Make Your Little Ninja Very Happy With an Awesome Ninja-Themed Party!

Do you want to throw an action-packed Ninja-themed party? Do you want some awesome ideas? It’s a great theme, but it can be challenging! You need the right decorations, invitations, games, party favors, and activities. Your party will go off with a kick! There are so many things that you can do for your ninja party. You can even start it off with each guest receiving a white belt – that would be a fun party favor as well! As they join and complete games or activities, you can give them new colored belts until they get the black one, the ninja belt. You can also check out other DIY ninja-themed party ideas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your party decorations and ideas.


Are you thinking of throwing a Ninja-themed party for your kiddo? This is a cute idea, and if it is planned well, it can be the easiest and least expensive party. If you are hosting a ninja-themed party, here are some ideas and tips on how you can throw a kicking great party for your child!

Send Out Invitations

It generally helps to invite people ahead of time, so they can prepare and arrange their schedules. The sooner you invite your friends and family, the better they will likely be able to accommodate the date of your party in their schedule. Don’t send out the invitations too early. You might run the risk of having your guests lose the invitation or forget the party altogether. Make sure to send out awesome invitations that would help spark your guests’ excitement.

Ninja Costume

You might want to ask your guests to come to the party dress as ninjas. A ninja party is a fantastic chance to get everyone to dress up in ninja costumes. This is why it is a great idea to send out the invitations ahead of time, so people can prepare or get their costumes before it’s too late.


Your party decorations could make or break your party. You need to decorate the occasion properly. When you’re throwing a themed party, you need a themed decoration. It is not just throwing away your stacks of magazines, vacuuming the carpets, or hiding embarrassing containers.


Create an exciting party with our Ninja-themed tableware. People are fascinated with ninjas, and your guests will love this tableware! Sneak a lot of fun into your party, and make party planning super easy. This Ninja Party Supplies pack is a great way to decorate your party tables. As far as party decorations go, tableware is the easiest to get. You just need to grab the right kind of plates, napkins, cups, table covers, spoons, and forks – and you’ll be ready for an awesome party!


Parties should be fun, so make sure that you have some great games and activities prepared. You might want to prepare several activities just in case your first choices turn out to be duds. You can find numerous ideas all over the Internet, especially Pinterest. Here are a couple of ideas that you might be able to use:

Blind Ninja

You start the game by blindfolding one participant while the others hide around the playing area. The blindfolded player should find the other players. The blindfolded player can ask the other players to clap up to three times, and the other players must clap twice every time the blindfolded player asks for a clap. When the other players are touched, they are out of the game.

DIY Ninja Weapons

Let your guests make their ninja weapons like nunchucks and swords. You can get pool noodles ahead of time and use them to make the weapons. 


To end the occasion, you should always give out party favor bags. Kids do often look forward to these party favor bags, and they’re often excited to discover what treats you’ve dropped inside. It is understandable for guests to expect party favors once they leave the party. These goody bags have become relatively commonplace. There are many inexpensive things that you can give out to guests, but we have in our store cool things that your guests will love!