Create a Huge Splash with an Incredibly Fun Dolphin Party

There are various ways to celebrate under-the-sea style! There are tried and true themes to celebrate the oceans and the seas. There is the Under the Sea traditional theme and the quite popular mermaid theme. Nowadays, people are also choosing to throw Bubble Guppies and Little Mermaid. There are fun ways to capture the ocean-feel with any of these themes. A popular theme as well to celebrate the seas is the Dolphin theme. It is a great theme, which allows for a more creative and imaginative party.


You can do many things with a dolphin themed party in terms of decorations, party favors, food, games, and activities. You can choose to use the dolphin as the main focus of your decorations, or you can use it as an accent. You can also opt for a particular color scheme. This theme allows for DIY decorations and a lot of imagination and creativity!

Dolphin Themed Party Food

If you are throwing a themed party, you need to make sure that the food matches the theme as well. There are so many themed foods that you can prepare. Perhaps, you can serve beautiful ocean-colored meringue cookies, which are delicious and simple to bake. You can also serve beverages that go well with your under-the-sea theme. You can also serve some cupcakes shaped like dolphins. You just have to make sure that your food matches the theme.

Send Out Invitations

Setting the tone for your party is super important. This starts with sending out the right themed invitations. You can grab our invitations, or you can create your own invitations by sending out dolphin cutouts. You can even put your invitations in bottles with some island to give it a message-in-a-bottle or under-the-sea vibe. Make sure to be as creative as possible with your invitation. By really owning your theme, you will be able to create the right mood and excitement for your party.


It is incredibly easy to create amazing decorations for your Dolphin-themed party. You can find countless decorations for this theme. In fact, you would find many awesome decorations from our store. You actually don’t need to look elsewhere. Your decorations can be understated or elaborated depending on your preference; however, we believe you can never have enough decorations for your party.

If you want to add more waves, you can use crepe paper to create an ocean backdrop. You should also consider hanging items from the ceiling. This is a great way to give more life to your party decorations. You can also incorporate your child’s favorite toy into your décor.


Make a huge splash at your party with these Dolphin Party Supplies Packs. Cooking and prepping your food is only half the battle. You need to have the right tableware for your themed party. This will help showcase your themed food in all its glory. Food tastes better when they are placed on a well-prepped table. People eat with their senses, and the right tableware can contribute to the overall enjoyment of the food. Get your table settings right with this party pack. It contains everything you need to serve 16 guests.


The best place to throw a dolphin-themed party is by the pool, but if you are going to throw your party at home, make sure to be creative when it comes to your games and activities. These things can make or break your well-prepped party. Get the little dolphins happy with your fin-tastic party games, crafts, and activities – even though they don’t involve water and swimming!


Ok, so let’s talk party favors. You don’t need to get anything crazy, expensive, or elaborate. Buuuuut…you really need to get party favors for your guests. You will find in our store plenty of under-the-sea themed party favors that you can give out to your guests. You can splurge, and grab as many as you want, or you can grab just about enough to keep your guests happy if you are on a budget.