Get On Your Dirt Bike and Ride Your Way Into an Amazing Party

Dirt Bike makes for a fun party theme! Your child will absolutely love this. Who doesn’t love the idea of using wheels and wires throughout the party venue? This adds to the party’s immense fun vibe that you want to create. If your child is fascinated with dirt bikes and motocross, then you should definitely consider throwing an extreme sports party! It’s the perfect theme for teenagers who cringe at kids themes for birthday parties. Fortunately, we have in our store all the party supplies, decorations, tableware, and party favors that you need to pull off an amazing party.


Planning your Dirt Bike party can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. In addition to the basic Xtreme Sports party supplies, you should also consider getting, purchasing, borrowing, or even renting the following items for the occasion: extreme sports video clips, bikes, water bottles, helmets, kneepads, and ramps. Some places can provide these items. You will just need to rent them out. Of course, if you are unsure about getting your guests to ride bikes, you probably should stick to throwing a home party. Make sure to get all the party supplies that you need for your party.

Location and Food Ideas

If your space is too small for a party, you might want to throw it in a neighborhood park where kids can bring their bikes for the party. You can set up the party at the park, or you can set it up at home. Make sure to provide themed foods like Grilled Wheels, which are actually mini burgers, Foot Longs, Seven-Layer Taco Dip, Popcorn, Sandwiches, and you can serve drinks in sports bottles.

Send Out Invitations

Invitations are crucial to any event because they inform your guests of the occasion, but they also create the first impression of your guests. If you have time to make your own invitations, you can try these ideas:

  • Make a splatter invitation. Dip a large paintbrush in paint and flick color on your invitations. Do this with several colors until the entire invitation is covered in paint.
  • Take a photo of your child with his dirt bike and print the photo. Write your party details at the back.


Make sure that your decorations will help create a fun atmosphere, and set the right mood for the occasion. Make sure to set up ramps, cones, and obstacles that your guests can go around in your backyard. Make sure to provide helmets and kneepads to keep everyone safe. Play child-appropriate music. You can even set up an obstacle course indoors. Ask your guests to bring their bikes, and everyone –both kids and adults- can go on a bike ride.


The best parties are the ones with themed tableware on top of decorations and themed food. It’s not just the decorations that matter. The table settings also play a huge role in the overall aesthetic of the party. You need to have the right table accessories to make the whole themed party pop.

Check out our collection of themed plates, napkins, cups, and more to let your party really shine. You can even find a theme table cover to give your party a more exciting feel. You can just grab our eXtreme Party Supplies Pack, which has everything you would need for your party.


The games and activities are the favorite part of a themed party. You need to prepare different activities to entertain your guests and keep them occupied. You can be as imaginative and creative as possible when it comes to planning games and activities. These can make or break your party. It’s the activities that can get the child screaming, “Boy! That party was fun!” If you are running out of ideas, you can find a lot of inspirations online.

Motocross Memory Game

On a tray, place several motocross items and cover them with a cloth. Make sure to sit everyone in the circle, and play the tray in the middle of the circle. Remove the cloth for about a minute, and tell everyone to remember all the items in the middle of the circle. Once the time is up, place back the cloth. Each person has to turn an item in the tray. The person who fails to name an object, or names an object previously identified, or names an object not in the tray is out of the game.


Your party can be a huge success, but you need to make sure that everyone goes home happy with party favor bags. You can’t let your guests go home empty-handed. These loot bags offer a great way to thank your guests for coming and sharing the occasion with you. Make sure the guests go home happy with party bags filled with treats and toys.