Fun Balloon Games for Kids’ Parties

No matter what sort of party or gathering, kids like to be entertained or have lots of things to do. A birthday party is often an event that includes gifts and cake, but also lots of interactive fun and games. Kids can do crafts or activities as well as enjoy any number of games, and among the most enjoyable for kids of all ages are balloon games.

Balloon games involve (of course) balloons, but can be about team-building, individual achievements, and more.Let’s look at several incredibly fun balloon games suitable for almost all ages, even those no longer qualifying as kids!

Balloon Games and a Balloon Popping Game…Or Two

Fun Balloon Party Games

Color Pops – A Super Easy Balloon Pop Game

Easily one of the simplest of balloon games, this one asks you to do nothing more than divide a group into two evenly-sized teams. Give one group a specific color of balloons, such as all red balloons, and the other a different color, such as all blue.

The groups are each given a hard wooden chair and they stand in a line in front of it (each holding one balloon). The point of this balloons game is to pop all of the balloons. However, to do so the players must:

  • Stand in a single file line and wait for the leader to shout “Go”.
  • Then, the first player takes their balloon and runs to the chair, sitting on the balloon to pop it. They cannot stop until they have popped the balloon.
  • When they do, it is the next player’s turn.
  • The team to pop all of their balloons wins.

Naming Your Balloons Game

Another way to play a balloon pop game for older kids is to use names on the balloons. To play this type of game, just give each person an inflated balloon (all the same color) and a black “Sharpie”. Have them write their name on the balloons. Then, have guests stand in a circle and toss their balloons into the circle.

When the leader shouts “Go”, everyone has to run into the circle and begin stomping and popping balloons. After 10 seconds, the leader shouts “Stop”. Because not all balloons are going to be popped so quickly, those whose names are un-popped remain to compete in 10 second intervals until only a single balloon remains. The name on the remaining balloon determines the winner!

Team Balloon Games

Games that involve teamwork  are great for birthday parties and even adult events, like corporate retreats. They force everyone to work together to win, and they are a lot of fun for all.

Noodle Balloons Game

This one is not self-explanatory and it forces players to quickly realize they’ll need at least one partner to win. To play you:

  • Scatter a large number of inflated balloons into two to four colors (depending on group size you may have to divide teams into two to four groups of two to four in each).
  • Put a large cardboard box in the center of the balloons.
  • Give each player a pool noodle.
  • Instruct them to use the noodle, and only the noodle, to get a balloon in their assigned color into the box. They cannot use arms, legs or anything else.
  • Though it is possible to lasso a noodle, it works best when two noodles are used by two people, like a sort of stretcher to transport one or more balloons into the box.

Sweeping the Win

For older players , another of the more enjoyable balloon games involves the use of brooms. To play is simple:Fun Balloon Party Games

  • Each team is assigned a color and given a broom.
  • Each team lines up at a starting line and is shown the “finish line” on the opposite of the space.
  • In between start and finish lines are the balloons in the right mix of colors.
  • Each player has to “sweep” one balloon in their assigned color across the finish line and then pass off the broom to the next team mate in line.
  • The team that manages to get all of their balloons over the finish line first wins.

Funny Games to Play with Balloons

The Great Collector

To play is easy, just blow up a bunch of balloons and scatter them into a fixed space. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and send one player out into the field of balloons. The goal is to carry back as many as possible in that one (one minute, maximum) trip. It’s hilarious to see how players figure out how to carry those balloons, and the one who has managed the most wins.

Waddling for the Win

Another of the sillier balloon games that brings many laughs is a balloon waddle race. It’s called that because you cannot help but waddle as you try to win. Essentially, you have two teams and defined “start” and “finish” lines. The goal is simple:

  • Each racer is given a balloon and must hold it between their knees.
  • The teams line up at the start line, and as one player crosses their finish line, the next on the team can begin “running”.
  • They cannot drop or break the balloon. If they do, they have to go back to the starting line. The team that gets all of their racers across the finish first wins.

Balloon Game Options for Older Kids, Teens and Adults

Protect Your Own

Fun Balloon Party Games

A truly fun game for older kids and teens (and the adults out there who enjoy any sort of balloon game fun), this one is not complicated, but it could be dangerous for smaller kids unfamiliar with using care during potential contact activities. To play this one you just follow the basic rules:

  • Every player gets an inflated balloon tied to a piece of string or yarn about three feet in length (one yard).
  • They tie the string around their ankle.
  • The goal here is to stomp on all of the other players’ balloons to burst them, while also protecting their own balloon from being burst.
  • The last player with an un-burst balloon is the champion!

A Dancing Balloons Game

This one requires a lot of space, but is a great deal of fun. To play it, you:

  • Give one player a balloon.
  • Have all the players (including the one with the balloon) stand in a large open space, such as dance floor, yard or gym.
  • Everyone has to be more than an arm’s length away from their neighbors.
  • Put on loud music and have everyone dance around in place.
  • The one with the balloon gets to pass it on to someone else and begin dancing.
  • This continues, with players taking the balloon and passing on, until the music stops.
  • When it does, the player left holding the balloon can choose the name of any player (usually the one farthest from them).
  • They shout it out as they throw the balloon in the air.
  • The one whose name was called has to get there and catch the balloon before it hits the ground or they are out.
  • Play continues until only one player is left standing!

One for Water Balloon Fans

Fun Balloon Games For Kids Parties

Of course, we can’t do a list of balloon games without adding at least one water balloon game! This one emulates the classic egg-and-spoon race but replaces the messy eggs with incredibly overfilled water balloons. To play is simple:

  • Have someone overfill water balloons to make them extremely easy to break.
  • Create a space with start and finish lines (this is ideal for an outdoor space).
  • Divide players into two to four teams with up to four players on each team.
  • This is a race and requires that each player hold a balloon on a large spoon as they race to their finish line and back!
  • They then must pass the balloon and spoon to the next person on the team.
  • Anyone who breaks their balloon has to start over.
  • The first team to complete the circuit with a full balloon wins.

There are many ways to enjoy games with balloons. You can also play regular racket games, i.e. ping pong or badminton with balloons, do balloon painting and even “egg hunt” games using balloons filled with prizes! Everyone will have fun and long remember the party because of the games!

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