Last Minute Halloween Party

Halloween parties are tons of fun,  for kids and adults alike.  Do you want to have a Halloween party, but haven’t planned anything yet?  That’s okay, there is still plenty of time to plan some fun things for your kids and their friends this Halloween!  Halloween parties are easy to schedule, even at the last minute, because you know everyone will be out trick-or-treating, already.  So just spread the word that you are having an open-house style Halloween party,  and people are welcome to stop by for some tricks and treats!

Welcome to the party!

       Welcome to the party!

The best thing about planning a last minute Halloween party, is that chances are, you have already done some of the prep work, which will double as party preparations as well!  A couple of bowls of miniature candy bars, or candy corn, will start you off right for treats, and your carved jack-o-lanterns are the perfect start to your decorations!  See?  Your party is almost ready, and you haven’t even lifted a finger, yet!

You don’t need to go to much trouble to decorate, and create a festive/spooky Halloween feel for your party.  Take one of the pumpkins that you have carved and place it, lit and glowing from within, on a table in your entryway, to greet your guests as they come in the door.  A couple of packages of cobwebs, stretched across your ceilings and walls is an easy and inexpensive idea for your party.  For less than five dollars, and a few moments of your time, your dining room will soon take on the appearance of a long-abandoned haunted house.  (Or, if like me, you live in a hundred year old house – you could just put down your broom, and let the spiders win, in the never-ending battle against real cobwebs for a few days.  Sigh.)  Cut out a few bats (templates can be found easily online) from black construction paper, and hang them from your ceiling or tape them to the walls.  Hang up a couple of strings of orange-colored lights if you have them; even clear Christmas lights that are packed away, waiting for the holidays, will do a great job livening up your house for a party!

Food is a total no-brainer for a Halloween party.  After trick-or-treating, the kids will be starving, and it’s also a great opportunity to get some protein and other nutrients in them before they start shoving chocolate and candy into their mouths as fast as they can!  We have hosted a post-trick-or-treating party for years now, and here are some of the easiest, favorite recipes that we have served:

  • Barbecued or Cheesy Meatballs (kept warm in a slow-cooker)
  • Curried Carrot Soup
  • Sloppy Joe’s (again, kept warm in the slow cooker)
  • Snake Sandwich

I will post all of the recipes for these in the next couple of days, for all of you.  All of them are easy, inexpensive, and under thirty minutes to prepare.  So, get yourself some orange and black plates and tableware, hang up a few cobwebs, and bats, carve some pumpkins, and get ready for an awesome Halloween evening!

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