Throw a Prehistoric Party with Majestic Dinosaurs and Jurassic World

Once upon a time, dinosaurs roamed the world. They owned the planet for millions of years. They have gone extinct, but perhaps not in your child’s imagination. Does your child talk about dinosaurs every day? Perhaps, not a day goes by without your child talking about T-Rex, velociraptors, and triceratops. Kids can get crazy about dinosaurs- and we know it! We have in our store a variety of Jurassic World-themed party supplies to match your child’s interests. We have everything you might need to throw an awesome dinosaur-themed birthday party.


There are a lot of ways that you can personalize your child’s birthday party. Although you can grab whatever you need for the party from our store, you can always customize or tweak these party supplies to make the party more personal. One of the ways that you can do this is to offer a prehistoric-themed food! For instance, you can serve burgers and label them as “pterodactyl burgers.” That would be fun! Let your creativity and imagination carry you away!

Create a Dino Jungle

Get ready to turn your home or backyard into a dino-filled jungle where kids can enjoy a day with their favorite dinosaurs. Make your kid’s party incredibly memorable. Check out various ideas online on how you can make sure that every detail of your party is prehistoric and fun!

Send Out Invitations

Start spreading the word about your Jurassic World-themed party with these awesome party invitations. This will give parents the chance to plan their schedules around the event. Your child’s friends will be excited about a party packed with dinosaurs. We have in our store several dinosaur themes that you can choose from. There are themes to match your child’s age and interest.


Preparing for your child’s party can be a bit stressful. There are just so many details to plan and consider especially if it would involve transforming your home into an awesome Jurassic Park for a pack of little dino fans. At some point of party planning, you may feel like digging up fossilized dinosaurs just to get the party decorations and atmosphere right. Fortunately, we have a variety of items in our store that will help give your party a personal touch. We have the right dinosaur theme to make your kid incredibly happy.


Create a fantastic prehistoric party with this amazing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Party Supplies Deluxe Packs. Your guests will love your party table decorations. The package includes everything you need to serve 16 hungry guests. Decorate your event in prehistoric style, let the dinosaurs roam, and give life to your party. Make your event even memorable for you and your guests! It’s the perfect supplies pack for dinosaurs-themed or Jurassic-themed event. Bring the dinosaurs into life with this Dinosaur Party Supplies Pack. Complete your decorations with dinosaurs everywhere, and make amazing memories to last a lifetime!


Years after the last dinosaur vanished from the face of the earth…wait, why are there little dinosaurs running around your house? You need to keep these little dinosaurs entertained before they completely run amok and break things in your house or the yard. What can you ask these little ferocious adorable beasts to do? Here are a couple of ideas that you can ask these kids – and their moms or dads – to do at your party!

Photo Booth

Make sure to set up a photo booth where people can take pictures. People love taking pictures and posting them on social media. So, provide them with a photo booth where they can take amazing photos that they can share on Facebook or Instagram. 


With all the planning that you have been doing, there is no doubt that your party will be a huge success – in Jurassic proportions! You will see it in your little kiddo’s smile. And once you see your child happy, you would want to thank everyone who came to his party to celebrate with him. So make sure that you prepare party favor bags with toys and candies for the little dinosaurs. These bags will make your party even more unforgettable. People will look forward to the next one!