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Looking for Shark birthday party ideas? In this detailed guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Shark Birthday Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some shark attack fun into all aspects of your party.

    1. Party Decorations
    2. The Food
    3. The Games
    4. Favor Bags

Do you have a little one who’s obsessed with sharks? Don’t worry, you certainly aren’t alone! Sharks are an extremely popular birthday party theme, and you will find a lot of information on shark birthday party ideas online. Maybe instead of a birthday party, you are wanting to plan a shark-themed party to celebrate Shark Week! Either way, we want to save you time, so we compiled the best of the best tips on shark-themed decor, party supplies, food, cake, games and more!

Our Shark Party Supplies are one of our favorite birthday themes of all the themed products that we sell! The products are sleek and the shark represents something powerful. The shark imagery for these party products is so eye-catching that your guests will think they’re at the aquarium. Bring one of the fiercest predators in the ocean to your celebration with the help of our outstanding Shark Party Supplies! Before we get started into the best party tips, let’s have a look at some interesting shark facts below (you can incorporate these facts into your party!)

Teeth: Sharks are well-known for and have the notorious trait of multiple rows of sharpened teeth. Interestingly, shark teeth grow directly into the gums (as opposed to the jaw) and move forward, over time, like a conveyor belt to the front of the shark’s mouth. Unlike humans, sharks constantly lose and replace teeth throughout their life instead of having a set of baby teeth and a set of adult teeth.

Jaws: Unlike humans, shark jaws are built away from their cranium and require extra support for some of the large-scale work that they perform. Small plates (called “tesserae”) formed from calcium salts give them that strength with an interlocking system of support. Many sharks will have one to two layers of the bone-like tesserae, but larger ones like the Great White can have as many as five layers! Wow!!

Fins: Most sharks have eight shark fins, and they are generally long in nature and are built more for speed than the maneuverability. In fact, sharks cannot move in a tail-first direction. Instead they are forced to drift away from objects directly in front of them. The fins have caused some problems for the population of the species as they are often used for the popular Chinese dish “Shark Fin Soup.” Interestingly, the fins are unnecessary for flavor and are only used for the soup’s texture.

Tails: Shark tails can vary a good amount between different shark species, but in general the tails are built to provide the creature’s thrust or speed. With the vertical column extending into the tail, the shark gains the advantage of a larger surface for muscle growth.

Of course, there’s more to sharks than just a few of their more important parts. From how they attack their prey to their sleep habits (they rest with their eyes open and some believe that one part of their brains sleep at a time) to their level of intelligence (they have apparently exhibited signs of play and curiosity), sharks are certainly one of the most interesting creatures on the planet.

If you’ve got a fan of sharks in your household and they’ve got a birthday party coming up, don’t forget to include these wonderful shark birthday party supplies we will share with you below!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest and most fun shark birthday party ideas available. Continue reading below to learn how to throw the best shark party from nose to tail fin.

1. Party Decorations

One of the most enjoyable components of a shark birthday party is the decorations! You can get really creative when it comes to nautical themes. You can deck out your whole house and have fun doing it, even on a budget. Consider the following items to assist you in your shark party decorating:

