You Can Never Go Wrong with a Donut Party!

Donut birthday parties are sweet and fun – even for adults! It’s the perfect theme for your child’s birthday party, but it works great for your grandma’s 80th birthday as well! Donuts are sweet and simple, and you will find that it’s incredibly easy to scour the Internet for hundreds of donut party ideas. Whether you’re decorating your home for a birthday party, an after-prom party, or any other sweet occasion, we have in our store everything that you might need for an awesome donut-themed party. Just gather your friends and family for a sweet, sugary, and fun occasion! What more can a kid want?


Get everyone’s favorite donuts, and place them everywhere - in jars, plates, and bowls for your guests to grab. Anything goes – you just need to be creative! Let your guests create fun lollipop donuts, and set up a craft table for decorating donuts. Your options are pretty limitless!

Keep It Within Your budget

If you are throwing a party within budget, you need to go for things that would make a huge impact. This means bright colored plates or donut-themed tableware. We have in our store a selection of tableware that you can buy per piece or in a pack. They have a donut-themed design that will create the right atmosphere for your party.

Create a Donut Bar

What better idea for your guests than to create a donut bar! You can choose to buy or bake plain or glazed donuts. Set out some yummy toppings like peanuts, sprinkles, marshmallows, m&ms, gummy bears, colored sugar, chocolate chips, raisins, blueberries, butterscotch chips, cocoa puffs, and more! The list goes on and on. You can hold a contest for the Best Donut Design. It will be such a blast!


Bright balloons, party signs, donut-inspired pathways – these are just a few things that you can use as decorations. You can create DIY decorations that would look good enough to eat. You don’t have to break the bank for your party decorations. A donut party should be fun, colorful, and whimsical. Design your balloons to look like donuts. For centerpieces, you can use actual donuts to add to your designs.


Setting the table for your party is often a hurried, last-minute task. However, this is a bad idea! You have to prepare your tableware and party tables ahead of time. Your tableware will help create the right atmosphere for your party. Start with the basic setting for your tables, and then add the accessories, plates, cups, napkins, that would help create the mood for the occasion. Grab our Donut Party Deluxe Party Supplies Packs. It has everything you need to accommodate and feed 16 guests.


You need activities and games to make your party even more interesting. You can search online for games and activities that you and your guests can do at a donut-themed party. You can even create games that aren’t common to make your party even more interesting. You can grab some ideas online, tweak them to make them more personal to your occasion.

Donut Photo Ops

Adorable and sweet – be sure to put up lots of donut props for your guests, so they would have a lot of fun taking photos. You can even create a donut truck with some plywood, a bright colored paint, and a giant inflatable donut. This would make for such a fun photo op for kids and adults. You can even add other photo props too.

Taste the Rainbow

Give everyone a straw and a cup. Pour a huge bag of skittles onto a table. Write the name of the players on the cup and line the cups away from the table. At the start of go, everyone must rush to the table and suck skittles onto the straw and blow it into their cup. They are not allowed to touch the candy with their hands. At the end of three minutes, whoever collected the most skittles wins!


When your party guests are about to leave, don’t let anyone go home without a party favor bag. You can fill up the bags with all kinds of candies and give them to your guests at the end of the party, or you can give your guests a bag and let them scoop up their treats. You can give tiny little toys or treats, or you can give a bigger giveaway. It is up to you.