Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Party Supplies is focused on providing the best customer service in the party supplies industry. If you have questions about us or any of our services, please take a moment to look over our most frequently asked questions. To view the answer, please click on the question.

Customer Order, General Inquiries & Security Questions

Is your site secure?
Discount Party Supplies is concerned with website security. Therefore, we have made it our mission to meet and surpass all industry standards for a secure site. All credit card information provided to us by our customers is handled in a safe and secure manner. All data given to us is encrypted, and we do not share credit card or other financial information. Finally, we work with Verisign, a leader and highly trusted provider of internet infrastructure services, as our security partner for all confidential communications.
I understand your site is secure, but I’m still not comfortable buying online. Does Discount Party Supplies offer other ways to purchase party supplies?
Rest assured that Discount Party Supplies takes our customers’ security very seriously. We take every precaution to make your experience a safe and secure one. However, if you feel uncomfortable making your purchase over the internet for any reason, please feel free to contact us directly. We’ll be happy to assist you.
How do I know that my purchase has been confirmed?
Once you have submitted your order with us, you will advance to a verification screen that will display your order number. You will also be sent an email confirmation delivered to the email address that you provided with your order.
Are the items that I’m ordering in stock?
Discount Party Supplies carries an extensive inventory of party products. We are constantly receiving and restocking party supplies’ shipments from our industry-leading manufacturers. Therefore, all items displayed on our website should normally be in-stock. However, on the rare occasions when an item is out of stock, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to either have your ordered shipped as soon as the products arrive, or to receive a full refund for your order.
How do I add items or cancel my order?
Discount Party Supplies takes pride in shipping party supplies’ orders to our customers extremely fast. Most orders received by 3:00pm (EST) will ship that same day. This is a very fast and efficient process that is not easy to interrupt. Therefore, we regret that we ARE UNABLE to cancel your order or make changes after your order has been submitted.

Please double-check your order for accuracy. Check the quantity and types of items that you’ve ordered. Be sure to enter the correct address information and the correct shipping method that you prefer. If an error is made, your only recourse is to return the product once it has been received for a refund (if applicable). Unfortunately, your shipping charges will not be refunded.

Please see our Customer Returns section for more information.
Do you offer volume discounts for larger orders?
We will occasionally offer quantity discounts on large domestic orders. We typically define large orders as orders of multiple products totaling at least $1,000 or more. However, certain party products may not qualify. Please call customer service @ 1-888-833-0302 if you are interested.
Do you sell wholesale to retail accounts?
We do not offer wholesale pricing.
How can I obtain a product catalog?
While we understand the convenience of having a physical product catalog in your hands, we have made the decision not to provide a catalog at this time.

Instead, we have focused our efforts on making our extensive online product inventory as up-to-date as possible. A physical catalog simply cannot keep up with numerous new products that we offer. Further, the costs we save are passed along to our customers in the form of lower prices.
Something is wrong with my order. What should I do?
Discount Party Supplies works hard to keep our order accuracy amongst the leaders in the industry. That said, products can be damaged while in-transit, items can arrive broken or defective, and occasionally mistakes on orders occur. If you are unhappy with your order, please send an email describing your issue to: [email protected] and a customer service agent will contact you. Please follow their directions in their entirety.

NOTE: All claims of order shortages, damaged items, or defective products must be reported to Discount Party Supplies within 3 days of receipt. Claims reported after 3 days will not be allowed.
Read our product disclaimer.
Discount Party Supplies does everything possible to provide products as close as possible to the exact products displayed on our website. Product images and descriptions are meant to convey our products accurately. However, occasionally circumstances exist that may cause our products displayed to vary slightly in size, description, and/or color from those actually received.

Computer, monitor, and browser variations may cause product colors to appear differently to different customers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that colors seen on our customers’ computers will match the colors of the actual product.

Manufacturing discrepancies may cause product sizes to vary slightly from our images and descriptions. Also understand that Discount Party Supplies carries thousands of party products on our website, each with their own unique description. While sometimes unintentional mistakes can occur, we would never intentionally mislead our customers about our products.

We want your business, and we ask for your understanding of these circumstances that exist for all online commerce sites.
I posted a product review and I do not see it on the site. When will my review be posted?
We make every effort to be fair and honest with our product review process. Good, bad or indifferent, we have no issue sharing reviews with our customers and the world in general. There are, however, some instances where reviews will be deleted or disapproved. Reviews that contain offensive language, spam, content that has little or nothing to do with the product being reviewed, incoherent reviews or other content that does not add any informational value to the product will NOT be published on our site.

Product reviews are assessed on a periodic basis for publishing. Typically, you can expect to see your product review published on our website within 3 to 7 business days after submission.

Again, while we attempt to publish every product review, regardless of positive or negative content, some reviews will not be posted due to inappropriate content.

