Horse Party Supplies Packs (For 16 Guests)

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Horse and Pony Party Supplies Packs (For 16 Guests)

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Horse Value Party Supplies Packs (For 16 Guests)

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horse value party supplies packs blue sky background with a black horse trotting

Western Tablecovers - 54in x 108in (2 Pack)

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Western Tablecovers - 54in x 108in (Each)

Horse & Pony Shaped Banner w/Twine (Each)

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Horse & Pony Shaped Banner w/Twine (Each)Horse & Pony Shaped Banner w/Twine (Each)

Brown Balloons (10 Pack)

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Brown Balloons (10 Pack)

Brown Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

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Brown Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

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Sharon S.

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Really went out of their way to make me feel special as a customer, highly recommend!

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You Won’t Just Be Horsing Around with a Horse-Themed Party!

Kids love ponies and horses. These beautiful creatures fascinate them. Not everyone can spend money on riding lessons and boarding fees. Caring for a horse requires more money and time than a puppy. The best thing that you can do is throw a horse-themed birthday party! You don’t have to put just one pony. Put horses and ponies everywhere! Turn your home into a dream ranch with horses for your little one’s friends to enjoy.


Once your guests have sent their RSVP, you will be able to start planning your party. You can then prepare just the right amount of food and get enough party favors for all the expected guests. You also need to prepare games and activities appropriate to your expected guests.

Find Inspiration

Search online for ideas. Many people have thrown a horse-themed party before, and you would be able to find tips and tricks that you can use for your own party. You don’t have to jump over hurdles to find the best ideas. You can just grab the ones that you can use to transform your party into an exciting and memorable one. 

Send Out Invitations

Get your guests whinnying with excitement with these cool invitations, which you need to send a few weeks before the party. This would give your guests enough time to sort out their schedules. This will help create excitement for your party. Everyone will be eager to saddle up and join the fun.


You need to find the right balance between a rugged barnyard and a cool and hip party. Fortunately, shabby chic is quite popular these days. You will find in our store items that you will be able to keep in your home as decoration after the party. For your decorations to stand out, make sure to go with decorations that the kids will love. You can also include personal touches to make everything look more special. Welcome partygoers with balloons and banners. Decorate the party with themed decorations. Fortunately, we have in our store everything that you might need for your party.


Hear all the horses gallop when you ring the dinner bell. Make sure to serve sweets and yummy treats to your guests. Imagine how awesome your party would be with this Horse Party Supplies Pack. Party planning need not be stressful. Make sure to serve your guests with only the best cutlery and the finest horse-themed decorations. Your guests will love this horse-themed party supplies. It has everything you need for an intimate get together with 16 guests. So, saddle up and get ready for a giddy-filled event and impress your guests with this horse-themed party supplies. Have a Western Adventure with your guests with these Horse Party Supplies Packs or Horse and Pony Deluxe Party Packs. This fantastic package allows you to serve a small gathering in style.


Trying to keep a group of excited kids calm is just like saddling an unbroken or wild horse for the first time. You won’t get anywhere, so make sure to prepare games and activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged. It will be much easier to get them to sit down for a piece of cake. Prepare games that are mentally and physically stimulating.

Arrival Games and Activities

You can do many games and activities the minute your guests arrive. You can set up a Horse Coloring section. Provide coloring sheets, and the kids can color their horses as creatively as they want. You can also set up a horseshoe or cowboy hats craft table. Place plastic or wooden mini horseshoes as well as cowboy hats that they can paint or decorate.

Pony Rides and Photo Booths

If you can afford to hire a pony, you can get one for the party. The kids can get on the horse to take a photo or if they’re big enough, ride on the pony. Ask everyone to come all dolled up in their best cowboy and cowgirl costumes for fantastic party photos. Set up a photo booth where your guests can take great photos. 


Don’t let anyone leave your home empty-handed. Make sure that each guest leave with party bags that are filled to the brim with sweet treats and fantastic toys that will remind them of the fun they had at your party.