Fun & Cool Games for Girls’ Birthday Parties

Sometimes parents feel nervous when planning a birthday party for a tween or teen girl. Birthday party planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Most girls just love to spend time with friends. All you need are delicious refreshments, fun decorations, and a couple fun girly games. The following kids games for girls are ideas that are easily customizable to a wide range of ages, themes and genders.

While most of these games suit tweens and teens, some are also games for little girls as young as 7 with some minor adaptations. Boys also enjoy most of these games, so don’t worry if the party includes both girls and boys. The following list includes a mix of classic party games and newer games. These kids games for girls and some boys are sure to be a hit!

Eight Classic and New Kids Games For Girls

This article contains eight teens’ birthday party games to play. If you want ideas for party games for little girls, try our previous article featuring party games for ages from 1 through 12 years old.

1. Catwalk Relay is a Stylish Game for Parties

This hilarious dress-up relay game works for a range of ages from three to 103. Some boys also have fun playing this game. This is one of those games for parties that everyone enjoys watching or playing.

Start with eight to 10 shopping bags. Fill each bag with accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, or whatever you come up with. Just be wary of sized clothing as you want items anyone can use. Divide the items into themed bags. For example, hats and hair accessories go in one bag, while scarves go in another bag.

Game Instructions:

  • Line up two or more sets of the filled shopping bags.
  • Divide the guests into two equal teams.
  • Have a bell ready to start the race.
  • After you ring the bell, the first team member must randomly choose one item from each bag. She puts item on and continues the next bag, assembling her outfit by donning each piece of clothing from each different bag. After her outfit is complete, she must catwalk back to the start of the line and tag the next team member in.
  • The first team to finish the entire catwalk in funny outfits is the winner.

Be sure to designate a game photographer! Your guests will love to see the pictures documenting the wacky styles created during this fast-paced relay race.

2. Spin the Nail Polish Bottle is a Modern Fun Girly Game

This game is perfect for a slumber party! The game itself is simple, but it offers opportunities for conversation and bonding as the teens/tweens give themselves pedicures. It is also a more wholesome “spin” on one of the most popular teens birthday party games.

Game Instructions:

  • Gather a variety of colored nail polish (ten colors for maximum fun).
  • Have the girls sit in a circle.
  • Place a random color of nail polish in the center on its side and spin it.
  • The girl it points at paints a toenail that color.
  • The game continues with the next color.
  • To help speed things along, start the next round as toenails are being painted.
  • Set the used colors aside until the next round. That way, each girl gets a fun variety of toenail colors.

3. Glow Ring Toss is Among the Easiest Teens Birthday Party Games

This classic ring toss game requires that you make rings from glow rings. This is a fun game to play in a dimly-lit room or outside in the evening. This is a fun and simple kids games for girls and boys of all ages.

Game Instructions:

  • Divide the guests up into two teams, preferably the same amount of people on each team.
  • Designate one impartial player to be the “target”; the object of the game is to toss the most rings onto the target’s arms which are outstretched or halfway-outstretched straight out in front of him.
  • Assign each team a different color of glow sticks. Assemble the sticks into rings that are big enough to fit around the target’s arms. You should have at least one ring or set of sticks for each person on the team (so if you have 5 kids and you need 2 sticks per ring, you will need 10 sticks in total for one team).
  • The first person on team one attempts a toss at the left arm, then the first person on team two attempts a toss at the right arm.
  • Repeat until all rings have been tossed or until each player has had a turn. Whichever team ends up with the most rings on the target’s arm wins the game/round.

4. Sculpture-nary: A New Spin on a Classic Game For Parties

Image result for playdough

This game is basically a variation of Pictionary or other drawing party games. Instead of drawing, the guests sculpt their hints from a soft, reusable clay such as Play-Dough. It is no wonder that drawing games are among the most popular games for parties. This game adds an unexpected twist to a classic.

Pick drawing tasks before hand, like a favorite character, simple concepts, popular song titles, or favorite TV shows. If the players are too young for abstract concepts, choose simple everyday objects like a bird, fish, or tree. Write these tasks down on “challenge cards.”

Game Instructions:

  • Divide the guests into two equal teams.
  • Each team designates a sculptor for the round. The sculptor draws a challenge card and has to convey the concept or object by sculpting it with the clay.
  • Each team must attempt to guess what is being created by their sculptor.
  • The first team to guess correctly receives a point for the round.
  • Choose another sculpture and sculptor for each team and continue. The first team to reach five points wins the game.

5. Silent Charades is a Great Icebreaker Game For Parties

Silent Charades is a simplified version of the party game classic. It works well as an icebreaker. The preparation requires you to create charades prompts for half of your guests. If you have 14 guests, you need 7 prompts. Make a matching copy of each prompt.