Shipping Questions

Where will Discount Party Supplies ship my order?
We ship to our customers throughout the Continental US, to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as the following international locations, to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan and New Zealand (for unlicensed products). All international orders are final. We do not refund international shipping or replace any lost international shipments. Shipping transit times will vary depending on your location. All shipments originate from Jackson, Michigan.

We do not ship to PO Boxes unless prior arrangements have been authorized. Customers receiving party supply orders into Canada and all other International destinations are responsible for all duties and taxes levied by their location country. Any returned international orders will be charged the shipping fee.

Schools, charitable organizations, and other organizations may fax in Purchase Orders using our Purchase Order Form to 517-768-1604. Make sure that you call to verify that we have received your order in good condition.

We require a physical address to ship packages using expedited shipping methods. Unfortunately, we cannot accept P.O. Boxes.

Customers receiving party supply orders into Canada and other International destinations are responsible for all duties and taxes levied by their location country. Any international orders that are returned will be charged the shipping fee.

USPS is our primary shipping carrier for Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada (Canada Post). The following flat rate shipping charges will apply to all orders being shipped to these destinations:
LocationShipping Cost
Alaska $29.95
Hawaii $29.95
Puerto Rico Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Australia Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Brazil Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Canada Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Japan Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
New Zealand Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Guam Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Virgin Islands Shipping fees vary. Please see checkout.
Does Discount Party Supplies offer same-day shipping?
Yes, we absolutely offer same-day shipping!

Discount Party Supplies takes pride in our extremely fast turnaround time for all of our customers’ orders. Therefore, most domestic orders placed Monday thru Friday before 3:00pm (EST) will ship the same day. Most orders received after 3:00pm (EST) will ship the next business day.

Please note: The day that we ship your order does NOT count as an in-transit day. In other words, start counting days starting with the first day AFTER your order ships.

Same day shipping does not apply to:
  • Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays
  • Orders placed AFTER 3PM ET on a given business day
  • Special or custom order items
  • Out of stock or discontinued items
How long will my order from Discount Party Supplies take to arrive?
Delivery time for your order will depend on your choice of shipping method. For items that are not personalized, the table below describes the expected time frame for every shipping option.

Shipping MethodDelivery Time
Budget Ground Delivery 3-9 Business Days (Tracking Emailed)
Express Ground Delivery 2-4 Business Days (Tracking Emailed)
3-Day Delivery 3 Business Days (Tracking Emailed)
Express Delivery 2 Business Days (Tracking Emailed)
Premium Delivery 1 Business Day (Tracking Emailed)

Budget Shipping

Expedited Shipping

How do I get my order expedited?
During checkout, U.S. customers may select an expedited shipping option. At any time, Discount Party Supplies reserves the right to contact the customer prior to shipment for additional shipping charges if deemed necessary for expedited shipping of over-sized products.
How much does it cost to ship my order?
Please view our shipping chart below for the expected costs of shipping:

Merchandise Total Budget Ground
(3-9 Business Days)
Express Ground
(2-4 Business Days)
(3 Business Days)
(2 Business Days)
(1 Business Day)
$0.01 - $24.99 $5.95 $8.95 $13.95 $15.95 $23.95
$25.00 - $58.99 $6.95 $9.95 $15.95 $17.95 $25.95
$59.00 - $64.99 Free* $10.95 $17.95 $19.95 $27.95
$65.00 - $79.99 Free* $10.95 $19.95 $22.95 $29.95
$80.00 - $99.99 Free* $10.95 $21.95 $24.95 $32.95
$100.00 - $124.99 Free* $10.95 $23.95 $26.95 $35.95
$125.00 - $149.99 Free* $10.95 $27.95 $30.95 $41.95
$150.00 - $174.99 Free* $10.95 $27.95 $32.95 $41.95
$175.00 - $199.99 Free* $10.95 $29.95 $32.95 $44.95
$200.00 - $249.99 Free* $10.95 $31.95 $34.95 $47.95
$250.00 - $299.99 Free* $10.95 $33.95 $36.95 $50.95
$300.00 & up Free* $10.95 Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
I have to have my party supplies in 4 business days. Your Budget shipping method chart states that I should receive my order in 3-9 days. Should I ship my order standard or have it expedited?
Discount Party Supplies ships our party supply orders extremely fast. In fact, most orders arrive on our customers’ doorsteps in just a few business days.

However, if you are on a strict deadline and need your supplies quickly, and you are unsure about your package making it on time, we recommend you use an expedited shipping option. While Discount Party Supplies is extremely good at what we do (getting shipments delivered fast), once it leaves our facility, it is no longer in our hands. Weather conditions, accidents, and other issues can delay shipment. Why make yourself sweat it out if you have to have your order by a specific date? Relax, expedite your order, allow yourself some wiggle room, and receive it a day ahead of time.
Do you deliver party supplies using APO / FPO Shipments?
Discount Party Supplies is happy to provide APO / FPO shipments for qualified customers. Shipping for APO/FPO addresses is $14.95 and free shipping is not available for these orders. Delivery times will vary depending on your location. APO/FPO orders are shipped via USPS, and can only be tracked to the original shipping base. Any orders being sent to Afghanistan or Iraq may take several weeks, so please order with time to spare. Please contact us at 1-888-833-0302 if you are interested in this shipping option.

