The Best Ideas For Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

A toddler birthday is so fun to plan! Babies are too little to fully enjoy their first birthday and toddlers may not completely remember their birthday party, but in the moment they are enjoying every second of their celebration. Their reactions to every little thing they see, hear, taste, and touch at the party is adorable!

We want to help make your party a huge success! Let us give you some toddler birthday party planning tips before we dive into some fabulous themes!

Tip #1: Plan the party around naptime. Too many toddler birthday parties happen right at naptime, and the poor, tiny guest of honor is grumpy and tired! There’s nothing worse in the party planning world than an unhappy birthday girl or boy. Plan it before 1 pm or after 3 pm to be safe!

Tip #2: Keep the party short. 1-2 hours is about the length of time you’ll be able to entertain toddlers without them all going crazy!

Tip #3: Plan activities that work for short attention spans. Don’t have games prepared that take a long time because toddlers will get frustrated and ultimately YOU will get frustrated.

Tip #4: Pick foods that work for picky eaters! Think about all the time you will save from not going all out for guests who don’t want to eat anything but chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly. So throw away the fancy ideas and grab the treats that you know will be a toddler win!

Tip #5: If you’re sick of the overload of toys, but you know your guests will bring gifts even if you ask them not to, then request books or request items to donate to children in need!

Tip #6: Speaking of gifts, don’t forget to have someone write down all the gifts and who they are from to make sending “Thank You” cards a breeze!

Tip #7: Here is a cake tip from “To make a boxed cake mix taste like you did it from scratch, eliminate the oil and 1/3 of the water, and add a cup of mayonnaise instead. For best results, whisk the mayonnaise with the eggs and add them into the dry ingredients together. If you top the cake with homemade buttercream icing (milk, unsalted butter, vanilla, and confectioners’ sugar—many boxes of the sugar have the recipe), it tastes divine!”

Below are some popular toddler party themes we wanted to share so that you can plan the decor and party supplies with just a few clicks over on our website.

Fire Truck:

Sound the alarm! It’s time to plan your fire truck party for your toddler! So many toddlers love making siren noises while driving their toy fire trucks around. They want to wear their red fireman hats combined with their brave, risk-taking behaviors and are ready to party! If you have a fan of firefighters and fire trucks, plan a fire truck birthday party! Boys and girls alike love fire trucks and firefighters, and with good reason; they’re heroes!

We have a wide-range of firefighter party supplies, but below are a few items pictured to give you a taste of what this theme has to offer! To see all of our fire truck party supplies, click here.

  1. Fire Truck Lunch Napkins: These fire truck napkins give you plenty of napkin to clean up whatever comes your way! And trust us, when you have a bunch of toddlers in your home, you are going to need a lot of napkins! Whether you’re wiping off little hands, brushing off crumbs or cleaning up that dreaded drink spill, these napkins are up to the task!

  2. Fire Truck Shaped Dinner Plates: Our sturdy Fire Truck 10-Inch Shaped Plates are stronger and sturdier than other party brands, making them perfect for reuse instead of having to throw them away after just one use. Our sturdy paper design is perfect for chicken nuggets, pizza, pb&j sandwiches and much more.

  3. Fire Truck Table Covers: These cool plastic table covers feature our unique Fire Truck border design and a white top. Perfect for inside or outside use so no matter where your party is located, you’ll be set! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party table covers.

  4. Fire Truck DIY Cupcake Toppers: These toppers take plain cupcakes to the next level! They require an easy assembly: Start by placing the backing paper on a flat, dry surface. Position the stick in the middle-bottom of the backing paper. Peel a sticker off the included sheets and carefully apply it over the stick, keeping the stick approximately in the middle of the sticker. Position the sticker so that it is in the middle of the backing paper. That’s it; your cupcake topper is assembled! Older kids love to help; show them how to assemble the cupcake toppers and they’ll be done in no time.



We’ve never met a toddler who isn’t a fan of “monkeying around.” Because of that, we know this Monkey party theme is perfect for your party! Have a great birthday party bash with these ideas for a fun and wild jungle party for all your little monkeys. To check out all of our monkey-themed party supplies, click here!

  1. Monkey Party Lunch Napkins: These adorable party accessories are the perfect addition to your table! You can fan them out in the center or put one over each party plate for a sophisticated party look. When your little monkeys get crazy, these napkins can help you clean any mess they may leave hanging around!
  2. Monkey Foam Masks: Help your little guests really feel like the monkeys they are with our monkey foam masks! These cute foam masks feature an elastic band for securing around the head. The band is tight enough to be secure and loose enough for comfortable wear for both children and adults.

  3. Monkey Party Tablecovers: These cool plastic table covers feature our fun Monkey border pattern and a white top. You can dress up any party table with these covers and give your party a cohesive-themed look in such a simple way!

  4. Monkey Party Dinner Plates: These sturdy Monkey Party Dinner Plates are the perfect addition to your monkey party! These fun paper plates pair perfectly with the rest of our Monkey Party tableware, favors, and decorations to help take the stress out of creating a picture-perfect party. When you pair our themed supplies together, the picture-perfect comes naturally!



