Cheer Your Heart Out with a Cheerleading Party!

If your child loves to dance, tumble, cheer, and put on costumes, he or she will love a cheerleading-themed party. With the right party supplies, you can throw a fun and colorful cheerleading party. Cheerleaders need to be active and creative, and you can incorporate the qualities of a cheerleader into your party with fun and simple activities. Make sure to prepare awesome activities and games as well. Our store has everything you might need to throw a party that everyone will enjoy. You can create an extravagant party that people will remember for a long time.


As your guests arrive and the anticipation builds up, be sure to keep everyone busy with a few party activities. Set up a table near the entrance where guests can write a message for the celebrant. Pass out colorful pom poms for the guests to wave as other guests come in. You can pass out flags to get everyone riled up. Equip yourself with a megaphone to get into the cheerleading spirit.

Ask Everyone to Dress Up in Costumes

If planning for little aspiring cheerleaders, invite them to the party and ask them to come dressed as cheerleaders. Kids love to dress up and attend costume parties! Be sure to take a lot of photos with your guests.

Send Out Cheerleader Invitations

Invite everyone to a fantastic cheerleading party. You can choose the colors of your invitation, or pick your child’s favorite color. If you are feeling crafty, you can make your own invitations. You can use the team colors of your favorite sports team. You can ask everyone to come dressed in that particular color. Give them a head start by adding a wrist or hair pom to your invitation. Add a few confetti for that sparkle.


Your party decorations are an element of your dance party, as they set the stage for the occasion. To welcome your guests, set up a life-sized cheerleader cut out of the celebrant. Your decorations should scream cheerleading party from table decorations to banners to tableware to giveaways. Try pom poms and megaphones. Add a speech bubble to your cutout to encourage your guests to take photos. Fortunately, you will find everything you need to turn your house into a fun venue for your occasion.


Our awesome Cheerleading Party Deluxe Party Supplies Packs are perfect for a Cheerleading-themed event! You can find everything you need in one all-inclusive package for your party! Shout, jump, and dance around knowing that you've found the perfect party decorations for your get-together. Our party supplies packs are not only perfect for birthday parties, but they're also great for all kinds of other special occasions!


Once you have all the food and decorations in order, you need to plan your party games and activities. Keep your guests occupied and entertained. Otherwise, you will have little cheerleaders bouncing around. Kids will come together to enjoy all the activities that you prepare from hitting piñatas to activity tables and photoshoot opportunities. Make sure that your party is going to be a lot of fun!

Throw a Costume Contest

Ask everyone to come to your party cheer-ready. You can also provide them with a plain white t-shirt or tank top, and provide them with fabric paint, sharpie markers, ribbons, sequins, and other decorating items. Your guests can have a lot of fun decorating their shirts. Let them do a quick runway walk to model their creations and hold a vote for the best design.

Makeover Relay

This game is perfect for children’s parties. Make sure that your guests arrive performance-ready with a fun makeup relay. Group the participants in pairs, and have them take turns doing the makeup on each other. After 3 minutes, they will need to switch partners, and they will need to continue doing the makeup of another partner. This activity will allow guests to interact with each other.


Give your little cheerleaders keepsakes to make the party last forever in their memories. Your party favors will help them remember your party for a long time. Your party will be the talk of the town for weeks, and the kids will go home begging their parents to throw them an awesome dance party!


You can’t give out party favor bags without candies and sweets. Fill up the bags with yummy treats from our store.