Fun Pin Game Ideas for Parties!

Parents are always looking for activities and games for their kids and guests at parties. You want to make sure they’re having fun and keeping busy! We’ve found out that you can create a Pin the Tail Game for about any themed party (if you really get creative that is)


You can get as creative as you’d like with any of these Pin Game ideas! If you’re good at drawing or painting, feel free to paint whichever character or object it may be on a foam or poster board. You can also print off images online that fit your theme for the board or purchase pre-made boards off the internet (the options are endless) And for whatever the item may be that you’ll be tagging onto the board, you can use regular printer paper, card stock, construction paper or poster board. We’ll give you a few more options in more detail under each Pin Game idea we have listed below!

Pin the Head on the Lego Man

This Pin Game is a little different from most because you’ll be pinning the Lego head instead of a tail like most. Pin the Head on the Lego is perfect for the Lego lover in your life, and these won’t be painful to step if they happen to fall on the ground. Get the Pin the Head on the Lego Man Printable by clicking on the image.

If you are having a Lego themed party, check out these Lego party supplies!

Pin the Tail on the Puppy

Pin the Tail on the dog is a great activity for those pups at your puppy themed party! Each guest participating will get their own puppy tail to place on the puppy as best as they can while they are blindfolded! Click on the image to be redirected to the Pin the Tail on the Puppy Printable!


Who doesn’t love puppies? This game will be awesome at your puppy party along with other Puppy Party Supplies!

Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

Have your guests take a bite out of this fun Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur Game! With this game you won’t have to hunt down the dinosaur, only give him his tail he’s been longing for. Click on the image for your own Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur printable along with the tails you can cut out!


Dinosaur Parties have always been a huge hit with all ages and why wouldn’t they be? Dinosaurs are awesome and we’re still discovering things about them every day! If you’re looking for more Dinosaur themed party supplies check these out.

Pin the Candle on the Cupcake

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear, “whoever gets to play this awesome Pin the Candle on the Cupcake game!” This Pin Game is sure to be a hit at your birthday party and it can fit any theme too!

We also have great party supplies for a sweets or cupcake themed party.

Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone

Not only is this Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone game going to be awesome, it’s going to be the cherry on top of the party! Keep track of the cherries by adding their names onto their cherries.


This Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone Pin Game can be used for more than just birthdays. Ice Cream socials tend to be very popular at schools so students can get to know each other, so this would be a great activity to put together!



Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Unicorns tend to be very popular with younger girls right now. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is a magical game to have at your Unicorn themed party and the guests will be prancing with joy when they see this super cute setup!


Don’t let the majestic unicorn leave without its horn before the party is over! This will be a great addition to your Unicorn themed party along with all your other Unicorn Party Supplies! 

Pin the Stick on the Lollipop

You don’t want your party to suck do you? (See what I did there) Add this Pin the Stick on the Lollipop to your sweet celebration! The participants to your sweet game will try their best to place the stick to the designated location. You could also reverse this pin game by pinning the lollipop on the stick!This game will be a super sweet addition to your Candy or Sweet themed party. Get other sweet themed party supplies to finish off the look.

Pin the Eye on the Monster

No need to be frightened with this Pin the Eye on the Monster game! All your game participants have to do is place their paper eyeball on the cute colorful monster! You can use different color eyes for each individual or have them write their name on their eyeball.


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Now that you’ve seen these fun incredible Pin Game Ideas, try them out for yourself! You can be very original with all these pin games by giving them your own twist. Below I’ve listed a few different ideas that I brain stormed for various themes that are popular in the party world right now:

You can come up with just about anything for any theme you can think of. Be creative!

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