A Camo Party is One Heck of a Prized Catch

Whether your little boy just loves the outdoors or he wants to be an avid hunter just like his dad, he will love a Camo-themed Party! It will be right on target. This tough-as-nails theme is the perfect theme during those transition years. SpongeBob and the Avengers may not cut it for a 13-year-old who would like to impress his friends and move through the party proudly.


Prepare for your party as you prepare for your hunt. You need to plan it well. Make sure to buy your party décor, party favors, and tableware weeks in advance, so you will get them days before the big event. You should also shop for groceries at least two days before the party, so you can prep everything before the party, and make finishing touches on the actual day itself. Once you have everything prepared, you can just enjoy the event and not worry about anything else.

Grab Inspiration for Your Party

You can find inspiration online on everything from decorations to food. The best hostesses need a little assistance now and then. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from people who have thrown a camo-themed party before.

Send Out Invitations

Once you have your guests selected, you need to turn your attention to sending out your invitations at least a month early, so they can clear their calendars for your celebration. Be sure to place all the party information and even give directions, so your guests won’t have any difficulty finding your place. You should also include a request that your guests use a camo outfit for your party.


Now you can bring the outdoors into your living room with an amazing camouflage-themed party. Your party area can look like the middle of your woods with the help of our Camo-themed decorations. All you need is to get all the items from our store and throw your little man a party that he will never forget. This is the perfect theme for your maturing young man.


Every hunter has a special appreciation for food. Make sure that you provide your outdoorsmen with a chance to refuel after a day of full activities and games. No matter what you serve to a group of young men, their plates will be clean instantly. You and your guests are definitely going to have a great time. Make your party planning easier by opting for this Camo Deluxe Party Supplies Packs. This contains everything you need to feed and accommodate 16 guests. You will love everything included in this package for a Campo party. You can create lasting memories for your little one and breathe easy because you can avoid all the party planning headaches.


Let the young men burn off all that energy with fun games and activities. They will have fun with marksmanship competitions, puzzles, obstacle courses, and they will be required to use brains and brawn to make it through your activities.


Add more fun to your party with piñatas! This fun party game will have all the little hunters enjoying your camo-themed party in no time at all!


Thank your guests for sharing your special day with party favor bags. Part of the fun of hunting is bonding with the people. Do not let your guests go home without party favor bags to thank them for celebrating with you. Show your thanks with yummy treats and fun toys!