Trash Pack Party Supplies, Trash Pack Balloons

Prepare to be grossed out at your next birthday party with these delightfully disgusting Trash Pack party supplies! Trash Pack balloons, garbage themed party favors, puke (yes, I said it!) colored tableware and other amusingly repulsive birthday items will make your twisted party guests thrilled at your sickening taste. Disgust your party guests in entertaining fashion with the addition of these appalling and fun Trash Pack party supplies!

Trash Pack Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone will have a blast when you bring their favorite gang of garbage characters to the party. Trash Pack will be a fun, carefree theme that all of the children will greatly enjoy. Surprise them with Trash Pack themed food and activities that they will not forget for a very long time.


Trash Pack Cupcakes: Kids will love these fun cupcakes that are decorated with their favorite Trash Pack characters. You can use edible toppers and place them on top of the cupcakes or have each child design their own character using colored icing. This will turn into both an activity and a snack.

Trash Pack Snacks: Place a clean, plastic garbage can on the table and then have wrapped popcorn, chips, candy bars, etc. inside of it. It will look like a trash can toppled over and, instead of garbage, candy has spewed out. Kids will not hesitate to take the snacks and will find the garbage can funny.

Slimy Lime Punch: Keep up the slimy Trash Pack theme by having a punch bowl filled with a delicious lime punch. Serve with pieces of candy to make it look “dirty”. It may look like slime, but everyone will love the taste. Trash Pack would approve.


Rubber Ducky Garbage Can Toss: Throw rubber duckys into the trash bucket to see how far back kids can throw and still get it in. They will enjoy the challenge and there will likely be a lot of laughter when they see the toys bouncing around everywhere when they don’t make it in the can.

Recycled Art: This should be a popular one. Kids can create whatever they want out of clean, used cans, cartons, boxes, tape, construction paper, buttons, paint, stickers, etc. Everyone is sure to have a blast. This is also a great time to educate them on being environmentally friendly. There is nothing wrong with mixing fun and education. The kids will hardly notice.

Treasure within Trash Game: Set up cans, boxes, etc. around the yard or room and then have everyone race through the obstacles to get to the end and pick up the big of treasure before everyone else. These “treasures” can be stickers, small bags of candy, etc. Everyone will love the adventure and challenge with this game.

Trash Pack Art: Get everyone’s creative juices flowing with a table set up for drawing. Have lots of paper, pencil crayons, and markers and have everyone draw their favorite Trash Pack characters.


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