      • Shark Party Photo Props: Sink your teeth into a great time with these Shark Photo Prop Sets! These cool sets come with 32 sharp designs and will give your guests the ultimate party experience.
      • Shark Party Centerpieces: It’s a full-on shark attack when you put out this awesome Shark Party Centerpiece, a stand-up die-cut shark bursting forward through the surf! This centerpiece measures 9 inches by 8.25 inches, and is certainly in the right place on the table if it’s looking for some chum…
      • Shark Party Danglers: Made with high-quality products, this decor can be used again and again. They are simple to hang––just use tacks or tape to get the perfect look. When you’re done, simply take down and place in a bag for your next party!
      • Shark Party Banners: Each sturdy paper banner measures 7 feet long and can be hung outdoor or indoor with tacks or tape (not included). The sign reads “Happy Birthday,” in individual letters that look like a shark took a bite out of each one! It’s perfect for reuse–when the party’s over, simply wrap up and store in a dry place for next time!
      • Shark Pary Cutouts: The fun sharks on these Shark Party Cutouts have come to join your party! These fun cutouts come 3 to a pack.
      • Shark Party Confetti: Add some sharks to your party’s waters with this Shark Party Confetti! Package includes 0.5 ounces of confetti.
      • Party balloons: Deep in the ocean depths, there’s a shark taking a large bite out of your birthday supplies when you add these awesome Shark Party Birthday Balloons — measuring 18 inches. Tie off a few of these Shark Party Caution Balloons right by the party entryway to really set the tone for an awesome shark party! The yellow, silver and black design heightens awareness, with the chilling words, ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’. Fill your party with these Shark Party Fun Balloons for an extra touch of fun!
      • Shark Jointed Banner: Dive deep with our sturdy paper banner. It measures 7 feet long and can be hung outdoors or indoors with tacks or tape. The sign reads “Happy Birthday” with several shark images located on the edges, and is perfect for reuse. When the party’s over, simply wrap up and store in a dry place for next time!
      • Shark Party Hats: Your party will dazzle even more with the addition of our Shark Party Hats. Complete the look of your party with these hats that fit great and also serve as a decoration that ties in perfectly with your theme. Each package comes with 8 hats that feature a ferocious shark in the deep blue sea!
      • Shark Paper Lanterns: Explore the wonders of the deep sea with these Shark Paper Lanterns! These adorable party decorations measure about 12″ once hung. Each set comes with everything you need to assemble and hang the lantern. Simple assembly is required.
      • Shark Birthday Banners: Enjoy these shark-themed banners that feature shark fins and an open-mouthed shark.
      • Shark Latex Balloons: Get ready for a fun time at your party knowing that your party theme will look great with our Shark Latex Balloons! When inflated, they measure 11″. Keep in mind that these balloons require air or helium to inflate them.

A great way to add to the decor is to have partyware that matches the theme! We have partyware and decor that all goes together. With just a few clicks on our website, you will have everything you need for the perfect party! Every shark will want to attack at this party!

      • Shark Standard Party Pack: Instead of hunting down the perfect item, choose a Shark Standard Party Pack! Each party pack includes the table essentials for up to 16 party goers.
      • Shark Dessert Plates: Your shark friends will love it when you serve your favorite snacks on these Shark Dessert Plates! Each sturdy dessert plate measures 7″ and feature a fun underwater scene.
      • Shark Dinner Plates: Feed your friends in great style with these Shark Dinner Plates! Plates are sturdy and measure 9″ a piece.
      • Shark 9oz Cups: Bite into the party theme and choose our Shark 9oz Cups! Each paper cup holds up to 9 ounces of hot or cold beverages.
      • Shark Party Napkins: These Shark Party napkins will keep your guests neat and tidy throughout the party. Our beverage napkins feature vibrant shades of blue and plenty of swimming sharks.
      • Ocean Tablecovers: Featuring a classic design, these table covers are great for your ocean-themed event. The table cover measure 54in x 108in each.
      • Shark Party Dinner Plates: These fun, bright, and colorful plates feature a large shark showing his teeth against a brilliant blue background. Our plates are designed at 350 grams per square meter. They’re stronger and sturdier than other party brands.
      • Shark Birthday Lunch Napkins: Enjoy our 16 pack of lunch napkins that say “Chomp Chomp!” because it’s time to enjoy your food without worrying about the mess!
      • Shark Birthday Table Covers: Our table covers measure 54in x 84in and is a great way to transform your food and gift table into a themed table!
      • Shark Birthday Standard Party Packs: This giant Shark party package contains all the tableware you need to top off your next event! Each package comes with 64 pieces of tableware, perfect for up to 16 party guests.
      • Shark Party Dinner Plates: The round design of these cool plates is perfect for holding your snacks and light meals. Each sturdy plate is ideal for things like pizza slices, light pastas, vegetables and fruits, meatballs, chips and dip, cupcakes and almost any other snack you can imagine. Whatever your party holds, these sturdy paper dinner plates are ready to take on the task!
      • Shark Birthday Cups: These 9oz cups are the perfect fit to go along with the rest of our party supplies!
      • Shark Birthday Dessert Plates: Each package comes with 8 round paper dessert plates. These plates feature a fun shark pattern and the phrase “chomp!”

