Throw a 3-Point Shot with a Basketball-Themed Party

If you have a little guy who’s always nagging you to play basketball and dreams of someday playing for NBA, then there is no better way to celebrate your birthday by throwing a basketball-themed party! We have in our store decorations, tableware, and party favors to make America’s favorite game into one of the most memorable birthday parties. It will be like hitting a beautiful 3-point shot. So, serve up the cake. Whatever team your little boy roots for, his birthday will be a winning one!


If your little MVP loves basketball, he will love a themed party. Whether your child loves the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, and Knicks, he will thoroughly enjoy a b-ball birthday party! You can easily throw a fun basketball-themed party. All you need is a little bit of party planning, a lot of creativity, and our party supplies.

The Location and Grub

Although it is not essential, it is always a great idea to throw your sports-themed party outdoors. If you have a basketball hoop, then you’re all set. If you don’t have a basketball hoop or a yard, you might want to throw your party at a local park where there’s a basketball court. An outdoor party is perfect for a b-ball themed party. If you have small guests at your basketball shindig, you might want to get a smaller basketball set that is suitable for their height and size. You also need to plan for basketball-themed sweets. You can mix all different types of candies, but choose teams that represent the color of your child’s favorite team. Serve food to keep them energized. They would probably love burgers and hotdogs. You should also make sure that you have a themed cake!

Send the Invites

Start shooting for more guests by sending some awesome basketball invitations. Request that your guests wear their favorite basketball jerseys to the party. You might want to prepare plain white shirts and some fabric markers so any guests who come to the party without a jersey can just write the name of their favorite team or draw the logo. They can make their jerseys.


A beautifully-decorated party venue will help instantly light up your guests’ mood. It might be a tall order to throw a party and decorate for a little baller who has been dreaming of becoming an NBA player for a long time. But you know you have the creativity needed for the task, so you know you would be able to pull it off. With our selection of basketball decorations, you will be able to create a magical setting for your little ballers. Make sure your party is something that you can remember for the rest of your life. Take photos, create memories, and make your party colorful and fun with these party signs. Your guests will talk about your party for a long time.


Throw a three-pointer with this Basketball Party Supplies Pack. It is the perfect party decoration for a basketball-themed party. Watch everyone’s faces lit up as they come in and see your food setting. This supplies pack includes everything you need for an intimate or small party or get together. Bring the NBA courts to your home with this Basketball Party Pack. This quality party supplies offer an easy way to plan your party. They will help create vibrant colors for your party tables. These are perfect for birthday parties, after-game gatherings, and other basketball-related events.


With a bunch of energetic ballers bouncing around, you will want to focus all that energy outdoors. Although it is not imperative, it is a great idea to throw your basketball-themed party outdoors. Once they’ve filled up on the cake, call the team for a huddle and surprise them with a fun game or activity. Make sure to prepare several activities to keep your guests entertained.

Musical Baskets

This is a version of the classic game musical chairs. Start the game with enough balls for every player except for one. Line the balls up and have the players stand in a row about a few feet away. When you whistle, the players will need to turn and run to get a ball. The player without a ball is out. The players will then take a shot at the basket. If they get to shoot the ball, they go back to the waiting line. If they miss, they’re also out. Always set out the right number of balls. The play continues until only one player remains.

Basketball Bingo

Prepare cards with 5 x 5 grids. Fill them up with the name of the greatest basketball players of all time. Add a basketball sticker in the middle for free space. Give the kids chips or orange Reese’s pieces to use as markers. Draw from a hat one name at a time until someone calls, “Score!”


We all know that parties, like basketball games, will need to come to an end. So, everyone will need to head home, but before they do, make sure to provide them with bags of party favors. So, the fun and excitement will continue well after the party is over. This is also a great way to say thank everyone for celebrating with you.