Go Round and Round and Have an Amazing Time in a School Bus Themed Party!

At some point, kids – particularly toddlers – will be into school buses. Often, they are just so excited about going to school that they learn to love school buses. This makes the school bus the perfect theme for your party. Is your child into school buses right now? Is he excited when a school bus drive by your house? Is he constantly singing the Wheel on the Bus song? Do you leave the house at certain times just so he would see the school bus? Well, he would love a school bus theme for his birthday! Of course, a party is great, but the cost of throwing a party can definitely stop you in your tracks. However, there are ways that you can throw a fabulous party for your child without breaking the bank. With our School Bus party supplies and some DIY ideas online that you find online, you can easily play host without any problem!


Are you looking for ideas for your child’s School Bus-themed party? Are you trying to find ideas for decorations, party favors, party activities? Are you trying to plan a party, but you don’t know where to begin? Here are a few ideas that might be useful to you:

The Bus Table

You can’t have a bus party without a bus table? You will find several bus table ideas online especially on Pinterest. If you have a long dining room, you have the perfect material for a school bus. You can morph it into a big school bus. Place it at the center of your party area to create a statement. You can create a focal point for your party. It’s a DIY work that you’d probably enjoy doing with your kids.

Manageable Number of Guests

It can be tempting to go overboard with your parties, including creating a long guests list and an elaborately prepared party. Of course, your child deserves a great party, but he or she won’t probably appreciate it. It can be overwhelming for your child, so the best bet is to keep the number of your guests small. Invite several children from your child’s playgroup, class, or cousins. You might want to keep the numbers even, so no one will be left out in party activities. You should also consider if clowns, magicians, and entertainers are ideal for your guests.


For a school bus theme, you need to create a more casual and fun atmosphere for your guests by crafting a party space for your guests. Grab some party decorating ideas online. Be fun and inventive. Don’t be afraid to create funky colorful decorations. Make your decorations extra special to please both kids and adults. We have in our store a few items that you can use for your party decorations.


We have in our store School Bus Deluxe Party Packs, which contain everything you might need to feed 16 guests. Parties for kids typically have at least 12 guests, grab more of this pack if you are expecting more guests. Make sure that you won’t run out of tableware for your party.


When choosing games for your party, make sure to stick to activities that your guests will enjoy. The activities would depend on the age and interest of your guests. Competitive games might be fun for a certain age group, but may not be such a hit with other age groups. Toddlers and preschoolers may love crafts, but older children may enjoy competitive games more. Generally, however, think of activities that are along the lines of fun yet non-competitive games. You don’t want other kids to be named winners while the rest are stuck with the label “losers.” Avoid activities that would require kids to wait in line. Children are not known for their patience.

Arts and Crafts

Crafts are always a hit in children’s parties. Pick activities that will challenge your guests but not too much to bring them to tears. You want an activity that would spark your guests’ interests, and keep their interest in the short amount of time that you can hold their attention span. Give them a print out of a school bus, and let them decorate their buses. Provide each child with their own crayons or markers to avoid accidents, meltdowns, misunderstandings, or any unpredictable behaviors.

Musical Bash

Toddlers love dancing and singing. Consider doing singalongs with your party guests. Some songs will go well with the occasion. They would definitely enjoy singing the song The Wheels on the Bus for instance. You could also give them fun instruments like drums, maracas, and tambourines to make the musical bash even more fun and exciting.


If you are planning to throw a kid’s birthday party, you cannot let the kids leave empty-handed. Once the fun is all over, party favors are the icing on the cake. Kids will want to leave with tangible things in their hands, and they are likely looking forward to opening their loot bags once they get home. Once children reach the age of 5, they are often aware that they are going to receive party bags at the end of a party.