Open Wide! The Sharks Are About to Have an Awesome Party!

Peter Benchley, the author of the epic movie, Jaws, once said, “I believe implicitly that every young man in the world is fascinated with either sharks or dinosaurs.” And yes, that is true! Although quite frightening, sharks have always been fascinating. They are one of the most interesting creatures on earth. So much so that everyone celebrates Shark Week now. It’s almost a national holiday! And what better way to celebrate your little kid’s birthday than with a Shark-themed party! Grab your scuba gear and hop in because you are about to give everyone an underwater adventure!


Planning an awesome party can be a lot of work! The best piece of advice that we can give you is this – MAKE A LIST! Without one, it is inevitable for things to fall through the cracks. You will get stressed and pressured unnecessarily. No one wants a stressed-out host.

Grab Ideas Online

Are you struggling with how to start planning your party? Are you looking for some cool and fun ideas that you can use for a Shark party? From impressive decorations to themed tableware and fantastic party favors, you can find ideas and inspiration online. You can grab most of the items you will need from our store, but you can also make some DIY decorations and whatnots to help your party pop! There are so many resources for ideas and inspirations for your shark-themed party!

Send Out Themed Invitations

Danger! There are sharks ahead! If you are going to throw a themed party, you want to alert your guests ahead of time, so they can arrange their schedule. Make sure you send out a themed invitation, so you give your guests a fun taste of what’s to come.


“Under the sea, under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me,” said Sebastian, the crooning crustacean in the Little Mermaid. There is no place on Earth as magical and amazing as under the sea. You would find the most interesting creatures, beautiful vibrant colors, and enchanting sounds. To throw an amazing under-the-sea party, you need some pretty fantastic decorations to give your guests an underwater adventure.


If you think that once you have your decorations all hanged up, you are all set. That’s not the case, you still need to make sure that your tableware matches the theme! You need to think about your table decorations. Although you might hope that your guests will gobble down the food without taking a glance at your tableware, that may not be the case. The right tableware makes a lot of difference. Take a huge bite out of stressful party planning, and use our Party Packs! They are perfect for birthdays, beach days, or other ocean-themed or shark-themed event. Make party planning easy, and fill up your venue with sharks, sharks, and more sharks! These Shark Value Party Supplies make for awesome decorations for your shark-themed party. Get ready for a fun celebration and impress your guests with this beautiful decoration. Your guests will love your party!


If you live anywhere near the ocean or aquarium teeming with schools of sharks, you might think of awesome ways to have fun with these sharks, but sharks can be…well, dangerous. So instead, of dragging everyone to the ocean, you can probably plan games and activities that people can enjoy right inside the comfort of your home! Whether you would ask people to dress up and hold a contest, take photos inside your photo booth, or whack a shark piñata, what is important is that you prepare games and activities to entertain them.

Shark Attack

You will need an inflatable shark for this game. Have the kids gather around in a circle. They can either be sitting down or standing up. Start playing music, and have the players toss the shark randomly around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the shark is out of the game. Continue throwing the shark around the circle until only one player remains.


If you are like most party hosts, your goal is to make sure that your guests have lots of fun. Your guests will remember the good times for months to come especially if you let them leave with party favor bags filled with yummy treats and fantastic party loot.