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Hide the Princess, Donkey Kong party supplies have arrived! Mario and Luigi are on the scene as well in our fantastic selection of Nintendo themed tableware, party decorations, Donkey Kong favors, cake decorations and other exciting Donkey Kong favorites. Make your Donkey Kong themed get-together a little more fun and exciting when you add our awesome Donkey Kong party supplies!

Donkey Kong Birthday Party Food and Activity Ideas

If your little ones are fans of this classic video game character, there are plenty of wonderful ways to bring the world of Donkey Kong to life in a fun, safe, and memorable way for kids of all ages. Adding some of the classic tropes associated with apes to the festivities is a great way to bring plenty of smiles to the little faces of your party-goers, as can a few unique ideas that are strongly linked with the Donkey Kong franchise specifically. A few great ideas in this area include:

Banana Milkshakes/Smoothies

Sweet, tropical bananas have been associated with apes in our collective consciousness for ages now, and popping some of these fruits into a blender along with coconut milk, ice cream, peanut butter, or other fruits or confections can make this part of a healthy diet into a tasty, tempting treat!

Banana Popsicles (Chocolate Dipped Bananas)

This is another fun and kid-friendly way to serve bananas. First, insert a popsicle stick into a completely peeled banana, repeating this process until you have enough bananas for all the attendees. Freeze these bananas on a cookie sheet until the party, and then purchase the ingredients for dipping chocolate. When the guests arrive, dip the frozen bananas in the warm chocolate, and offer to let the kids decorate their own bananas with sprinkles, Reese's Pieces, or other fun toppings. Freeze the bananas for at least another hour once this is done, and the finished product should be delicious!

Making Monkey Masks

Gather together some cardboard, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, and crayons for this activity, and have the children make themselves monkey masks. However, you may need to use an X-Acto knife to cut out the eyeholes for the children, so make sure that only a responsible adult handles this part of the job. Once this is done, the kids can bring their masks home as a fun little party favor that can be used in all sorts of games!

Marshmallow “Barrels”

Donkey Kong is known for using barrels as weapons, housing, and more, so creating these handy little implements out of marshmallows offers a cute, fun way to recreate this aspect of the game. Regular marshmallows can be rolled in cocoa powder for a convincing color, and strips of Twizzlers, piped frosting, or any other edible object you can find can serve as the striations across the barrels. Of course, the most fun part of this activity would have to be eating the finished product!


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