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Polka Dot Party Supplies, Polka Dot Party Decorations

Polka dot party supplies will help bring a little colorful fashion to your next get-together. Whether celebrating a birthday, baby or bridal shower, anniversary or other celebration, you’ll love the splash of polka dots across these exciting partyware, decorations and party peripherals. Make your party setup shine with polka dot style when you add these sophisticated polka dot party supplies to your big day!

Polka Dot Birthday Party Ideas

Polka dot patterns have been fashionable in various forms throughout the last century, and there are many ways that you can incorporate these fun designs into a hip party your child is sure to remember forever! Retro fashions from the 1950's and 1980's in particular lend themselves well to polka dot themes, and lots of foods are easy to create in polka-dotted fashion as well.

Polka-Dot Cake

Baking a cake and adding circular accents throughout the frosting is a great way to set the theme for this party, and is very easy to do at home. Of course, plenty of professional bakeries will be happy to handle a polka-dotted cake theme, as well! Wild colors and tasty fillings can make this a confection to remember, so let your imagination fly with this task! You can also simply sprinkle Reese's Pieces, M&M's, or some other round candies on top of a regular cake in order to create a similar effect if you happen to be short on time!

Polka-Dot Candies

Gumballs, M&M's, and jellybeans all can have a lovely polka-dotted effect when served in clear glass jars or bowls. These round and colorful candies can make a delightful accent to a polka-dotted party, and are familiar, beloved treats to most people in general. If you have the time or inclination, you can limit the colors displayed to fit a narrower color scheme, as well.


What is the game of Twister, except a board full of polka dots? Gather the children together and have them play a few games, making sure that everyone is safe in the process. Twister in particular is fun for a number of children to show off their flexibility and athletic skills, so this is sure to be a great party hit! However, this game may not be appropriate for children with certain physical limitations, so make sure that everyone is comfortable playing this game ahead of time for best results.

Polka Dot Fashion Design

Ask each of the kids to sit down with some crayons and paper to design their own polka-dotted fashions of choice. From dresses to handbags to jewelry, the options are limitless - as are the imaginations of children. Once everyone is finished, ask them where someone would most likely wear their creation, why they chose the item in question, and why they chose the colors that they did. You're likely to hear some funny and interesting responses!


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