Cinderella Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

You may need to provide the pumpkin, some mice and maybe a few other details, but we can certainly provide the Cinderella party supplies for your Cinderella birthday! Make your birthday or special occasion a ball with these fun items based on the Disney classic, Cinderella.

Unfortunately, this theme is discontinued and no longer available. Check out our other girl party supplies here.
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  • Princess Wands (12 Pack)

    Princess Wands (12 Pack)

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    Princess Tote Bags (Each)

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    Princess Rubber Duckies (12 Pack)

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Cinderella Party Supplies, Cinderella Party Decorations

Turn your home into a wonderland full of mystery with our beautiful Cinderella party decorations! Our elegant Cinderella 2015 tableware, party favors and other Cinderella 2015 party supplies are the perfect way to get your guests excited for the latest take on everyone's favorite underdog fairy tale. Your guests will think they've fallen into the land of Charming when they see your home-turned-castle with our Cinderella 2015 party decorations.

A Few Cinderella Birthday Ideas

If you really want to go that extra mile for your child's party, we have a few suggestions for fun Cinderella-themed birthday activities below.

Castle Goblets: Add some different-colored jewels to the outside rim of drinking glasses to turn them into goblets fit for royalty!
Strawberry Mice with Cheese: This increasingly-popular recipe is healthy, fun and easy; an all-around great idea for a Cinderella party! What you'll need:

-Ten to twenty strawberries, depending on how many children are attending (one strawberry will equal two mice)
-Almond flakes (you need two flakes per mouse, to use for ears)
-Mini chocolate chips (one per mouse, for the nose)
-Black frosting/icing (one tube should be more than enough)
-Block of cheese, any kind you prefer
-Sharp knife

  1. With adult supervision, have each child cut one or two strawberries long-ways down the middle, so that you can lay one end flat on a plate or table. If you don't feel comfortable with children participating in this part, there's more for them to do!
  2. Carefully poke two small slices in the top of each mouse's head, toward the front. Have each child carefully insert the almond flakes into the slices.
  3. At the pointy tip of the strawberry, use your black frosting to create a tiny dot. Have the children press one mini chocolate chip onto the frosting dot and hold it there for a few moments. Allow the frosting to dry and secure the nose.
  4. Simply create two additional frosting dots, a little bigger than the first one. You want to create them in the space between the nose and ears, and make each dot line up close to each inner edge of the ear, for proportion. If you want, use a couple dummy mice to practice on first.
  5. Cut up some cheese triangles and carefully arrange your mice and cheese on a large platter. Serve and enjoy!

Cinderella 2015 Cast and Crew

This upcoming live-action Disney fairy tale is set to release in theaters on March 13, 2015. Below are some of the major actors in the film:

  • Cinderella: Lily James
  • Evil stepmother: Cate Blanchett
  • Prince Charming: Richard Madden
  • Fairy godmother: Helena Bonham Carter

Want to know who else stars in this fairy tale picture? You'll have to catch it in theaters!

Costume Fun Facts

There are some interesting tidbits of information about the new live-action fairy tale regarding the character's costumes in the film:

  1. 1. The stepsisters were meant to look ridiculous and ugly.
  2. 2. Cinderella's ballgown was made of several components, including a corest, 12 layers of fabric and a petticoat.
  3. 3. Over 7 million crystals were used in the ball scene of the movie.
  4. 4. It took the work of 16 people and 550 labor hours to complete Cinderella's wedding dress! Talk about high maintenance.

Planning a Cinderella 2015 Birthday Party?

The stunning beauty of this new live-action film will make a perfect setting for any event or get-together! Whether you're planning a birthday party, movie viewing or other fairy-tale event, the addition of our Cinderella tableware, party favors and decorations will make your party all the more magical. Have a great time, and don't forget to add our sparkling Cinderella 2015 party supplies!


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