Black Seat Back Kick Mats (2 Pack)

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black kick mats, 2 kick mats, shows the 2 adjustable straps on the top and bottom that secure to seat 2 kick mats

Ninja Party Supplies Packs (For 16 Guests)

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ninjago birthday party supplies ninja birthday party supplies ninja birthday party ninja party decorations red ninjago birthday party supplies ninja themed birthday party ninja decorations birthday partyninja party supplies packs

Royal Blue Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

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Royal Blue Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

Black Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

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Black Latex Balloons - 12in (10 Pack)

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Let the Fun Times Sneak Up on You with an Awesome Ninja Party!

Your guests will never what hit them when they attend your Ninja-themed party. One minute they will be in their cars driving to your home for the party, and the next minute they’ll find themselves covered in cake icing, in the midst of contests, games, and piñata! Whether you are throwing a birthday party or any other occasion, you can’t go wrong with a Ninja theme. All your guests will have fun slinking around and enjoying the party. You will have so many little ninjas to help celebrate your child’s special occasion.


Be smooth like a stealthy Ninja, and plan your party without a hitch. The secret to a great birthday party is planning it well ahead of time. You need to have all the essentials like food, games, and party bags before your guests arrive. You need extras of everything. You never know when the little ninja will want to stick their little fingers in for an extra cupcake.

Grab Everything You Need

Once you have your theme, it is easier to plan your party. And Ninja is a great party theme. What could be more fun and exciting than a group of Ninjas having loads of fun?! Make sure to get all the balloons, confetti, and kazoos to make your party even more fun and exciting! Grab even more ideas to make your party even more memorable!

Send Out the Invitations

Make sure to send out themed invitations, and get them to appear at the homes of your child’s closest friends. Yes, you can get the USPS assistance with this. Get your invitations to your guests as early as possible, so people can arrange their schedules and make themselves available for the party. Perhaps, you can ask your guests to come to your party dressed as a Ninja. Your party photos will be ah-mazing!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could turn your home or backyard into a Ninja den or hideout? Your guests will be so excited to come into the room and see all your exciting Ninja decorations. Recruit the help of a couple of Ninjas to set up all your decorations, and prepare the party for the arrival of the little ninjas.


Create an exciting party with this Ninja Party Supplies Pack. People are fascinated with ninjas, and your guests will love a Ninja-themed party! Sneak a lot of fun into your party, and make party planning super easy! Organizing a Ninja-themed party can be an arduous task. You need to have the right decorations, invitation cards, party favors, and yummy food! You can avoid all the party planning stress with this Ninja Value Party Supplies Pack. It has everything you need to feed your hungry guests! This Ninja Party Supplies pack is a great way to decorate your party tables.


A Ninja party should be packed with games and activities. Ninjas are far from lazy. They are about exciting missions and adventures. So, make sure to fill up your party with new surprises that will stir up the energy of your little ninja guests. Fill up each corner with new surprises. The moment one activity starts being dull, make sure to replace it with a new exciting one. You might want to consider games that use reflexes and will have everyone’s blood pumping. You might want to include games that use the little ninja’s wits. Ninjas, after all, are smart, quick, and nimble. So, make sure to provide games to keep those little ninjas happy!

Ninja Costume Contest

Since you’ve asked everyone to come in dress as a ninja, you might want to hold a Ninja Costume Contest. Get the kids to come in front with their ninja outfits and do some ninja movies. Give the kid with the best costume a prize and the little ninja with the best move an award as well. You might want to give treats to everyone who participated as well.

Ninja Piñata

If you can get a Ninja Warrior Piñata from a store, you might want to grab one. Kids, especially little ninjas, will enjoy taking a swing at your piñata. Give them a ninja bat, and let them hit to their hearts’ content. Give every little ninja the chance to swing and to break open the piñata, and release all the wonderful treasures inside.


Do not let your guests leave empty-handed. After all that hard work of having fun, they deserve special treats! Treat those little ninjas with respect and admiration as they deserve. Make things simple by giving your guest special party favors filled with loots and treats that they will enjoy and help them remember the special day.