Score Big with a Softball Themed Party!

Don’t strike out if you are trying to throw a Softball-themed bash. We have in our store al the materials that you will need to throw a successful party. You can throw a huge bash without breaking your wallet – or a window! We have awesome decorations, tableware, and party favors for your little boy or girl and friends. Everyone will be so happy to see the little mitts and cleats on your party decorations. So, get ready to play catch for a day, and have an awesome party!

Give your little football player the party of her dreams when you throw an awesome softball themed party!


When throwing a softball party, you don’t have to stick to the colors of softball. You can consider your child’s favorite colors when it comes to buying decorations, especially the balloons. This will give your party some attitude. You can grab everything else from our store. Make sure to plan your party ahead of time, so you can add DIY decorations when needed. This will also help you plan the food to give them a twist to suit the theme. You can also plan games and activities to entertain your guests.

Set up a Dessert Table

Make sure to set up a softball-inspired dessert table. Kids love desserts and a dessert table will be such a huge hit. Serve popcorns, yellow gumballs, sour candy balls, rock candy bats, chocolate-covered apples, cupcakes, brownies, and more!

Add More Fun Elements

It’s the little things that make your party a lot of fun! Set out a batting net for the kids in your backyard, and let the kid bat their hearts out. Set up a softball snack bar where you can serve nachos, taco boats, and hotdogs. You can rent a hot dog stand just for this purpose if your budget can afford it.


Nothing says softball like softball everywhere your guests look. Place them on walls, party tables, doors, ceiling, and more. Create centerpieces, and personalize your birthday banner. You can never have enough decorations. The more the merrier when it comes to parties. Create balloon bouquets and garlands. Everyone will have such a fun time at your party!


Our Softball Party Supplies Packs are the perfect tableware for a game day celebration! This pack of tableware includes enough plates for up to 16 party guests. Our Softball Party Supplies Packs are the perfect tableware for a game day celebration! These plates, cups, and napkins are perfect for any sports fanatic's next celebration! Whether you're throwing a birthday party or end of the season bash, guests will love this tableware!


If you are planning a softball party, chances are you will have a bunch of active kids on your hands. You need plenty of activities to keep your kids happy and entertained. You can set up a softball game for the kids out in your yard, and then they can come back inside for more fun activities. Photo opportunities, piñata, and other classic games will have your guests talking about how fun your party was for weeks to come.

Spot the Ball

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Use a large sheet of green card or paper to make a football pitch. Draw on some goalposts and mark out the field. On a separate piece of the card make a football and pin it onto the board somewhere. Make cardboard players in different scoring positions (use the internet to source imagery and print and stick on to the card. Give each child a cardboard player and they take it in turns to wear a blindfold and tack their player onto the board. The nearest player to the ball is the winner!

Ball Relay

Here is another one of those hilarious birthday party game ideas. Divide the group into two teams and have each team stand in a line. Give each team a ball (any kind of ball, but a bigger one is best). The first person in the line puts the ball between their knees. On the mark of ‘GO’ each player of each team, hops to a designated point and back. Once they’re back, they pass the ball to the next player, and the first team to finish wins.


Do not allow your guests to leave without a softball party favor bags. Make sure that they have something to remember all the fun times that they’ve had. You will impress all the other parents with your outstanding party-planning activities as each child leaves the party with a huge smile on his or her face.