Fly Side Kick Your Way into An Awesome Karate Party!

A Karate Birthday Party is designed for every child, boy or girl. Your child doesn’t even have to be a karate student to have an awesome party. This theme is quite innovative, fun, and action-packed for your birthday celebrant and his or her friends.

This theme is tailored usually for school-age children, and they are structured to keep the children active and moving from one party activity to another. In addition to being incredibly fun for kids, this theme is less time consuming and stressful than other themes. We also have everything you could possibly need for your party in our store.


So your child has been doing martial arts and now has requested to throw a karate-themed party for his birthday? That’s great! But what are the most basic supplies that you need to ensure your party’s success?

First off, you need to determine the best location. Some parties are best thrown at martial arts schools, and this can be very affordable in some days of the week. You might want to inquire if the school offers birthday parties and what amenities and packages they offer. Depending on the school, you may need to bring your supplies. However, if you are throwing it at home, you will need to take care of every aspect of your party including decorations, tableware, party favors, food, and activities.

Ask People to Dress Up

Ask the guests and kids to come to the party dressed in their karate outfits. They can even dress up as ninjas if they want to. This would give you fantastic photo opportunities. You will be able to take amazing photos.

Send Out Invitations

These Karate Party Invitations are the perfect way to start your martial arts-themed celebration! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, back-to-school party, fundraiser, graduation, after-school gathering, or other events, these fun invitations are the perfect start.  


If you are planning to throw the party at home, you need fantastic party decorations. Make sure to grab karate-themed party supplies from our store. Grab black belts and red handkerchiefs, and distribute them to guests the minute they come in. Perhaps, you can hang up posters and banners of famous karate artists. You can never have enough party decorations.


Our party packs contain all the tableware you need to top off your event! Our packs come with all the pieces you need to decorate for up to 16 party guests. Each piece is designed with our fun, kid-approved Karate Party theme. There's no need to run from store to store looking for a theme you won't find anywhere else!


The right party activities can help your guests enjoy the party theme. Make sure to provide them with lots of games and activities to keep them entertained and occupied. You wouldn’t want highly active kids bouncing off the walls. By providing them with activities, you will be able to entertain them and make them happy.

Learn Basic Karate from a Martial Artist

Consider hiring someone to come to your party to do some demonstration and teach basic karate moves. Not only will the little kids love this, but the parents will also learn a thing or two. Have the instructor do some amazing feats that will have the kids oohing in sheer amazement. Make sure to remind the kids not to attempt any of the feats on their own.

Styrofoam Board Breaking

Make sure to grab several Styrofoam that the kids will have fun breaking. Breaking actual boards is not possible – and may lead to several lawsuits if anything terrible happens. Styrofoam will help stimulate the board-breaking stunt, and it breaks easily without any trouble. It’s perfect for little hands. Make extra boards, so each child can take turns breaking boards and showing off his strength.


When the party is over, it is time to thank your guests for helping make the day even more special. Party favors are a great way to thank them. Give them something extra special to bring home with them. They will surely appreciate the bags filled with treats, toys, and loot.