Payment Questions

What forms of payment does Discount Party Supplies accept?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
What sales tax, if any, will I owe?
If your order is shipping to any location in Michigan, you will be charged the applicable sales tax. Otherwise, no sales tax will be added to your party supplies purchase. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay any applicable tax that they may owe.
I received a credit card error. Why did my transaction fail?
Probably the biggest reason for a customer’s transaction to fail is the result of an AVS mismatch. In other words, the billing address provided does not match the billing address on file with the credit card issuer. This commonly occurs when a zip code is entered incorrectly or when a business credit card is used with a business that has multiple addresses.

To solve this problem, simply enter the correct address on file with your credit card company. If you are unsure what that address is, you may have to contact your credit card company.

Other common reasons for transaction failure are an invalid credit card number, an incorrect expiration date, an expired credit card, or exceeding a credit limit.

Order Status Questions

How do I check the status of my order?
Please use our Order Status page to check the status of your order.
When will my order be delivered?
Please use our Order Status page to check the status of your order.

Customer Return Questions

How do I return a product for a refund?
At Discount Party Supplies, keeping our customers happy is our number one concern. Therefore, we try to make returns as easy as possible.

All returns must be accompanied by a completed Return Form; please follow these instructions to ensure your return is processed correctly.

  1. Please print and complete our Return Form.

    Your Return Form is required to complete your refund. Customers who do not complete the Return Form will not receive a refund.

  2. The following items are never returnable:
    • Products that have been opened
    • Partial Party Packs
    • Disposable Helium Tanks
    • Any Wholesale Orders
    • Special and Custom Orders
    • Custom Print Items
    • All hats, tiaras, costumes, temporary tattoos, or other apparel items that have been worn.
    • Candy and food products
    • Glowsticks and necklace products
    • Costumes

  3. All returned orders must be returned at the customer’s expense within 30 days from the order date.

    Customer returns after 30 days will not be refunded. Please do not return products after 30 days from your order date as you will not be refunded.

  4. Any return received with missing items or without original packaging will not be credited.

  5. You must include the following information for us to refund your order:

    • Your original invoice or packing slip
    • Your email address
    • The Return Form
  6. Returned items may be subject to a 15% restocking fee or $4.50 (whichever is greater).

  7. Products accepted for return will be credited via their original form of payment, excluding delivery charges, and a possible restocking fee.

    Orders that received free shipping are subject to a 'shipping charge' deduction from their refund which will equal the cost of our original shipping.

  8. You should return your order via a traceable shipping method.

    This is for our customers’ benefit. If you fail to properly track an order that you return to us, and that order is somehow lost in transit, we obviously won’t be able to issue a credit.

  9. PLEASE NOTE: If your package was undeliverable due to an incorrect address or other customer mistake, there may be a postal service fee to return the package to our location. If this is the case, the fee will be deducted from your refund amount. Also, we will be unable to refund the initial shipping fee if the package is returned due to inaccurate address or other information that renders a package undeliverable.)

Send returns to:

Discount Party Supplies
ATTN: Returns Department Customer Service Department
720 McKay Street
Jackson, MI 49202

What items can I NOT return?
The following items are never returnable:
  • Products that have been opened
  • Partial Party Packs
  • Disposable Helium Tanks
  • Any Wholesale Orders
  • Special & Custom Orders
  • Custom Print Items
  • All hats, tiaras, costumes, temporary tattoos, or other apparel items that have been worn.
  • Candy and food products
  • Glowsticks and necklace products
  • Costumes
How long do I have to return an item?
All returned orders must be returned at the customer’s expense within 30 days from the order date.
How can I exchange an item for credit?
First, you must return any items that you do not need following the guidelines of our above return policy. Once your items have been returned, we will refund your credit card for your returned merchandise.
Second, to speed up the process, don’t wait for returned items to reach us before you reorder. Instead, place a new order on our website immediately for the party items that you need.
What if my product is broken or defective?
Each of our products is inspected 3 separate times before it is shipped to our customers. However, in the unfortunate case that a product arrives in broken or defective condition, the customer may return it for a refund. As with all other returns, they must be returned within 30 days of the date of delivery at the customer's expense, must be received before we will be able to refund the product, and the return may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Note: All returned items must adhere to our return policy to receive credit. No shipping charges will be refunded.

Wholesale Order Questions

Do you offer volume discounts or wholesale pricing?
We do not offer wholesale pricing.