Game Instructions:

  • Write down each prompt twice and then fold the paper it’s written on. Place one prompt in a bowl next to team one (bowl A), then place the second matching prompt in a bowl next to team two (bowl B). One team will act out charades in this game and one team will watch and guess.
  • Have each player on team one draw a prompt from bowl A, and each on team two draw one from bowl B.
  • Ring a bell to begin the game.
  • Team one will begin silently acting out charades of their prompts. Team two will attempt to guess which member of team one has their matching prompt. They will pair up and leave the playing area.
  • The first pair to find each other wins first place, the second pair second, etc. This game goes by quickly, so you may want to have the game continue until everyone’s found their match. Give small prizes to each team who finds their match.
  • Alternate actors and guessers to keep the game more interesting. Switch up the prompts each game.

6. Limbo: Fast-Paced Teens Birthday Party Games That Entertained Generations

This active classic is always good for laughs and memories. It also happens to be one of the coolest  teens birthday party games. Just don’t tell your teen that this game entertained generations!

All you need is a stick and some fun music. The stick can be simple like a plain broomstick, or you can decorate it with streamers, beads or colorful ribbons. The fanciness of the stick is up to you!

Game Instructions:

  • Put on some fun dance music and have your guests form a line behind where the stick will be.
  • Ask two people to hold the limbo stick; one on each side.
  • Each player must pass under the stick with his or her back towards the floor without touching the bar. Whoever touches the bar or fails to pass through drops out of the contest.
  • After everyone competes one turn, lower the bar for a deeper challenge. The remaining players take turns passing under the bar at the lower level.
  • Successful players go to the back of the line for a second round, then a third, fourth, etc. Lower the bar each round. Whomever limbos the lowest is the winner!

7. Selfie Games Are Fun Girly Games

There are several variations of the selfie game. For each variation, you need a digital camera, tablet, or a phone camera.  If you are looking for fresh teens birthday party games, then look no further!

  • Musical Selfies: Play a popular or silly song and have the players pass the phone or camera around. Stop the music at random intervals; the player holding the device at that time must take a silly selfie. That player then leaves until the next round.
  • Selfie Time: Set a timer on your camera or camera app. Have the players pass the camera around, and when the timer goes off, the player holding it must pose for a goofy selfie. That player should reset the camera timer and leave until the next round.

8. Photo Scavenger Hunts are a Tech Version of Classic Games For Parties

A photo scavenger hunt may be as simple or elaborate as you want. Come up with some fun challenges. The teams must take (or stage) a picture that fits the challenge.

Exercise your guests’ creativity by providing items they can use to meet their challenges. For example, one challenge might be to take a picture of someone holding a sign that says “happy birthday.” You could provide fun sign-making materials that the players need to find and use in order to meet the challenge.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Define the scavenger hunt route, even if it’s your own home or back yard.
  • Come up with a series of fun challenges that your guests may complete within the route.
  • Consider providing fun photo props and craft supplies that the guests may use to help complete the challenges.
  • Decide whether to create a time limit or simply wait until everyone completes the challenge.
  • Create a worksheet that lists each challenge and include any special rules such as the time limit. Make one copy for each team and disperse it. Designate a team captain to hold on to materials and the worksheet.

Game Instructions:

  • Divide your guests into two equal teams.
  • Explain the rules and give each team a list of the challenges.
  • The first team to complete all the photo challenges wins.
  • Make the photo scavenger hunt special by uploading the pictures to a private Instagram account for all participants to view.

Beyond Teens’ Birthday Party Games: More Tips for a Memorable Party

Planning a memorable girl’s birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated. In addition to a few fun girly games, consider the following:

  • Theme: A theme isn’t essential, but it makes party planning easier. A theme helps you more easily select appropriate games, music, decorations, and refreshments.
  • Venue: Make use of any features in your venue, whether it’s your home, a restaurant or a park. The features and limitations further help you narrow down your options. For example, the teen’s birthday party games that you choose for a large open space may be different from the games you’d choose for a smaller space.
  • The kids games for girls are often the same as the games you would choose for mixed groups, but not always!  Consider the ages, taste, and genders of your guests.

Once you narrow down the fundamentals like theme and venue, focus on the details.

  • Decorations: A few theme-appropriate and stylish decorations instantly create a party atmosphere.
  • Refreshments: For a great birthday party all you need is a few delicious treats and a cake. Since the birthday cake is the centerpiece, allow your theme may guide your selection. Any other refreshments complement the cake.
  • Guests: It is the friends and family that truly make the party. Check with your guest of honor to see who she would like to have at her party.

Use Discount Party Supplies for Your Party Needs

Once you decide on a theme and a few birthday party games, check out Discount Party Supplies for the best decorations, games and party supplies at an affordable price. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more great party ideas and inspiration!


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