Break Our Your Salt N’ Pepper T-Shirts for '90s Themed Party

The '90s was a fun era. It was awesome and crazy! Do you remember when everyone wore oversized t-shirts or plaid on literally everything? It was crazy, but we all loved it! If you are planning to throw a ‘90s themed party, you will want to include nostalgic elements and decorations for your party. Get as many as you can! We have some awesome tips on how you can plan your 90s themed party. You can also grab party decorations, tableware, and party favors from our store. Get started on your party planning, and throw a memorable event!

Quick planning tips

Are you looking for a fun idea for your next get together? The 90s was an awesome era. It was known for all kinds of things famous for all kinds of things. It was the decade of the Rachel hairstyle. It was the era of pop music. It was the time of boybands and the Spice Girls. You can’t go wrong with a 90s themed party! There are tons of exciting ideas to help you make your theme party truly one-of-a-kind! Break out your Salt N’ Peppa shirts and starter jackets, and get ready to party with friends and family like it's 1999! 

Get Everyone To Dress Up

When thinking about which direction to take for your occasion, you have a lot of options. However, the one thing that you need to make sure of is that everyone dresses up for your 90s party. You can provide ideas in your invitation, so people can assemble the outfit themselves. You can also provide the ‘90s staple that people can use when they arrive at your party. Perhaps, you can provide quirky hair accessories like scrunchies, butterfly clips, barrettes, bandanas, and more. You can also provide overalls, plaids, denim, or grunge flannel.


Our 90s Party Packs are perfect for all kinds of occasions – no matter the location or season. This is perfect for all kinds of occasions - indoors or outdoors. It’s great for any season or venue. Use it in outdoor gatherings, beach parties, backyard BBQs. It can enhance or brighten any retro-themed event. Every item is made from premium-quality durable material. They are disposable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a stressful cleanup! They’re a fun addition to any party, yet they’re so practical as well.


Now that you have your decorations and food all planned out, you can then focus on the games and activities for your ‘90s themed party. Your activities can either make or break your party. Even if it’s a party for adults, you need to prepare party activities to avoid a dry and boring party. Adults love party games too – and they love prizes as well! So, keep the fun going with themed games and activities.

Dramatic Song Lyrics

You need cards with song lyrics written out for this activity. There is no limit to how many can play this game, so this is perfect for the ‘90s themed party. One by one, your guests will need to draw a card with lyrics written on it. You have to prepare the funniest, most nonsensical, and positively ridiculous lyrics for this game. The aim is for people to read them out loud as dramatically as possible. The winner of the game is the one that makes people laugh the most.