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Get Ready for a Whole Lot of Puppies!

Who wouldn’t want a party full of cute and cuddly puppies? Invite your son’s friends to his next puppy-themed birthday party! It’s going to be an awesome and memorable experience. Skip the hassle of looking for the perfect party supplies from different stores. You can find everything you might need for your Puppy party right here! From the invitation to your party decorations, tableware, and party favors, we have everything you might need! Prepare for your little boy’s birthday party, and create a day that he will remember for the rest of his life.


Sometimes, planning a party can be so ruff (see what we did there?), so you have to make a list and you need to be extra creative when it comes to decorations, food, games, and activities. When it comes to kids’ parties, you need to keep your food simple yet creative. You can label the popcorn as “PUP-corn” and the potato chips as “PAW-tota chips.” Make sure that your food matches the theme of your party.

A Fun Idea

Here’s a fun idea for your party. Ask your guests to bring items that you and the birthday celebrant can donate later on to the local animal shelter. This can be old clean towels, blankets, food treats, leashes, collars, toys, and more. If it is possible, maybe you can take your guests on a quick trip to the shelter, so you can all drop off your donations. Send a picture of your child dropping off the donations with the thank you cards that you send to your guests.

Send Invitations Ahead of Time

Make sure to send out your puppy-themed invitations ahead of time to help set the mood for your party. You and your child can even handwrite these notes to give your invitations that personal touch.


The right decorations can make or break your birthday party. So, make sure that your little guests will know that it’s a puppy party from the moment they walk into the party venue. With puppies in your party decorations and tableware, you can perfectly decorate any party area in such a way that it will bring a smile on the face of everyone’s face.


Our awesome party packs are perfect for a pup-themed event! Our Puppy Party Supplies Packs are the perfect tableware! This pack of tableware includes enough for up to 16 party guests. Our Puppy Party Supplies Packs are not only perfect for birthday parties, but they're also great for all kinds of other special occasions!


Puppies are playful and spirited, so it is only fitting that you prepare games and activities for your little puppies. Your guests will love fun crafts, activity placemats, and piñatas. There will be numerous photo opportunities to capture the smiles of your little guest’s faces.

Puppy Dig

Fill up a wading pool or swimming pool with some sand, just enough for the kids to dig through and hide items. Hide prizes inside the wading pool, and each child gets 10 seconds to dig through the sand to find prizes. Once they find a prize, the next child gets his turn to dig.

Biscuit Search

You can hide dog biscuits in the sand, and have teams try to find as many biscuits as possible within 5 minutes. Have kids line up, and have one kid from each team run to the pool to dig for a bone. Once they find a bone biscuit, they can then run back to their team. The team with the most number of bone biscuits wins.


Be the awesome host that you’ve always wanted to be when you send your guests off with party favor bags filled to the brim with treats and toys. With these party favors, your guests will always remember the fun they have had. Make memories last forever with these awesome take-home gifts.