Sound the Alarm Because This Party is Going to Be on Fire!

This Fireman Theme will sure excite all your little wannabe firefighters. You can fill up your party with all the fun, rustic, and fabulous firefighter elements that can easily be recreated in any space. Grab our adorable fire hydrant drink cups, fire station party signs, and other firefighting party supplies. We have in our store everything you need for a perfect little fireman celebration. If you have a child who is into Fireman Sam or simply dreams of becoming a fireman, then he will love a Fireman theme party. You will love all these party ideas. The items in this set are great for jazzing up your nursery or playroom. Whether you take a couple of items or you grab them all, your kids will absolutely love these firefighter supplies.


Are you planning a fireman themed party? How many ideas have you come across this week? Get ready because we have some more! Here are some red-hot ideas that you can use to decorate your special occasion. Sound the alarm because your guests are going to have a lot of fun! After rescuing his little toy kitten and adopting lost plush puppies, your little firefighter will get to enjoy a well-deserved break. From firefighting party activities to tasty yummy treats and awesome party favors, your party will be jam-packed with truckloads of fun!

Invite a Local Fireman

When you are hosting a firefighter themed party, you should consider calling up your local fire station, and perhaps invite them to the party. If they are having a quiet day or afternoon at the local fire station, maybe they would consider bringing the firetruck over at your house to celebrate. Your local firefighters are actually quite friendly, and they would likely give in to the request. The little firefighters will love seeing a fire truck up close!


Let’s make your life a little bit easier with these birthday decoration supplies. Whether you’re planning to throw a huge party, or you just want to invite some friends over for a low-key celebration, our store got you covered with our fantastic decorations. We have items that run from colorful and loud to subtle and unique. While they are perfect for kids’ parties, they can be used in adults-only parties as well. They will complement a fireman themed party quite well.


Red and yellow are the predominant colors of a fireman-themed party. All these bright and bold colors can help create a pleasing table landscape for your firefighter party. The right tableware can complement the food, activities, party favors, and decorations. Fortunately, we have in our store a Firefighter Deluxe Party Packs, which includes everything that you might need for a small number of guests.


Fireman-themed birthday parties can be lots of fun. It could include an actual visit from real firefighters, and sometimes, an actual ride in a firetruck. Kids love it! But what else is there to do after the guests have enjoyed the snacks and refreshments?

Run an Obstacle Course

Real firefighters need to dodge falling logs, walk on narrow boards, carry buckets of water, and go through all kinds of obstacles doing rescues. Create a mini obstacle course with similar challenges for kids to do at your party. They would enjoy it!

Hot Potato

Get all the kids to stand around in a circle. One child has to stand the middle of the circle with his eyes closed. The kids around the circle will pass around a red ball, and when the kid in the middle says “stop”, whoever has the ball becomes “it.”


If your child’s birthday is coming up, you have a lot of things to think about. You need to plan the party, and you need to grab all the party favors for your guests. You want to make sure that the day is going to super special and everyone’s going to have a great time. Goodie bags can be simple, or you can make elaborate ones.