Decorating for a shark birthday party doesn’t have to be all store-bought, though. A little bit of creativity can make your party even more fin-tastic! Take a look at some of the ideas below for more decorating ideas for a shark party.

One of the simplest ways to make a party stand out fast is to color-coordinate your party items. Try to identify two or three main colors in your theme (for shark, a royal blue, baby blue, and grey are all main colors) and mix and match items in those colors.

Ideas for a Shark Birthday PartyA few areas to consider when color-coordinating your theme is:

Make a fun balloon area for the kids to “make waves” in. Use streamers to look like seaweed and the color-coordinating balloons to look like the ocean!

Photo from here.

      • Streamer Waves

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party

One awesome idea for a shark birthday party is creating waves with streamers. The idea is meant to be a sort of backdrop for a banner, behind a party table, or wherever else you like.

      1. Start by cutting a long length of baby blue crepe streamer; we recommend about 4.5 feet.
      2. With a piece of Scotch tape, tape one end of the streamer to the wall where you’d like to start and let it hang vertically.
      3. Gently twist the other end around so that it folds over on itself like the picture.
      4. Once you are happy with the amount of folds in the streamer, tape the bottom down to the wall.
      5. Cut a second length of baby blue streamer and repeat steps 1 through 4, making sure to leave enough room for a royal blue streamer in between your baby blue.
      6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for all of your baby blue, then all of your royal blue streamers.
      7. Voila! You have an absolutely adorable shark party decoration! This can also be done horizontally to better resemble waves.
      8. To hide tops and bottoms of the streamers, we recommend covering them with something such as balloons for the top and the party table or horizontal wave streams at the bottom.
      • Shark Net

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party

This one is super cool! Create a “captured shark” like the image shown here with these easy instructions.

      1. Blow up a large Inflatable Shark (this one is about 40” in length).
      2. Adhere the shark to the wall, ceiling, floor or wherever else you like using strong tape or glue. Obviously, don’t use anything sharp!
      3. Use a large Fishing Net Decoration and lay it out over the shark to make it look like it’s been captured. Secure the net in place using hooks, tacks or nails; these tend to be heavier and probably won’t be held by tape.
      • DIY Shark Lanterns

These easy and fun party decorations will spice up your party in no time!

      1. Assemble a DIY royal blue paper lantern (instructions should be included with the lantern). These are available online and in many retail stores.
      2. Using a black marker and thick blue construction paper, trace out a top fin for your lantern. Cut it out using scissors. Making sure you have the lantern upright (hook side up so you can hang), attach your top fin using hot glue or clear tape.
      3. Draw and cut out a shark tail-fin (look online for help if you’re unsure of the shape). Attach the tail-fin to the lantern using hot glue or tape.
      4. For the eyes, you have a few options. You can keep it simple and use large googly eyes, or you can draw your own eyes on white construction paper, cut them out and adhere them to your lantern. Take some time and put into this; the better the eyes look, the better your shark will be!
      5. Lastly, draw an outline on your blue construction paper for the mouth and cut it out. Draw the same shape but slightly smaller on your white construction paper, then draw large slant shapes to section the white part off into teeth. Glue or tape the white construction paper to the blue construction paper, then adhere to the shark. You can also cut teeth out of the white construction paper and glue them on to your blue construction paper.
      6. Hang up your lantern after allowing it to dry, and voila! Your very own shark paper lantern!
      • Shark Fins & Waves

Photo from:

We love the look of these shark fins poking out through the “waves of the ocean.” Use blue plastic table covers, twist them up into a shape of a snake, and then cover the sides of the fence to look like waves. Cut out gray fins and tape them onto the backdrop poking out of the ocean waves to look like shark-infested waters!

2. The Food

Another fun and creative aspect of party planning is the food. With a shark birthday party, there are hundreds of great ideas for the food that go along with the theme!

Below we have listed some of our favorites:

      • Shark-Melon

Fairly straightforward, this genius idea is exactly what it sounds like: a shark carved out of watermelon.

