Score a Double Eagle with a Golf-Themed Party!

Celebrate your golf-loving husband on his birthday with a Golf-themed party. Throw a golf-themed party for your dad on Father’s Day. It is easy with all our awesome golf part supplies. Golf is the perfect theme for avid fans and players. It is not just for grandparents and retirees! Children love this game too. Tiger Woods started early. Many people have a special love for this game. Golf theme parties provide an excellent way for people to celebrate their birthday or special occasions in their lives.


Check out our creative golf party ideas to help you throw an amazing party for the golf enthusiast in your life. It will be such an amazing part-TEE! Be sure to plan your party ahead of time. This means sending out invitations at least a month ahead, getting your party decorations, planning your menu and activities. Golf themed parties are perfect for home parties as well as neighborhood courses and local country club parties.

Golf-Inspired Menu

You can prepare the main entrees, beverage, and desserts. You can serve a large sub sandwich and secure it with a golf flag toothpick. You can make the toothpicks ahead of time by cutting out colored papers into golf flags and taping them to the sticks. You can also serve sandwiches with chips, watermelons, grilled salmon, and more. You can serve wide selections of beverages. Golfers love half-iced tea and half lemonade. You can also serve juice boxes and sodas.


Nothing says golf like golf balls everywhere! Make sure that your guests will see golf-related decorations everywhere! Grab decorations from our store and place them on walls, party tables, ceilings, doors, and more! You can never have enough decorations. The more the merrier when it comes to parties. Create balloon bouquets and garlands. Everyone will have such a fun time at your party!


These Golf Deluxe Party Supplies Packs are perfect for guests of all ages. You can use them for birthday parties, golf scrambles, golf clubhouses, and more! Make party planning easy, and hit a home run with your guests with this fantastic tableware. Your guests will love your party decorations. This party pack is perfect for golf lovers and enthusiasts.

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If you are planning a golf-themed party, you need to make sure that your guests are happy and entertained. You can set up a mini-golf game for the kids out in your yard, and then they can come back inside for more fun activities. You can also set up a photo booth for your guests or perhaps do classic games. You will have your guests talking about how fun your party was for weeks to come.

How Many Tees?

This is a great game for when your guests start to arrive. Place a jar full of golf tees displayed, and let your guests try to guess how many tee’s that are in the jar for a fun surprise. Make sure to count the tees before filling up the jar. The person closes to the correct number wins.

Golf Match Up

Another fun ice breaker is Golfer Match Up. Print out 10-15 pictures of famous golfers, and display them all so that your guests can see them. You can find pictures from Google, label the pictures such as A, B, C, etc. When the guests arrive, hand them a print out of the names of the golfers, and let them match the name with the golfer’s pictures by writing the letter of the picture next to the name. The person who gets the most correct answers wins.


Do not allow your guests to leave without a softball party favor bags. Make sure that they have something to remember all the fun times that they’ve had. You will impress all the other parents with your outstanding party-planning activities as each child leaves the party with a huge smile on his or her face.