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Make a Huge Splash with a Fun-Filled Adorable Mermaid-Themed Party!

Calling out to all the mermaids out there – it’s time for a grand Mermaid party! Your guests would definitely want to swim on over to your enchanted underwater party. You will have a lot of fun pulling together this themed party. There are so many things that you can do to make the party exciting, fun, and colorful! Grab some seashells, create starfishes, blow some bubbles, and fill your party with the colors of the sea – aqua and lavender! Have your little mermaid flip their tails.


Is your little girl dreaming of becoming a mermaid when she grows up? Is she constantly talking about mermaids and begging you for a birthday party? Take a deep breath because you can do this. You can throw an amazing birthday party for your child – the kind that people will be talking about for years! A mermaid themed party is great for all kinds of occasion including a birthday party, a bachelorette party, and any under-the-sea occasion. This theme allows for overwhelming possibilities.

Set the Right Tone for Your Party

Picture the color and theme of your party. We suggest the colors of turquoise and lavender. They would be perfect for a mermaid-themed party. Pink and purple would go well with your decorations as well. Add a few accents of gold and pearl. You can texture surfaces with fishnets, which is a clever way of accenting your nautical theme. This party is easy to decorate. There are so many materials that you can use for your party’s decorations and atmosphere.

Send Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Get your guests excited about your mermaid-themed party by sending out mermaid invitations. You can customize your invitations with the right colors, fonts, and trims. We have a couple of designs in our store that you can use to invite your guests to your mermaid party. 


It is easy to create amazing decorations for your Mermaid-themed party. There are countless DIY decorations online for this theme. There are decorations that you can grab from our online store as well.

Create a Balloon Garland

With a little ingenuity and YouTube tutorials, you can create garlands of balloons. You can wrap the balloons in fishnets to give it a more under-the-water atmosphere. Do not be intimidated at the idea of creating garlands. They’re actually quite easy to do – anyone can do it!


Cooking and preparing the food is only half of the battle. You need the right tableware to showcase the yummy food that you have prepared. Food simply tastes better when they’ve been placed on a well-laid table. We eat with all our senses, and your tableware will contribute to the overall enjoyment of the food. It is important to get your table settings right. Our Party Packs have everything you need to decorate your party tables with the right plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and table covers.


The best place to throw a mermaid party is by the pool, but if you are throwing your party at home, you will need to get more creative. You will need to keep your little mermaids even more excited for a FIN-tastic party! You don’t need to throw your party at a pool. There are numerous crafts, games, and activities that you can do without swimming.

Mermaid Party Game

We have in our store a Mermaid Party Game, which is perfect for at least 14 people. The package includes one game sheet that you can place on walls and 14 self-stick game pieces. To play, you need to place the game sheet on the wall. Have the little mermaids take their turns. Blindfold them and spin them around before the kids stick a seahorse into the right spot in the sheet. The poster is large, fun, and colorful. They’re easy and fun to use. Active and rambunctious kids won’t be able to break them. This poster will bring fun and laughter to your party. They’re perfect for kids’ parties. This activity will bring out the giggles and laughter. It will be a hoot!

Mermaid Tail Race

This game puts a twist to the classic potato sack race. For this game, get two potato sacks and dye them green, so they would look like mermaid tails. Cut out felt to look like fins and sew them to the bottoms of your sacks. The kids can then put on their mermaid sacks for a hopping race to the finish line.


Party favors for your mermaid party is easy to throw together. It is easy to create strings of plastic pearls and small mermaid bubbles. Throw in goldfish crackers as well to your party favor bags. We have in our store several party favors that you can add to your party bags. You want to thank your guests for coming to your party, and these party favor bags are just small tokens of your appreciation.