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Zig, Zag, and Whizz Your Way to an Amazing Skate Party!

If you are looking for an awesome theme for your child’s birthday, you probably should consider throwing a Skateboarding Party. This is a fantastic idea for both boys and girls. Girls skateboard too! If your child isn’t into skateboards, you can throw her a roller skating or ice skating party instead. Whatever the case may be, you can have a fun party that your child will love.

You can throw the party at a skate park, and then you can bring everyone back to your place for food, refreshment, and party games. Skateboarding is the perfect theme to celebrate a double-digit milestone. It's something that your child can impress her guests with. Fortunately, we have everything in our store that you can use to celebrate your child’s birthday.


Skateboarding is a fun birthday theme for any child especially those who enjoy skateboarding on ramps. This theme offers a lot of ideas that would work for your party. This theme is also great for playdates and sleepovers, and you can use the same party supplies for both. If you are going to throw the party in a skateboard park, make sure that all the kids are equipped with protective equipment before they start skating.

You also need to make sure that the skateboard park has facilities to ensure people’s safety as well as a first-aid kit for injuries. Ideally, choose a skateboard park with good cellphone reception, so you would find it easy to ask for help in case of accidents. You need to make sure that there is adult supervision at all times. Make sure everyone is wearing a helmet

Party Food Ideas

Plan smart, and go for the children’s party menu, and you can’t go wrong. This includes food and drink favorites that are considerably easy to serve too. So, make sure to plan smart, and go for a menu that children will love like Easy Mac and Cheese Muffins, Mini Tortilla Pizza, DIY Popcorn with delicious fixings like M&Ms and marshmallows. You can also serve a big bowl of punch to serve to your little guests.

Send Out Invitations

Once it is time to send your invitations, make sure not to leave out the details. Your invitations and envelopes should match your theme. Complete the look of your Skate Party with coordinated Skate invitations! 


You won’t find many decorations for your skateboarding party at your local supply store, so make sure to grab everything from our store and have them ready a week before the party. Your birthday kid will love it when you decorate the party venue with themed decorations because he can hang everything in his room after the party.


Why settle for plain, boring tableware when you can go all out themed plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware, and more? Give your little guests something to be excited about as they munch on their party snacks and treats. Our Skate Deluxe Party Packs are the perfect tableware for your celebration! This pack of tableware includes enough for up to 16 party guests.


Your decorations and food won’t be enough without games and activities to entertain your guests. Make sure to plan games to keep your guests occupied and busy. This will give you lots of amazing photo opportunities of everyone smiling and having fun as they participate in games and activities throughout your party.

If you are going to throw the party in a skateboard park, you can plan games like a skateboard tag, an obstacle course, a relay race, and other classic games. You can then all head home for cakes and drinks, gift opening, and other games. You can also fill the void with video games to give the parents ample time to collect their kids.

Skateboard Smarts

Prepare questions to ask your guests. Give everyone a pen and a pad of paper. Set the clock for two minutes for every question. Have everyone write down his or her answers to every question. The first person to get the question right wins a prize. Perhaps, you can ask about the various parts of a skateboard or the popular skateboarding tricks likeeAirwalk Grab, Frontside, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Skateboard Piñata

The skateboarders will appreciate a classic game like a piñata especially if you hang one with Tony Hawk’s name on it. Fill it up with treats and other party favors to make your guests incredibly happy.


Skateboard favors are easy for the nine and under crowd. The little ones will appreciate getting skateboard party favor bags. These bags are a great way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate with you. Make sure to throw in sweet treats as well as toys.