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party

      1. Start by cutting out a large chunk off one of the rounded ends of the watermelon and set it aside. You don’t want to cut quite halfway through, but get fairly close. When gutting out your watermelon, leave the rind intact for the bottom and top rows of teeth, but cut out everything in between the rows.
      2. Turn the watermelon the other way and “upside down”. Cut a large layer out of the bottom so that there is now an area that lies flat on the watermelon; this will allow the shark to stand up and not roll away.
      3. Cut “teeth” out of the watermelon’s rind. This can get tricky and time-consuming, but the end result will be worth it!
      4. Decide where you want the shark’s eyes to go, and push a toothpick into that spot on one side. Leave enough room to perch an olive on top. When you have your toothpick where you want it, pierce the olive so that it stays connected to the toothpick. Repeat this on the other side for both eyes.
      5. Cut out three “fins” from the chunk of watermelon you originally cut out. Decide where you want the fins on each side and on the top, and place toothpicks inside the watermelon and those spots. Attach the “fins” to the pieces of toothpick that are sticking out of your shark.
      6. If you wish, you can fill your shark’s mouth with candies, food or whatever else you like. Just be aware that your filling will be wet, sticky and taste like watermelon!
      • Ocean Jell-O Cups

This cute idea is a great option for a snack to keep the kids full and happy between meal and cake times.

      1. Put blue Jello-O in small clear plastic cups, filling up about ¾ of the cup.
      2. Add a gummy shark and a Swedish fish to the top of each Jell-O cup. If you prefer, you can push the shark down into the Jell-O to make it look like the shark is coming out of water.
      3. Voila, Ocean Jell-O Cups! Easy, right?
      • Beach Ball

Beach ball cookies and buoy cookies are a fantastic option for shark birthday party food. They’re simple and easy to make, even if you’re not necessarily crafty.

      1. Bake or buy pre-made cookies of your choice, preferably plain, such as a peanut butter or sugar cookie. Try to avoid cookies with chunks of anything in them.
      2. To decorate, buy light blue, dark blue and white icing.
      3. Using the light blue icing, section the cookie into four even parts going around in a circle. Fill one part with your light blue icing, then turn the cookie around so that the part you just filled is facing away from you. Fill the opposite side with your light blue icing. Fill the two remaining opposing sides with the dark blue icing. (Note: If you want a more colorful beach ball, you can use red, white and blue icing.)
      4. Add the white icing to the middle to complete your beach ball.
      • Buoy Cookies

      1. Bake or buy pre-made cookies of your choice, preferably plain, such as a peanut butter or sugar cookie. Try to avoid cookies with chunks of anything in them.
      2. To decorate, buy white and red icing.
      3. Using the white icing, section off the cookie into eight even parts going around in a circle. Leave the middle of the cookie blank.
      4. Fill every other section with your white icing.
      5. Fill all the remaining sections with red icing.
      • Shark Party Printable Popcorn Holder

Photo from:

Creating Creatives has an awesome shark printable you won’t want to miss so that you can make these popcorn holders with ease!

See the directions below:


      • Printer Paper/Printable Template
      • Scissors
      • Tape
      • Craft Knife


      1. Cut out your shark tail and fin from the template at Creating Creatives.
      2. Cut along the dotted line on the tail and fin. 
      3. Use a craft knife to cut the dotted line in the middle of the tail for the fin to go.
      4. Push the fin through the underside of the tail until it pops out through
        the top.
      5. Now fold and tape the 2 tabs down, folding 1 in one direction and the 2nd in the other
      6. Fold it into a cone. Get the shape you want then grab a piece of tape.
      7. Tape down the bottom of the cone to the backside of the tail. Then tape up the
      8. Finally, trim any excess off the top of the cone, and fold some tape over the seam. You’re done!

Photo from:

      • Shark Fishing Poles


      • Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel
      • Pretzel Rods
      • Gummy Sharks


      1. Carefully peel apart your Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel (if you peel too hard or fast, they will break).
      2. Tie a small loop into one end of a single Pull n’ Peel strand, place a gummy shark in the loop, and carefully tie the loop tighter.
      3. Take the other end of the Pull n’ Peel and wrap it around the top of a pretzel rod.

