Get Ready for a Riot of Colors, Fun, and a Whole Lot of Kittens!

Who wouldn’t want an amazing party full of cute and cuddly cats and kittens?! Invite a group of little kittens to your daughter’s birthday party. It’s going to be an awesome and memorable experience! Avoid the hassle of searching through various party stores just to get the right supplies. You can find everything you need in our store. We have a selection of cat decoration options to choose from. We have invitations, to decorations, to party favors, to thank you notes, and more. Our supplies will make your party amazing and easy to plan. Prepare your little girl for a purr-fect day with our kitten party supplies!


Let the cat out of the bag! Tell everyone that you are about to throw an amazing birthday party! Make sure to grab everything that you might need from the yarn ball to the meow-tiful balloons, to the kitty-inspired cake. Your guests will pounce on this super sweet shindig in no time at all. It’s an adorable theme for little girls. It’s perfect for all kinds of occasions – not just birthday parties. You can throw a kitten-themed baby shower and gender reveal party as well. The colors pink, gold, mint are the perfect color palette blends for a cat-themed party. You can throw a fabulous feline fete!

Find Inspiration Online

There is nothing more adorable and fun than a cat-themed birthday party! If your kiddo loves cats and kittens, this party is purr-fect for you! It’s a trend right now, so you can find countless inspirations online. There are numerous ways to celebrate your birthday and make it glamourous, fun, and super girly! Find ways to use sequins, flowers, glitters, and other elements to make the party even more memorable. There is no shortage of cute birthday ideas that you will find online.

Send the Invites

Send out invitations to set the right mood for your party. Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring their favorite stuffed animal. After all, the more animals the merrier! Imagine the photo opportunities! Your party will be colorful and fun. You might want to hand-write the invitations to give it that personal feel.


The right decorations can make a huge difference to your party. They can make or break your party. Make sure your guests know that it’s a Kitten Party from the moment they walk into the room. With our balloon, party signs, door signs, tableware, and party favors, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to create an awesome party!


Are you looking to throw an amazing birthday party? Then you need to make sure that you have the right tableware. This includes table covers, cups, napkins, tables, and cups. These things would make the perfect table settings for your cat-inspired food including pizza, snacks, cake, ice cream, and more. 


Kittens are playful, fun, spirited, and adorable, so it is only fitting that your party is packed with games and activities. Let your guests do fun crafts and exciting activities. If you’ve asked your guests to bring their stuffed animals, you might want to create games that would involve their stuffed animals as well. Watch the kids have lots of fun and enjoy the chance to capture big beautiful smiles on everyone’s faces especially your little girl’s face.


Amp up the excitement while adding improving your decorations with a DIY piñata. You will find numerous DIY instructions on how to make a kitty piñata. Every child’s party is fun with a piñata, right? It’s just what you need for your birthday party. It will jazz up your event. Fill it up with all kinds of yummy treats, and watch the kids’ faces light up when all the delicious candies fall to the ground. What they get from the piñata counts as party favors.

Party Crafts

Set up a crafts table at your party. Provide your guests with ribbons, jewels, and paint that they can use to decorate their own cat collars. You can create collars out of cardstock, and let the children decorate their collar.


Be the awesome host that you know you can be when you send off your happy guests with party favor bags filled with delicious treats and exciting party favors. With these party bags, your guests will never forget the party and the fun that they’ve had. They will have little keepsakes to remember your party by. Your guests will talk about your party for a long time.