Godzilla is back! If you or someone you know is a fan of this “terrifying force of nature”, you’ll love our awesome Godzilla party supplies. Imagine your party tables decorated with Godzilla plates, Godzilla cups and other exciting tableware. Whether you’re preparing for a night out at the movies or celebrating a Godzilla birthday party, these monster party items are sure to add to your fun!
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Godzilla Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

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  1. Monster Sipper Cups - 14oz (Each)
    Our Price $1.79 Suggested $2.29
  2. Metallic Golden Eggs (12 Pack)
    Our Price $7.99 Suggested $9.59
  3. Space Squirt Guns (12 Pack)
    Our Price $10.99 Suggested $12.99
  4. Squirt Gun Favors (8 Pack)
    Our Price $5.99 Suggested $6.99
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