Photo and recipe from:

      • Shark Punch


      • strawberry fruit roll-ups
      • 4 c. vanilla ice cream
      • 4 c. Blue Hawaiian Punch
      • 4 c. sprite
      • gummy shark, if desired


      1. Line a Bundt pan with plastic wrap and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Lay the fruit roll-ups perpendicular to each other in the pan to create an “X”.
      2. Fill Bundt pan about halfway with ice cream. Cut the fruit roll-ups and tuck them over the ice cream to create a full stripe. Place in the freezer to harden, about 3 hours.
      3. In a punch bowl, combine Hawaiian Punch and Sprite. Add gummy shark if using and stir to combine. Unmold the life preserver and add it to the punch just before serving.

Photo and recipe from:

      • Shark Bait


      • 1 1/2 c. vanilla cupcake goldfish
      • 1 c. Rice Krispies
      • 1 c. mini marshmallows
      • 2 c. melted white chocolate, divided
      • Blue food coloring
      • 2/3 c. shark gummies
      • 1 c. blue M&M’s
      • 3. Cakes


      1. On a large parchment lined baking sheet spread a combination of goldfish, Rice Krispies, and mini marshmallows, to make a layer.
      2. Add 5 drops blue food coloring to 1 cup of melted white chocolate. Transfer to a Ziploc bag with the end snipped or a piping bag. Drizzle the combination onto snack mixture, then top with shark gummies and blue M&M’s immediately.
      3. Transfer remaining white chocolate to a piping bag or Ziploc bag and drizzle on snack mixture. Refrigerate until firm, about 20 minutes.
      4. Break into pieces and serve.
      • Circling Shark Birthday Cake

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party

Photo from:

The awesome idea centers around a very simple concept: sharks on a birthday cake.

      1. Simply purchase or bake a round cake and add a light blue frosting.
      2. Use a spatula to fluff up the frosting and make it imperfect to resemble the waves of the ocean.
      3. Lay the frosting on thick so that you can apply sharks and have them stay.
      4. Use small vinyl sharks or squirt toys to “add the sharks to the water”. Place them around the sides and on top to make it look like they’re randomly in the water.
      5. If you like, you can also add other things such as:
        1. Miniature boats
        2. Orange and yellow jelly beans to resemble life buoys
        3. Mini diver figurines

4. The Games

A final section of your party to shark-ify is your games and activities. This is fun, easy and can be a great way to get all the kids involved. See our best shark party activities and games below:

      • Make-Your-Own Shark Tooth Necklace & Bracelet Sets

For a fun, interesting activity, have all the kids craft their own shark tooth necklaces! This is great for different ages and genders and allows kids to have a cool take-home favor they will love!

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party


      • A bag of shark teeth
      • A spool of thin cord
      • Beads or shells of your choice


      1. Figure out how much cord is needed to fit around a child’s neck.
      2. Have the kids pick out a few beads and a few shells each. The necklaces will look the best if there is an even amount of shells and beads on each side of the shark tooth.
      3. Show the kids how to feed the cord through the metal wire on the top of the shark tooth (if there is not metal wire around the shark teeth, you can buy metal wire and wrap them prior to this craft).
      4. Bring the two ends together and tie them, then cut off any excess cord. Make sure there is enough room to slide over each child’s head.
      5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each child’s bracelet.
      • Shark Sensory Bag

Photo and recipe from:


      • Medium-sized resealable bags/freezer bags
      • Blue body wash or liquid hand soap (or both)
      • Small plastic sharks
      • Optional: blue food coloring
      • Optional: clear packing tape


      1. Take the body wash/liquid hand soap, and squeeze into the resealable bag. Fill it about half full. If you want a more vibrant blue color, add some blue food coloring to this step. To mix, squish the bag together.
      2. To keep with the shark theme, add mini sharks to the bag. You can find some at your local dollar store. Any small shark toys would work well.
      3. To seal the bag, take out the excess air. If you are using this bag with little ones, it’s suggested that you fold a strip of packing tape over the top of the bag after sealing to be sure it isn’t ripped open and spill out all over the floor.
      4. For toddlers, you can tape the bag onto a table to make it easier for them to move the sharks around. Of course, as with all activities, your child should be supervised while playing with their shark sensory bag.
      • Slip ‘N Slide

A great activity for any age or gender is a slip ‘n slide! This of course only works outdoors in the summer. All you need is a slip-n-slide course from any department store, a hose, and willing kids in bathing suits!

