Minecraft Party Ideas for Your Next Birthday


So, your child’s birthday is coming up and he or she’s asked this year for a Minecraft-themed party. The task of planning a birthday party can be daunting enough, and it becomes even more challenging when you’re looking for a niche theme where licensed party supplies aren’t readily available.

Well, we’ve come up with several easy ways to help turn ordinary party elements into exciting pieces of a niche theme puzzle. Below are some suggestions that we hope will help you plan the perfect party for your Minecraft fan, and make sure you have the right Minecraft party supplies.

This is your blueprint to planning a Minecraft party

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Minecraft Party Favors

One of the easiest ways to help theme a birthday party is by choosing appropriate party favors. Generic handouts such as small bubble bottles are always a fun helper, but kids will get really excited over favors and goodies that fit their party theme. If you’re unfamiliar with your kid’s desired theme, spend a few minutes researching it online. Some key elements to notice are:

  • The two or three dominant colors in the party theme (Minecraft would be green and brown)
  • Objects or icons that appear repeatedly in the theme (Minecraft has lots of tools, square blocks and animals)
  • Backgrounds or patterns that appear repeatedly in the theme (for Minecraft, grass, lava and snow are three big ones)

How to Plan a Minecraft PartyOnce you familiarize yourself some with the party theme, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for in terms of Minecraft party favors and handouts. Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing party favors is the gender and age group of the kids in attendance. Minecraft is fairly non-specific gender-wise, and the age groups of your party goers will more than likely be similar (not too many toddlers are playing Minecraft!).

If you’re planning to make goodie bags to hand out, try to find bulk packages of your chosen favors; they tend to be cheaper than when they’re sold individually. Many online retailers put together packages of themed party favors based on their specific product lines, so search to see if one is available for your party theme.

Favors for multiple kids can add up quickly, so it is financially worth it to put some time into shopping around.

For a Minecraft party, your favors may look something like this:

There are many other small toys and favors that can fit the Minecraft party theme. Using the guidelines above should help you make your final selections as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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Color-Coordinating Decorations

Another quick and easy method to making your party theme-specific is by color-coordinating your party items. If you cannot find tableware and decorations that match your theme, mixing and matching your theme’s dominant colors can really help you achieve an aesthetic party look.

As stated above, begin by familiarizing yourself with details of your desired theme if you haven’t done so already. Search online for pictures and shots of your theme and try to identify two or three of the most prominent colors.

Minecraft is very simple: green, brown and black are major game colors. Finding a sensible mix of dominant theme colors will help to keep the party evenly decorated. If you have identified that there is not an official party line for your desired niche, great items to color-coordinate are:

How to Plan a Minecraft Party

Again, do some comparison shopping to get the best prices and packages of your desired products. Many party retailers have put together their own color-coordinated tableware packages for niche themes, so finding one that you like can save you quite a bit of footwork.

Just remember that achieving an even mix of dominant colors is key when coordinating your party. Too much of one color can throw off your desired look; try to imagine the party supplies in your home as you choose them. How do green party plates look on a brown table cover? What about a black one?

Minecraft Party Games & Activities

Planning fun party games and party activities relevant to your party theme can really help it come together. Some things to consider when trying to plan fun events are:

  • What your party theme is (a video game, a TV show, a general concept like pirates, etc.)
  • The age group(s) of children that will be in attendance (for Minecraft, the attendee age group is likely to be fairly similar; the game is most popular with pre-teen kids and young teenagers)
  • What is realistic and doable to you and anyone else helping you plan (i.e. a simple relay race would be far easier to coordinate and run than, say, an intricate craft activity)
  • Your budget; how much time and money you’re able to allocate to supplies and setup for any prospective activities you’d like to plan
  • The level of adult involvement that would be needed for each activity; the more intricate the activity, the more parents/helpers you will need for help and supervision

Depending on your individual resources and considerations listed above, there are many possibilities for fun Minecraft-theme party activities.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  •  Underground Cave Hunt. This game can be fun to play outside at night. Hide a numbered variety of gems, tools and chests around a large, open area such as a spacious back yard. Provide each participant with a flashlight, collection bag/bucket and a list of items to collect. Make sure each item on each list is attainable; for example, if you have five children playing and you tell each child to collect one orange gem, make sure to have five orange gems hidden to find. The first one to locate all the items on their list is the winner. Make sure to have all the participants start off in the same location and show them the area in which to search.
  •  Taming the Wolves. The object of this game is for Steve (a designated child) to “tame” wild wolves (the remaining players) by “tossing them a bone” (touch-tagging them). Mark off a play area for the wolves to run around and try to keep away from Steve. Each time Steve “tames” a wolf, that wolf becomes a companion and begins to help Steve tame the remaining wolves. To help the players identify Steve, wild wolves and tamed wolves, label Steve with a brightly-colored shirt or special identifying object. Have the wild wolves wear ears or tails. When a wolf is tamed, he or she will take the wolf object off. You can also use signs or name tags to identify “Steve” and “Wild Wolf”. Tamed wolves can remove their “Wild Wolf” name tag once they are tagged.
  •  Don’t Steal My Blocks! The object of this game is to have players defend their structures from the “Enderman”, whose job is to steal blocks one by one and get them across a finish line. Start by designating one player to be an Enderman; the rest will be builders who each guard their own 3-to-5-block structure. Start by having each builder stack their blocks into a tower, then turn around and close their eyes. The Enderman then attempts, as quietly and quickly as he can, to steal any block from any tower and get it across the finish line before being tagged. When a builder hears a block being stolen from his tower, he can then get up and chase the Enderman.

If the builder tags the Enderman before the finish line, that builder reclaims his block. If the Enderman crosses the finish  line, the builder loses that block. A builder is eliminated when all the blocks of his tower have been successfully stolen by the Enderman.

Minecraft Pixel Face Party Activity

Food & Drink

A final party element that can be easily tailored to fit a niche theme is food and drink. Parents and kids alike will love the added whimsy of a table decorated to match the party look. There are many ways to go about making your party refreshments reflect your party theme. Minecraft is a particularly fun theme to decorate for because there are many elements of the game that can be easily recreated with edibles. Here are a few fun ideas to spice up your party snacks:

  • Cut up some Twizzlers to use as TNT sticks
  • Use cooked chicken nuggets as mini pork chops
  • Various colored berries to represent different materials in the game (raspberries for redstone, blackberries for coal or obsidian, blueberries for lapis lazuli, etc.)
  • Mini cupcakes w/red frosting as mushrooms
  • Orange Jell-O squares as lava, and blue as water
  • Rice Krispie treat squares with green food coloring or frosting as grass blocks
  • Various colors of Kool-Aid with Minecraft-themed bottle labels (available lots of places online)How to Plan a Minecraft Party


Minecraft Sword Cake Made Of Cupcakes

Plan your Minecraft Birthday with Discount Party Supplies!

Planning a party with a niche theme doesn’t have to be stressful! With a little creativity, research and time, you can create a one-of-a-kind, memorable birthday for your child. Check out our other articles for more ideas and don’t forget to have a look at our wide selection of Minecraft-themed party supplies!

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