Harley Davidson Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

For all the motorcycle enthusiasts out there, Harley Davidson party supplies are here! Harley Davidson owners known they're the real kings of the road, and Harley Davidson tableware, party decorations, favors and other party products will make your birthday party the king of celebrations. Live it up, and throw a fantastic party with these exciting Harley Davidson party supplies!

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Harley Davidson Party Supplies, Harley Davidson Party Decorations

Harley Davidson party supplies are an awesome way to decorate a birthday party for the motorcycle fan in your life. Our Harley Davidson plates, napkins, and other tableware products are a great way to add motorcycle style to your party tables and elsewhere. So, rev up your Harleys, send out your invitations, and get ready for an exciting party with the help of our thrilling Harley Davidson party supplies!

Harley-Davidson Food and Activity Ideas

The world-famous Harley-Davidson brand is well known to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. A classic, iconic machine that came to symbolize American renegades during the 20th century, many a child with a fixation on machines would love a Harley-themed party in their honor. There are several ways to incorporate this massively popular brand into a kid-friendly party, with some of our favorite tips being:

Harley-Davidson Cakes

Plenty of professional bakers can create a cake with a Harley-Davidson logo printed on the frosting, or you can download and print out a picture of a particular Harley that your child has their eye on. Many professional bakers can easily turn a photo into an edible image, so choose something that your child is likely to remember for a long time to come!

Kid-Friendly "Beer"

In lieu of the copious amounts of beer that bikers have been known to drink, serve the little party-goers some ginger ale, root beer, or cream soda in either beer steins or disposable cups for a beverage that looks very similar to various alcoholic libations, but with none of the unpleasant side effects or illegal connotations.

Bike Races

To give the kids a taste of the road warrior's life, ask them to race their bicycles around the block. The child who wins the race can be granted a small favor, treat, or simply bragging rights as a result of their accomplishment.

Bike Safety

Before sending the kids out on a bike race, you may want to ask them what types of safety gear both motorcyclists and bicycle riders use and why. This can help to reinforce the importance of helmets, elbow and knee pads, and the right shoes or boots for operating any two-wheeled vehicle.

Harley Heroes

Ask the kids to gather around, and have each child tell the group which motorcycle-riding movie or TV character is their favorite, and why. This is sure to get a lot of chatter going about celluloid and small-screen classics! You can even take a poll at the end to determine which of these characters are the most popular among the little ones.

Harley TV

If your child has a favorite movie or TV show that features Harley-Davidson products, have the kids sit down to watch it with some popcorn and soda. After the show, ask each child what their favorite part of the show had been, and compare the reactions. If more than one motorcycle was shown, ask the kids which of the bikes they liked best. This can get quite a few interesting discussions going!


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