Catch the Bad Guys and Have Fun with a Police-Themed Party

Does your little guy dream of becoming a policeman? Does he go around the house dragging around his little K9 pup? Does he love to play cops and robbers? Celebrate his next birthday with a vibrant and fun police-themed party. Parties are supposed to be fun and exciting. If you want to throw a memorable party, you need to put a lot of work into it. You need to plan every single detail of the party. From the venue to invitations, food, drinks, decorations, entertainment, activities, games, to party favors. Everything has to be planned, so you won’t end up with a boring party. Just having food and drinks aren’t enough. You need to add a few details to make them a lot more fun! The most well-planned parties can turn boring. If you want to throw a Police-themed party where your guests can have a lot of fun, we have some tips for you!


Planning a party by yourself may seem intimidating, but it’s not the worst way to go. It can be overwhelming in planning all the details. You can miss out on a few important things. However, there are numerous things you have to consider when you throw a Police-themed party. Check out Pinterest. You will find numerous party ideas that you can use. You can avoid all the over-the-top ideas. Focus on crafts that you can do without a lot of hassle. You can decorate your party without going over your budget. You can make your party look exciting and fun without pulling your hair out!

Get Your Little Policeman Involved

Get your little guy involved with the party planning and preparation. He may have some ideas that you can use. After all, it is his birthday! He may want to contribute to making the decorations, hanging the decorations, creating his guests list, preparing the party favors, and setting the party tables.

Send Out the Party Invitations

You need to set up an invitation that would help create the excitement for your party. Provide all the details that your guests should know. You could request that they dress up in police costumes, so you could have a police academy type of party. You could even create your own handmade invitation to make it a bit more personal. Have your child fill up the names of the guests that you’re inviting.


Don’t be shy about using as many decorations as you can. Go crazy with the balloons, streamers, or any police-themed decoration that you can find. The more party decorations the better! Play music as well. It helps get the kids pumped up for the occasion.


One thing that you need to consider when planning your party is the tableware. The plates, cups, napkins, table cover, forks, and spoons all contribute to the atmosphere and mood of the party. Your dining table settings will act as the centerpiece of your event. This is why you need to choose the right tableware supplies for your party. Your invitations will give your guests an idea of what your theme is, but your tableware will help create the mood on top of the decorations. To help avoid the stress, you can just grab these Police Deluxe Party Packs. These packs have everything you need to feed 16 guests.


Every party has food, music, and drinks. But these things are not enough. To ensure that your guests will have a lot of fun, you need to prepare awesome party activities and games too! If you could think of games or activities that are not commonly seen at parties, that would be more interesting. You can search online for games too and choose those games that would be great for your police-themed party. There are just so many things that your guests can do at a police-themed party.

Set Up a Craft Table

If you’re throwing a party for kids, you definitely should include a craft activity. Perhaps, they can decorate their badge. The hint is to choose crafts that your guests can do or decorate themselves, using their idea or imagination. There are a lot of craft ideas for parties that you can tweak for a party themed occasion.

Dress Up

For little guests, you can ask them to dress up. You can provide props for them. Maybe they could choose to dress as cops or robbers. You can create games according to their costumes. Give them accessories to play with, and they can keep these accessories as party favors.


Your party favors need not be expensive or elaborate. Party favors are often expected though. Kids expect their loot bags before they leave the party, and they are disappointed when they don’t get them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on party bag fillers. Here are a few party favors that you can grab from our store.