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Join La Muerte and Xibalba in celebration of the afterworlds with our Book of Life party supplies! We carry everything you need to throw an awesome Book of Life or Day of the Dead birthday bash -- from plates and cups to door signs and bookmarks. Shop our extensive selection of Book of Life party supplies now and party with Maria and Manalo all night long!

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  • Medieval Scroll Decorations - 18in (Each)

    Medieval Scroll Wall Decorations - 18in (Each)

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Solid tableware

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Book of Life Party Supplies, Book of Life Birthday Parties, Book of Life Birthdays

A whirlwind of fun with the undead is coming to theaters with the new hit movie, "The Book Of Life"! Check out our selection of coordinating party supplies to throw your own Day of the Dead event in colorful, crazy fun, complete with tableware, party decorations and party favors you and your guests will absolutely die for!

Book of Life, The Movie

The Book of Life was released on October 17, 2014. The movie’s plot centers around a bet between two gods, La Muerte, Ruler of the Land of the Remembered, and Xibalba, Ruler of the Land of the Forgottten. The bet between the two gods is over who will marry the free-spirited Maria. Xibalba bets on the boy Joaquin and La Muerte bets on the boy Manolo. If Xibalba wins, he will get to switch lands with La Muerte, but if La Muerte wins, Xibalba must refrain from meddling with mortals.

Years pass and our characters grow up, but the bet remains. When Maria’s heart seems to fall for Manolo, Xibalba decides to interfere. This leads all of the characters on a journey through the lands of the living and unloving and the lands of the remembered and the lands of the forgotten. It’s a wonderful and charming adventure that takes the characters into unexpected worlds of mysticism, myth and Mexican folklore.

Book of Life Main Characters and Their Voices

  • Maria Posada – Voiced by Zoe Saldana (older Maria) and Genesis Ochoa (young Maria)
  • Manolo Sanchez – Voiced by Diego Luna (older Manolo) and Emil-Batien Bouffard (young Manolo)
  • Joaquin – Voiced by Channing Tatum (older Joaquin) and Elias Garza (young Joaquin)
  • Xibalba – Voiced by Ron Perlman
  • La Muerte – Voiced by Kate del Castillo
  • Mary Beth, the Museum Tour Guide – Voiced by Christina Applegate
  • The Candle Maker – Voiced by Ice Cube
  • Carlos Sanchez, Manolo’s Father – Voiced by Hector Elizondo
  • Skeleton Luis, Manolo’s Deceased Grandfather – Voiced by Danny Trejo

Planning a Book of Life Birthday Party?

Plan a Book of Life birthday party with our vibrant selection of Book of Life party supplies! Enter the realms of the remembered and forgotten with our colorful Book of Life tableware, Book of Life favors, fun decorations and other exciting party items. Take your party guests on a mythical adventure with the addition of our fantastic Book of Life party supplies!


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