ball that you can give your guests. Send the balls deflated, and let your guests inflate it and read the invitation. You can also send out invitations with a flower lei that they can wear to your party.


A great luau party is all about good food, relaxing Hawaiian music, and themed games and activities. Whether you’re hosting a small indoor party or a big backyard luau bash, we have in our store decorations that you can use to create an exotic and fun luau party. Welcome your guest with fun banners as well as hula and lei for kids and adults.


Our complete party packs are perfect for your upcoming party! The party packs includes items that are eco-friendly, durable, and strong. The dinner and dessert plates are strong enough to hold large helpings of food. The napkins are soft and super absorbent, and the cups feature rolled rims to avoid spills. They can also hold hot beverages with no problem. It has everything you need to for a small number of guests. Everything in the package includes items that are durable and disposable.


When it comes to planning an amazing luau party, the trickiest part is planning the right activities. Make sure to keep your guests entertained with games and activities. Fortunately, luau or flamingo-inspired parties offer numerous opportunities for fun and games. You can find numerous options for your party. Of course, you can also do classic games like sack race, ball toss, and piñata. If you are still stuck coming up with ideas, here are a couple of games that you can do.

Hula Hoop Contest

Be sure to purchase several hula hoops, and challenge your guests to a hula-hooping contest. You can give a golden hula hoop to the winners of various categories including hula hooped the longest, can hula the most hoops, craziest hula hoops. Wrap the hula hoops with gold ribbons to create the golden hula hoops.

Coconut Roll

Give your guests a coconut, and ask them to roll it the farthest. You can draw a small ring in the middle of the yard, and see who can roll their coconut closes to the center of the ring. You can also set up empty bottles, and use the coconut to bowl them over.


Your guests are the most important part of your party. You need to find the best way to thank your guests for coming to your party. Send them home with all kinds of goodie bags full of treats and toys. The party bag is the best way to show your appreciation to your guests. It’s a great way to give your child’s friends a piece of the party to bring home with them.