Power Rangers Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Join the battle against the evil Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks when you throw a party with these Power Rangers party supplies! The Power Rangers have been fighting evil on TV for nearly a decade, and every year new fans of the show celebrate their birthdays Power Ranger style, and now you can too!

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  • Pirate Swords (Each)

    Pirate Swords (Each)

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  • Foam Swords - 24in (Each)

    Foam Swords - 24in (Each)

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Solid tableware

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Power Rangers Party Supplies, Power Rangers Birthday Supplies

What better way for your Power Rangers fan to celebrate their birthday than with the help of our exciting Power Rangers party supplies? Our inexpensive Power Rangers decorations, favors, cake supplies, tableware and more will make your Power Rangers gathering a thrilling success. Whether celebrating a birthday, summer party, family night or some other special occasion, these Power Rangers party supplies are the perfect addition.

So, What is Going on with Power Rangers, and How Do I as a Parent Follow Along?

Let’s face it. Kids shows can be confusing. For instance, have you ever tried to follow along with Pokemon? The Power Rangers is another one of those shows that, as a parent, you may not carry enough to want to follow along, but you may want to follow along just enough to be able to talk about it with your kids. That said, below is a hopefully, helpful write-up on the premise of Power Rangers. However, I have girls (no sons) and I may miss something, so be warned.

The Premise of Power Rangers

Each Power Rangers series centers around a group of people that are recruited specifically to be able to morph into Rangers. Morphing into Rangers will give them special powers and cool machinery to try to defeat any evil threats to mankind. The end of each series feature the Power Rangers making a decision to sacrifice their special powers and machinery in order to destroy an evil and save the world.

Power Rangers wear differently colored costumes (excuse me, “battle suits”) and helmets with colored (but see-thru) visors. All Rangers typically have super strength and super fighting abilities, but some have even greater abilities like extra-fastiness (yes, I made that up) and invisibility. Each Ranger also has their own cool weapon. By the way, Rangers are not allowed to use their weapons or powers for personal gain. They must also keep their identity a secret. If they disobey these things then they will lose their powers.

That’s it. That’s the basic premise of Power Rangers. Maybe that wasn’t so difficult after all. Remember, if you’ve got a Power Rangers fanatic at home, it’s probably a good idea to consider adding our Power Rangers party supplies for their next birthday celebration.


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