All-aboard the choo-choo train! The train is leaving the station and headed right to your party! Are you ready? Let us help you get ready with our train-themed party supplies! Your little train lover will love our cute and colorful train design that decorates all these birthday products. Make sure you have your tickets ready when you hear the train whistle because the next stop is a party your little one won’t forget!

The pictures below only show a few of our train products. To see them all, click here!

  1. Train Party Dinner Plates: Our awesome Train Party Dinner Plates are perfect for a train-themed event! This item pairs perfectly with our other train products and is guaranteed to make your party quite a ride. This pack of tableware includes enough plates for up to 8 party guests.

  2. Train Cupcake Stands: Head down the railroad tracks to your next party and get ready to wet your whistle! Complete the look of your next Train-themed party with this Train Party Cupcake Stand! Display your cupcakes in style! This extra-large Train Cupcake Stand is perfect for holding up to 24 standard cupcakes! For easy stacking, start at the bottom and stack cupcakes across from one another. Stack from bottom to top to avoid product falling over. These awesome cupcake stands are a fun and easy activity for the kids to help put together before the party begins! They are a breeze to put together and keep clean! Simply attach the two stem pieces, then slide down the largest tier to the bottom, the middle-sized tier to the middle, and the smallest tier to the top. That’s it! It’s Assembled! Keep the stand clean with a damp towel to wipe off crumbs and frosting. When you’re done, simply take it apart and store it in a dry place to use again and again!

  3. Train Track Tablecovers: These cool plastic table covers feature a fun train track design right down the center. Then you can put your party food on the track!

  4. Train Party Birthday Banners: We love these “Happy Birthday” banners for your little engineers! These banners can be hung behind the party tables, in the entryways or anywhere that you want to draw the eyes of your guests.



Meow! How sweet are these cute and cuddly kitten party supplies? If your toddler loves cats, these birthday supplies are perfect. Fun-loving kittens and adorable paw prints are all over these tableware items, favors, and other party products. Check out all of our kitten party supplies here.

  1. Kitten Party Cupcake Stands: This extra-large cupcake stand is perfect for holding up to 24 standard cupcakes! For easy stacking, start at the bottom and stack cupcakes across from one another — bottom to top. We love how our cupcake stands can take basic cupcakes and make them look amazing to guests!

  2. Kitten Dinner Plates: These fun paper plates pair perfectly with the rest of our kitten-themed supplies to help take the stress out of creating a picture-perfect party. They are so adorable that your little toddler can’t help but smile when he/she sees the three kittens in party hats decorating the plates!

  3. Kitten Party Tablecovers: These cool plastic table covers feature our fun Kitten border pattern and a light purple paw print top. They can, of course, be used on party tables, but another fun trick is to hang them on the wall to be used as a photo booth backdrop for the party! If your guests are mostly toddlers, be sure to hang it low!

  4. Kitten Rubber Wristbands: Each of our wristbands feature fun designs engraved into the rubber. This means that the design won’t wash away and won’t fade. Featuring adorable paw prints and the phrases “Meow” and “Purr”, any little one will absolutely love these wristbands!

Here is your Guide To Throwing The Best Kitten Party!


If your guests want a roaring good time, you’ll want to check out all of our dinosaur partyware here. There are a lot of ideas to choose from, ranging from classic dinosaur tales to Jurassic Park-like adventures.

  1. Dinosaur Friends Party Supplies Packs: Our dinner plates are perfect for things that would feed tiny dinosaurs like mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, and chicken fingers. Use our 7-inch dessert plates for yummy cupcakes. Use our 2-ply napkins to clean up everything from crumbs to spills, and you’re set! Just one or two party packs and everything is taken care of for your party!
  2. Dinosaur Photo Prop Sets: Our cute photo props are designed for use with kids of almost any age. Each photo prop is pre-assembled, each attached to an easy-to-hold smooth wooden stick. Each package contains 32 unique designs, so every guest at your party will get to choose which prehistoric prop they love the most!
  3. Little Dinosaur Jointed Banners: These awesome paper banners read “Happy Birthday” and are perfect for inside or outside use! Hang on porches, party rooms or bedrooms.
  4. Little Dinosaur Cupcake Stands: Our fun Little Dinosaur Cupcake Stands feature a cool design that any child will love! Featuring a vivid and colorful dino-themed pattern, these awesome sturdy cardboard stands are perfect for your next dinosaur get-together.

Here is your Guide To Throwing A Successful Dinosaur Party.

Toddler Activities & Game Ideas:

  • Bubble Popping: Little ones love bubbles! Give the adults some bubbles and have them blow at the children. Direct little ones to pop the bubbles before they touch the ground!
  • Freeze Dance: Have upbeat kids music playing and tell kids that when the music goes off they to freeze in whatever position they are in until the music starts playing again.
  • Chalk Drawings: Get our chalkboard placemats and hand each little guest a piece of chalk to draw on their placemat. Let them be creative!
  • Playdough: Layout playdough and cookie cutters out at a table makes a great activity station.
  • Coloring Station: Provide coloring crayons and then print off coloring pages that fit the theme and let your tiny tots enjoy coloring for as long as their focus will last!

For more toddler activities and games, check out our post: Games & Activities For Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

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