It’s Time for a Fantastic Tennis Extravaganza!

Does your tennis player have a birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate a birthday than to throw a themed party based on their favorite sport? Turning your child’s big day into a tennis extravaganza only needs a little creativity and a bit of planning. If you are short on ideas, you need not worry. We have some ideas on how you can plan and throw a successful tennis-themed party. You can also find everything you will need from our store – from party decorations, party favors, tableware, and more!


If the weather is nice, you can take your party treats to a park with a public tennis court. You can set up the decorations on a picnic table. You can let the kids hit the court for hours on end. If that isn’t an option, you can call some local clubs with indoor courts, and see what their policy is about making party reservations. However, if you can’t throw the party outdoors or in a local tennis club, you can always just throw it at home. Use our tennis-themed decorations and tableware to make your party stand out.

Send Out Invitations

Make sure you set the right mood for your tennis-themed party long before the special day comes. Send out the invites weeks ahead, so you can give your guests enough time to arrange their schedule, book their flights, and grab costumes for your party.

Prepare Snacks and Drinks

Do not let your theme fall short when it comes to feeding your hungry guests. Prepare entrees, appetizers, desserts, and all kinds of food. Scatter them throughout the party venue, so your guests can just grab food throughout your party. You can make your own treats at home or order them from a local shop. Prepare drinks – a little more than the amount of food. People will likely drink more of your beverage than eat your food. Make sure to provide enough beverages to last until the end of the party.


Creating a tennis-themed birthday party requires themed décor. Your centerpieces, banners, door signs, party signs – they must all add to the party atmosphere and flair to your occasion. Turn your home into a shelter for tennis enthusiasts.


Are you planning a Tennis Party for your next celebration? You're the coach when it comes to running your upcoming party, and these Tennis Party Supplies Packs are a real crowd-pleaser. This is the perfect tableware for a game day celebration! This pack of tableware includes enough for up to 16 party guests.


Party games can help keep the fun rolling for the guest of honor and his guests. If you have a tennis court in your backyard, you are in such luck. If not, you should consider games and activities that will help keep your guests entertained. Perhaps, a tennis piñata?

Tennis Party Games

If you are having a party outdoors, and you don’t have enough room for playing a game of tennis, you can try badminton instead. It is similar, but it can be played anywhere. You can also try table tennis. It is a great option too. You can rent out a table from a local party rental place. For an indoor party, you can use a Wii game console to entertain your friends. If you don’t have one, you can rent from a local video rental store.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Kids love getting pics to post on social media. Truth be told, everyone does these days. So make sure to provide your guests with photo props to make their photos even more fun. Perhaps, you can set up a photo booth as well where your guests can take fun photos.


There is no better way to thank your guests for coming to your party than party favors. Make sure to fill them the bags up with themed favors and yummy sweets. Party favors also offer a great way for your guests to remember your one-of-a-kind party.


Make sure to fill the bags up with yummy, yummy treats. The kids will be looking for them!