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  • Self-Adhesive Mustaches (3 Pack)

    Self-Adhesive Mustaches (3 Pack)

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  • Fuzzy Disguise Sets (Each)

    Fuzzy Disguise Sets (Each)

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  • Mustache Sticker Rolls (Each)

    Mustache Sticker Rolls (Each)

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  • Mustache Party Favor Boxes (12 Pack)

    Mustache Party Favor Boxes (12 Pack)

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  • Plastic Mustache Rings (24 Pack)

    Plastic Mustache Rings (24 Pack)

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  • Mustache Wristbands (12 Pack)

    Mustache Wristbands (12 Pack)

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6 Item(s)

So, you’re looking for a fake mustache? Perhaps, you’ve got a Movember event planned in your near future. Or, maybe you’re thinking that a fake mustache will be the perfect touch for your costume. Heck, maybe you need a fake mustache for that carnival barker role you’ve accepted for your local school. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a wide selection of adhesive mustaches for every occasion, all at discount fake mustache pricing.

Fake Mustaches, Is it Mustache or Moustache?

Fake mustaches are a lot of fun for a number of occasions. Maybe you’ve got a Movember event you’re planning on attending, maybe your children like to play dress-up and that mustache is the perfect final addition, or maybe you just have a penchant for looking like Charlie Chaplin. Whatever the reason, our cool selection of fake mustaches will add some life to your costume or special occasion.

Famous Fake Mustaches

As we researched this, we thought we’d have all kinds of famous people who used fake moustaches. But, really, aren’t many. Oh, there is certainly plenty of famous people known for their real mustaches, but pretty much Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx are the only really famous people with fakes.


Combining the word “moustache” with the word “November”, Movember takes place in November every year. It’s a month-long event charity event that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer and other male health issues. Participants are encouraged to grow moustaches for the entire month, become aware of their family health histories and get checked out.

History of Movember

The first mention of Movember occurred in 1999 in Adelaide, Australia. A group of men in an Adelaide pub (of course) thought it would be fun to grow moustaches and raise funds for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). They formed a committee, sold T-shirts and are still around today. This committee is separate from the more global Movember movement today.

In 2004, another Movember group formed in Melbourne. Thirty men grew moustaches for thirty days for charity, only this time the cause was men’s prostate cancer and men’s depression. This Movember movement would eventually spread from Australia to South Africa and Europe and eventually to America. Today, Movember raises millions of dollars annually for its various causes. What started out as likely one of those wacky ideas that occurs to a group of gents in a pub somewhere after a few too many brews has blossomed into a worldwide success.

Fake Mustaches, Cheap Fake Mustaches

Our fake mustaches are a lot of fun! Whether you’re hosting your own Movember get-together, you have a little one who wants to play dress-up or you have some other crazy reason for dressing up in a mustache, you’ll love our large selection of discount adhesive mustaches. Have a great time at your mustache themed event with the help of these mustache birthday party supplies from Discount Party Supplies!

Mustache Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a fun party that has some mustache madness. All of the guests will have a good laugh seeing how one another looks with a costume ‘stache. This will be your child’s funniest party memory by far and they will have a lot of fun being goofy with their friends. There a lot of ways to make a mustache kid friendly. See below for some unique food and game activities that will not only be a lot of fun, but they generate a lot of laughter.


Mustache Drinks: Serve punch, juice, and water with straws that have different colored mustaches on them. These are sure to make everyone giggle. Every time someone takes a sip, they look like they have a mustache. This will set the stage for more laughs to come.

Stache Cakes: Funny and yummy, everyone will love these delicious and funny mustache cupcakes. Simply top a variety of cupcakes with black mustache picks and viola – a ‘stache cupcake.

Mustache Cookies:Kids will think that these are the coolest cookies ever. Cut out mustache shapes using a mustache cookie cutter from a few different cookie varieties. The kids will most likely try out how they look with a cookie mustache before devouring them.


Make Your Own Mustache: All of the guests will have a blast designing and then cutting out their own mustache creations. Give them the option to tape it on, or hand them a stick for more of a masquerade feel. Either way, they are sure to laugh at how silly they look when they see themselves.

Pin the ‘Stache on the Man: Have a large sheet of paper with the face of a man drawn in the middle. Blind fold each child and give them the chance to pin the mustache in the right spot. Everyone will love this one! The winner (Whoever gets the mustache closest to the man’s nose) will receive a mustache friendly prize, which will draw out more laughter. (You can use a mustache notebook, a mustache key chain, etc.)

Mustache Photos:Get everyone together and take a few silly pictures of everyone posing with their mustache designs. The poses will likely turn hilarious after the first few shots. Also try to do a serious one, where everyone pretends they are a detective or an old fashion lawyer – something of that nature. It will be a great way to remember this fun party and have fun while doing it.


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