Keep the slip-n-slide unit lubricated with the water hose by setting it at the top of the slip-n-slide and letting it run continuously down the unit.

The child whose turn it is takes a running start and hops onto the slip-n-slide and then slides down to the other end.

      • Shark Slime

Photo and recipe from:


      • 1 cup  of Clear glue
      • 1/2 cup of Liquid starch
      • Blue food coloring
      • Small shells or ocean animal toys


1. Pour your desired amount of clear glue in a large bowl. The advice is to start with one cup of clear glue for each kid. So, if you have a large number of kids celebrating Shark Week or at the shark birthday party, then use more glue! One cup equals about one kid. The idea is that this should be an easy recipe to tweak how much you make.

2. Add a drop of blue food coloring and stir into the glue. Since this slime needs to fit an ocean/shark theme, then gel food coloring is one of our favorite slime ingredients because you get a very bold color. You can use regular food coloring too. Start with a single drop and then add more if you’d like to get a bluer color. Remember, it’s easier to add more food coloring if needed, but you can’t really take it out without adding more glue. Go slowly with the food coloring with this in mind!

3. Pour liquid starch into the glue mixture and start to mix with either a spoon or spatula. Know that this is the step where things can go wrong, so have an adult nearby to guide kids through this step. Start slowly with the liquid starch. If you add too much, your slime will get hard. A little can go a long way! The slime will start to form fairly quickly and, once it does, you can take it out of the bowl. If your slime feels sticky, add another teaspoon of liquid starch. Keep it one teaspoon at a time!

4. With your hands, knead the slime until you get the desired consistency. You can either set the slime back in the bowl if there is still some starch in your bowl or add a bit more and continue pulling, pushing and kneading the slime. Know that when you’re using clear glue you often need more starch than when you’re using white glue. Be patient with the kneading because you don’t want to quit working your slime too early. Keep going until you get the consistency you want!

5. Lay slime out and sprinkle with small ocean shells. As your kids play with the slime, the shells will become burried inside and a part of the slime.

6. Be sure you have containers to store the slime inside for your guests to take home as a party favor! Slime can be a great stress reliever so encourage kids and parents to bring out their slime whenever emotions become too much.

      • Shark Party Hats

Photo and instructions from:

      1. Create the shark hats by using a party hat template like this one and cutting the hats out of grey cardstock.
      2. Where the hat connects to make the cone shape, in the same slot, add a shark fin cut out of the same card stock.
      3. Fold the bottom of the fin over the bottom 1/4″ to slip into the slot and add tape inside the hat to hold it down.
      4. Finish up the hats with sticky google eyes, shark teeth cut from white address labels, and an elastic tied through two holes on each side for guests to keep the hats on their heads.
      • Shark Jokes

Here are shark joke printables from you can use at the party to get the laughter going among guests!

Joke: What do sharks eat for breakfast?

Answer: Captain Crunch

Joke: What is a shark’s favorite candy?

Answer: Jaw Breakers

Joke: What happened to the shark that ate keys?

Answer: He got lock-jaw

Joke: How did the shark meet his wife?

Answer: It was love at first bite.

Joke: Why was the shark blushing?

Answer: He saw the ocean’s bottom.

Joke: What is a shark’s favorite hobby?

Answer: Anything they can sink their teeth into.

Joke: Who brings sharks gifts for Christmas?

Answer: Santa Jaws

Joke: Why do sharks live in salt water?

Answer: Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Joke: Why don’t sharks eat clowns?

Answer: Because they taste funny!

      • Shark Hat

Photo and Instructions from:

For images of the tutorial, click here.


