Grab Your Safari Vest and Enjoy a Leopard Hunting Adventure!

Whether you’re planning your child’s first birthday party or you’re throwing a bridal shower, nothing is more fun than a leopard-themed party with a lot of leopard prints. From leopard-striped cupcakes to two-tiered cake with leopard print design, you and your guests will enjoy a leopard day. If you are feeling the call of the wild, you might want to throw a whimsical leopard-themed party!


Leopard prints and a little bit of rock and roll – your party will be lots of fun! Sounds like a blast, right? From the table setting to the festive animal print cookies, to fun decoration details, it is safe to say that your celebrant and the guests will have such a great time at your soiree.


What is a party without balloons? If you can grab customized balloons that fit your party theme, that would be perfect. However, if you can’t, stick to white and black balloons to fit the party theme and leopard prints. Hang balloons from the ceilings, scatter them around the area or use balloons to make garlands or fun balloon shapes. You can use them to create wall backdrop for decorations or photo booths. Make sure to anchor your balloons in different levels throughout the venue to give the room depth and texture.


A leopard theme would pair well with a jungle background with lots of greens, orange, gold, and brown. You can create a photo-worthy backdrop by hanging strands of crepe paper in colors of orange and gold to add texture to your background. If you could find inflatable leopards to add to your photo background, that would make your party pop! It’s easy to get carried away with decorations when you are throwing a jungle-typed party, but you need to keep things simple. It’s effective, and it can help you stay under budget.


Planning your party doesn’t need to be exhausting. Choosing your theme is half the battle. Once you’ve figured out your theme, it will be easy for all your ideas to come together. A leopard-themed party is a great way to inspire your child’s and your guests’ imagination. Create an impact with your decorations. Get your guests to feel like they’ve just stepped into the jungle with leopards. Many kids would absolutely love this fun party theme. Not to mention, this theme is gender-neutral. So, grab your binoculars and let’s go on a safari adventure.


Prepare your party tables for the party. Many people would often prepare the tables last. Make sure that you have everything for your party tables. You can start by grabbing these Leopard Print Party Supplies Packs which includes everything that you might need for 16 guests. It has plates, cups, napkins, forks, and spoons. Once you have the basic tableware, you can then focus your attention on adding your personal touches to your party. How about leaving a small plush toy next to their plates when they arrive? It would be a great way to entertain them while they wait. They can also go home with these plush toys.


Planning your party need not be exhausting. As long as you have your theme, you can search for ideas online, or you can make your own. Many kids love animals, safari, the jungle, and leopards! And it is incredibly easy to find games and activities that would go well with a leopard-themed party. You can do some interactive activities that will help keep your guests busy and have them moving around. Kids love to run around and play.

Safari Tour

This activity is perfect for an outdoor party. Place plush toys or stuffed animals around the yard. If you don’t have any, you can just print off pictures of safari animals including leopards. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find all the animals. You can even make a contest, and give the first person to find all animals a prize. You can do the same indoors. Just hide animals all throughout your house.

Jungle Obstacle Course

In this activity, you will need to create an obstacle course for the kids or guests. You can ask them to run through hula hoops, jump on a pile of pillows, go through a limbo rock, shoot balls to a basket or bucket, pop a balloon, pass by a quicksand, climb through a log, swing from ropes hanging from trees, and more. It is up to you to create an awesome jungle obstacle course for your guests. Kids will love this!


Give your guests a special treat to take home with them. Leopard-themed party favors are easy to put together. All you need is your loot bag for your sweets and treats. You can drop these party favors inside.