      • 2 sheets of large gray construction paper
      • 1 sheet of white paper
      • Black marker
      • Double-sided tape
      • Red glitter
      • Scissors


      1. Grab the gray construction paper and fold it in half; then fold it in half again.
      2. Open the paper up halfway, then fold the corners in toward the middle as though you were making a traditional sailor’s hat.
      3. Take the traditional “sailor’s hat” and fold the ends over. Once you’ve done that, you will have loose ends. Tape the loose pieces down with double-sided tape, and then set the hat aside for a moment.
      4. Grab the second sheet of gray paper. Fold the paper in half, and draw the outline of a shark! When you are finished, cut it out. You should have two identical sharks. at this point.
      5. You will want to make sure that your two shark silhouettes match up. Cover one shark completely with double-sided tape. Cover just the head of the second shark in double-sided tape. Tape the sharks to the top of the hat making sure that they match up.
      6. Put the project aside and grab the white paper to begin making the teeth. Fold it in half and start cutting out the teeth to look like sharp triangles along the edge to tape inside of the shark’s mouth. When you’re done, tape the teeth to the inside of the hat to look like JAWS.
      7. To make the eyes, cut out circles and tape to the hat. Draw two circles onto the white “eyes” with marker.
      8. Use the double-sided tape on a few of the teeth, then shake red glitter over the tape to look like “blood.”
      9. Have your guests wear around the party so they can look like sharks and match the awesome decor!

Favor Bags


It’s time to think Favor Bags!

If this is a birthday party and not just shark week, you will want to provide favor bags for your guests to enjoy and think about the party long after it’s come to an end! If it is a birthday party, you’re likely throwing it for a group of kids between the approximate ages of 5 to 10, so small goodies will be a fun and exciting surprise for those in attendance. If your party consists of both boys and girls, you may want to consider gearing the favors toward the two different genders. Boys will have fun with Vinyl Sharks while girls may fall in love with those Anchor Tote Bags! Have something that everyone will love!

Here are some excellent ideas for shark party favors and goody bag stuffers:

Ideas for a Shark Birthday Party

      • Shark Rubber Wristbands: A great party favor is swimmin’ your way…these Shark Rubber Wristbands are sure to be the perfect complement to your upcoming shark or underwater event! These child-sized wristbands feature a soft blue background and an assortment of popular sharks.
      • Vinyl shark toys: Can you hear those low piano notes playing the tune of impending death as these 6-inch Vinyl Sharks swim toward your party? Look out! They’re coming to bring the excitement to your party favor bags! Some of the sharks are all blue while others are gray with white stripes. These sharks are also great for classroom sensory play — so gift them to your child’s teacher so students can play with them in water.
      • Mini Shark Squirt Toys: Fun at bathtime or perfect for a pool party, these Mini Shark Squirt Toys will create quite a splash with your party guests! Each shark measures 2.75 inches.
      • Shark Stickers: Take a bite out of fun with these Shark Stickers! These fun stickers come in 8 designs and your guests will love choosing their favorites. Great for decorations and favors. (24 stickers per pack)
      • Shark Party Tattoos: These fun tattoos feature 8 designs and apply and remove easily with warm water. Tattoos usually last about 7 – 10 days.
      • Shark Party Blowouts: Each package comes with 8 paper blowouts and features two shark designs. These are also great as table scatter accessories, and when the party’s over, your guests will love taking it home as a keepsake.
      • Shark Hand puppets: Your guests will be lookin’ sharp with these Shark Hand Puppets! These fun stretchy rubber toys measure about 6″ and are one-size-fits-most. Designs may vary.
      • Shark Sipper Cups: Grinning wide with a mouth full of sharp teeth, these plastic Shark Sipper Cups will add an extra thrill to your guests’ beverages when you add them to your shark party supplies! These 3.75-inch sippers hold 6 ounces of your favorite beverages and include lids and straws.
      • Shark Tooth Necklaces: Taking out JAWS is no small matter, so be sure each guest gets a trophy to take home with these 26-inch long Shark Tooth Necklaces! Each tooth measures 3 inches long and is made of plastic.
      • Inflatable sharks: Cartoony and in full attack mode, the kids (and adults) at your party will just love this 40-inch long Inflatable Shark at your shark party for a good laugh!
      • Sea Life Plastic Squirt guns: Create an underwater battle with these cool Sea Life Plastic Squirt Guns! These awesome guns come in assorted animal types and include things like whales, dolphins and sharks. They measure between 6″ and 8″ each and come in assorted colors.

These are just a few fun products we carry at Discount Party Supplies. Check out our shark party line and shop around for the best mix of products for your party.

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